Friday, November 30, 2012

Self-Titled Is Now Streaming The Spinto Band's "Shake It Off!"

"The Spinto Band’s indie pop tracks can be just as twisted these days—in spirit, at least—but a recent return to their DIY ways with a new label (Spintonic Recordings) and studio back home in Delaware has brought a newfound focus to their once-sporadic output. Hence the nine-month gap between Shy Pursuit and next year’s Cool Cocoon LP." Listen now on Self-Titled!

The Fader Offers Up Renny Wilson's Track “By and By!"

"Renny Wilson—who probably spends a lot of time listening to yacht rock and old disco—has created a song that sits comfortably up there with Studio’s woefully small catalog. It’s lush and pretty, and more importantly: soft. Not in a bad way, though. It’s more that it feels blurred at the edges, existing in a constant half-sleep state of near bliss." Read more on The Fader.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oceanography's 'Napoleon Holiday" Premiered On Lo-Pie!

"“Napoleon Holiday”, the second track release from Bay Area band Oceanography, takes you on a stop motion journey through the vast lands of vintage magazines. As the song builds to its climax, an avalanche of Wite-Out creeps over the mountains and bursts into an inked out scene in unison with the guitars." Watch the video now on Lo-Pie.

Rolling Stone Offers Up A Free Download of 'I Think I Like Your Girlfriend More Than You' By Bentcousin

"Our favourite line in this song is, 'you went out drinking, when she had the flu, I think I like your girlfriend more than you'. We love taking the moral high ground – despite knowing we are talking about ourselves!" Download the track now at Rolling Stone.

Agent Ribbons' "Jamaica and the Wishing Shrine" Premiered On Bust!

"Austin-based duo and BUST favorite Agent Ribbons is back with a video for "Jamaica and the Wishing Shrine," a melancholy cut from their awesome EP Let Them Talk (released earlier this fall on Antenna Farm). Directed and shot by Jason Hood, the clip finds the band exploring an abandoned Coney Island, chasing seagulls through the streets, and writing messages in the sand." Watch it now on Bust.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pancho-San's "A Fool, A Fall, A Foal" Up Now On Free Bike Valet!

"Now Aberbathy sprinkles each song with a buoyancy of pop with help from his old bandmates: Pat Spurgeon of Rogue Wave and Eli Crews of Beulah. The first single, “A Fool, A Fall, A Foal” is a bubbly jingle with a tint of surf rock that Isaac Brock may have written at one point if he lived 1,000 miles further south." Listen now on Free Bike Valet.

Ash Reiter Talks About Her New Album On SFBG!

"You can hear Ash Reiter's many complimentary influences on Hola opening track, "I've Got Something I Can Laugh About Now," with jangly guitars, shakers, cooing harmonies, and Reiter's crystal-clear, honey-sweet lead vocals. Funkier, electro-shot "Ishi," written about the last member of the Yahi, very much a part of California's history, follows. Reiter read his biography for that song, but also just liked the phonetic sound of his name." Read on at The SF Bay Guardian.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Paste Premieres CHURCHES' Latest Single "Lovelife!"

"CHURCHES is comprised of members from Rogue Wave, WATERS, and Port O’Brian, but their sound as a whole is decidedly original. With their self-titled debut EP behind them, CHURCHESis set to release a 7" on December 11. The A-side, “Lovelife,” was born when frontman Caleb Nichols recorded a melody on his phone as it popped into his head on a casual drive." Listen now on Paste.

The New Video From Gliss "Weight Of Love" Up Now On Fense Post!

“Weight Of Love” finds Gliss creating haunting, atmospheric melodies paired with airy, wispy vocals. Gliss is a Danish/American three-piece band on par with the likes of Still Corners. Others, like “Hunting” hint at a louder, poppier side of the band." Watch it now over on Fense Post.

Oceanography's Latest EP "Parachutes of Plenty" Reviewed On Music on the Goe!

"“I guess what I’m trying to do is avoid folk,” Kelly says. “I’m not just some dude playing a guitar.” Much like America, “Parachutes of Plenty,” is a tapestry of different styles. Yes it’s guitar heavy, but it’s also epic, free-roaming gloom-pop." Keep on reading over on Music on the Goe! 

Alameda's Daytrotter Set Up Now For Your Listening Pleasure.

"The sun's setting and the air temperature is falling quickly as every Alameda song begins to take hold. These are the dusks that feel as if they're just the starts to something else that's unspoken and squirmy." Listen to the complete Daytrotter set now right here.

Monday, November 26, 2012

This is Book's Music Reviews Oceanography's "Parachutes of Plenty!"

"Oceanography could be described as the best of what rock has offered in the last 20 to 40 years, which might sound a cheap way to say this is as good as anything out there, but what exactly is it that they do? Their style of pop is aggressive in a rock fashion, and while distinctively American with hints of surf music, country and rockabilly twang, and Bruce Springsteen-like optimism..." Read the full review on This is Book's Music.

Popdose Loves Ash Reiter's New Album "HOLA!"

"While observers continue to talk of the album format being all but dead in the age of digital downloads,Ash Reiter represents a subset of independent artists who still hold the art form of the album in high regard. With her second full length album, Hola, Reiter has not only gone the distance to advance her music and perfect the production of her songs, she has also made great strides in the art of crafting a cohesive album." Read the complete review over on Popdose!

Record Dept. Calls Trainwreck Riders' 'Ghost Yards' Their "Most Accomplished Effort To Date."

"Ghost Yards is another solid effort that showcases the band’s talents with songs like the new single “House Upon the Hill”, the down-tempo country soul of “Wet Cement”, the varied indie sounds found on “Waste Time”, to the country punk romp “Slippery’s Last Stand” making for an eclectic listen. In summation, Ghost Yards is the urban country quartet’s most accomplished effort to date and I can’t wait to see what this constantly evolving band does next." Read the full review at The Record Dept.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Alameda's Procession Reviewed On The Daily News!

The Pharmacy's "Stoned & Alone" Reviewed On Paste!

"Stoned & Alone is a collection of new songs as well as a handful of singles and 7-inches released over the past year. And while the result is a textured half-hour of out-there psych pop, it never quite feels like you’re listening to a single album. But if being a singles band is what they’re going for, then they do it exceptionally well." Read on at Paste.

"Happiness Doesn't Have To Be A Trap" Sea of Bees Visits Daytrotter

"Bee's voice is one that we trust as a narrator. It grabs us and it guides us to these wind-whipped souls who have seemingly washed up into the right arms at last. They've never asked for much and they're asking for the same here, as Bee sings, "Kiss me once or twice/Maybe I could die happy as a bird." Listen now on Daytrotter.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Oceanography's "American Cars" Named The "Music To Start The Week With" On The Wild Magazine

"Brian Kelly is the man behind Oceanography, a rock project from Oakland that dabbles on the sonic excesses of gothic Americana. Avoiding folk at all costs, Kelly has included musicians like drummer Kathleen Richards and organist (and engineer) Scott Barwick into the recording of his new EPParachutes of Plenty. The collaborative spirit shows on strong cuts “American Cars,” which showcases the melodic aspect of Kelly’s voice and the tight arrangement behind it." Listen now on The Wild Magazine.

Social Studies Give FILTER A Tour of Their Favorite San Francisco Spots!

"This week's contribution to the In Your Town feature comes from Social Studies. These guys give you the scoop on the Mission District in San Francisco, CA like where to sit on a sunny day, where to find the best local record store, and where to find the Mission's best chips and salsa." Read Social Studies' picks now on Filter!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Watch Oceanography's New Video On This Is Book's Music!

"The music merges different raw styles of rock’n'roll throughout the decades, sometimes with a bit of garage rock passion, sometimes with the fierce intensity of punk, so at times it may sound like alterna- this or alterna- that, or indie hoo haa whatever, until you realize this is just brutal rock’n'roll that continues on the true spirit of the music." Read on at This is Book's Music!


"Police Teeth are the best kind of pissed off: pissed off, but with a sense of humor. Their fourth album, out on Latest Flame last month, is aggressive with a smirk, cynical with a shrug, with song titles like "Where's My Fucking Hug," "Bellingham Media Blackout," and "Rough Chuckles." Rough chuckles! That's pretty indicative of what you're getting yourself into here—laughing, but actually wishing you could punch someone in the face." Read on at The Stranger.


"While Wilson’s notoriety has been on a smaller scale than the Material Girl’s (whose hasn’t really?), her impact is comparable. Like Madonna she stood up, stood out, and did her own thing, which in turn makes being different a bit more widely accepted for the rest of us." Read the full article now on Sound Bites!

Do you guys like cat videos? We do. Sleeping Bag does. Turns out, so does VICE!

"So Sleeping Bag is a band that we really like. They release music on a label called Joyful Noise, which is another thing we really like. That being said, the selling point of their video for "Still Life" is Smoosh the cat." Watch it now on VICE.

Rookie Magazine Loves Social Studies Album "Developer!"

"I’ve been listening to this album nonstop since Tuesday, when it came out. It’s the perfect thing to put on when you’re making something and need to turn on the ~creative~ part of your brain. The lyrics are poetic, and the music is hypnotic and beautiful, lush but somehow stark at the same time, so it sweeps you away from your everyday cares and concerns but still gives you room to invent your own story." Read the full review now on Rookie!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Watch Matt Bauer's New Video For His "Under the Cherry Moon" Cover on Yvynyl!

"Juxtaposing 8-bit video games with crisply-lit but stark headlight night shots of escape makes about as much sense as a haunting, folky cover of a Prince song. But isn’t that why we like art? The ramblin’ man who claims his Honda Odyssey as his home just came out with his No Shape Can Hold Me Now LP onCrossbill Records." Listen now on YVYNYL.

Ash Reiter's New Single "I've Got Something I Can Laugh About" Premiered On Nylon!

"This track is no downer--it opens with, as Reiter puts it, a "grandiose intro a la Pet Sounds, with lots of reverb and layered vocal harmonies," and builds from there, with ahhhs and ooohs giving it a '60s girl group spin" Listen now on NYLON.


"We were sent the premiere of Sontiago's new video for "Muscle Car," but we don't know much about her. A brief Nancy Drew around her Facebook page reveals that she lives in Portland, Maine (What's THAT like?), she spends her free time working as a teaching artist at a local non-profit writing center, has experience as a bartender, and invented Elmer's Glue." Watch it now on VICE.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Pharmacy's "Stoned and Alone" Streaming Now On MTV Hive.

"The Pharmacy recorded Stoned over the course of six days in their hometown of Seattle, and while themes of isolation subtly reverberate throughout, the music within showcases a band that will get you dancing — albeit while weeping in a crowd of strangers.” Listen now at MTV Hive.

Diffuser names The Ampersands' "Try This" as one of the best DLs of 2012!

"Sure, the opening chords of ‘Try This,’ the first single off the Ampersands’ 'This Is Your Adventure Too!!' album, sound like the like a preset option on a Casio keyboard – but that sure doesn't last long. Soon, the pounding backbeat comes in, a fuzzy guitar flails and singer Aaron McQuade starts his manic, melodic ramblings." Read on at Diffuser. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Listen to Matt Bauer Interviewed On KUAF!

"Folk singer-songwriter and banjo player Matt Bauer wrote part of his new EP "No Shape Can Hold Me Now" in Gilbert, Ark., population 28. Ozarks at Large's Katy Henriksen spoke to Bauer about what it was like to write music in a cabin along the Buffalo River and more." Listen here.

Check Out Shaker Steps' Take Away Show With Wooden Wand!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Social Studies Talk About Their New Record On SF Weekly!

"When you develop a photo, there's a moment when the image begins to appear on the blank page and slowly comes into focus. That was the process with this album. Our last album was recorded over a long period of time. This was more concise, more compact, and we had an idea of what we wanted to see when we were done." Keep reading for the complete interview on SF Weekly.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Evil Eyes' "Keep Your Mind On Me" Streaming Now On RCRD LBL!

"Ah, if only the title of this track worked as a realistic command rather than a wish. On "Keep Your Mind On Me," San Francisco group Evil Eyes dusts off some backroads indie rock that merges twang and vague sadness with droll lyricism and a chug-ready strum." Listen now on RCRD LBL.

What Made Milwaukee Famous' New Video "Gone and Done It Now" Up On Stereogum!

"The first single from the album is “Gone And Get it Done Now,” and its accompanying video takes a look at what fictional ’80s* talkshow host Artemio Jones does while his musical guest performs." Watch it now on Stereogum!

QRO Just Shared Photos Of The New Trust's Brooklyn Performance!

The New Trust recently made a stop at Brooklyn's Paper Box see the whole set now on QRO by photographer Couirey Eckmayer.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Social Studies' New LP "Developer" Streaming Now On Paste!

"San Francisco five-piece Social Studies will be releasing their sophomore full-length album, Developer, on Nov. 19. Led by vocalist Natalia Rogovin, the band made their mark with their 2010 debut LP,Wind Up Wooden Heart," a heartfelt collection of jagged pop gems." Listen now on Paste!

Brooklyn Vegan Interviews Califone's Tim Rutili!

"Longstanding experimental folk outfit Califone welcome a double LP reissue ofSometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People today (Tuesday, November 6) via Jealous Butcher. Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People is an expanded version of a CD of the same name. That CD collected the first two Califone EPs and features two previously unreleased songs. On this reissue, the Good Weather... songs appear on vinyl for the very first time and are backed by outtakes from the final Red Red Meat recording sessions." Read on now at Brooklyn Vegan. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Pharmacy On The Rise On NPR's World Cafe!

"The Pharmacy recently released its fourth studio album, Stoned and Alone. For this project, its members collaborated with producer Brandon Eggleston, who has worked with Modest Mouse and tUnE-yArDs, among others. Most of the album's songs were written while The Pharmacy was on tour, where its members spend most of their time. This episode ofWorld Cafe: Next features tracks from Stoned and Alone." Listen now on World Cafe!

Pure Bathing Culture Interviewed On Bowlegs Music!

"When Pure Bathing Culture, aka Sarah Versprille and Daniel Hindman, decided to pack up their things and move from Brooklyn to Portland, it was in the hope that they could start taking their musical output to the next level. Well they did – big time. Firstly Richard Swift invited them to record their self-titled EP at his studio – and then Sean Pecknold signs up to film their new video. We caught up with Sarah to talk about their shimmering melodies, their 80s influence and of course their band name." Read the full interview now on Bowlegs Music.