Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You are invited to our party with Burnside Distribution!

Please join us for a day of wonderful music for free on Saturday, September 11th at Rontom's on SE Burnside!
RSVP to rsvp@bdcdistribution.com

If you're coming to Portland for MusicfestNW, we'd love to have you join us for a Saturday afternoon of great music on the two stages at Rontom's! Partnering with our friends at Burnside Distribution we've put together a wonderful sampling of our diverse artists that are in town for the festival. We've also spoke with the folks at Ninkasi Brewing and will have more than enough free beer for you and your plus ones... so please, come out and bring a friend!



Don't forget to RSVP at rsvp@bdcdistribution.com!

Brothers Young Good People out today!

Download and share the single "Good Deeds" with your readership

What the press is saying:

"Nothing ever feels out of place; it all feels so in unison -- expected since, at its core, this is literally a band of brothers. Tremolo'd guitars draw up imagery of ripples in the calmest waters, a cool breeze floating across the shimmering waves. It's the sound of the late afternoon fading into the evening hours, illuminated only by the radiance of the moon." Mixtape Muse

"Seamlessly blending guitars, soft percussion, keyboards and banjos, Brothers Young strums out meticulously planned folk songs that are often given ambient undertones by the group's choirlike vocal arrangement." Local Cut

"The title track is an excellent example of the Brothers Young sound: light, lilting, lovely indie-folk full of earworm melodies and mesmerizing unison vocals. I love unison vocals! Too few bands do that these days." Frequency

"Blending crisply recorded guitars, drums and banjos with Michael Young's Beck-esque vocals gives the Portland five-piece an aura of comprehensive musical quality that is hard to find in a world where low-grade albums can be thrown together in GarageBand. Despite its newfound popularity, Brothers Young displays a sense of patience and maturity most veteran acts still seek." Willamette Week

"While the band's boots are muddied by the murky waters of traditional folk—with enough down-home bluegrass to justify your bourbon intake during their live performances—the Brothers' intertwined melodies can occasionally fall into Pinback territory." Portland Mercury

Rachel Flotard of Visqueen: Coffee Drinker!

Great review of the upcoming album from Pete International Airport!

"It’s got melody, it’s got class, it’s got individuality, and it’s got a Dandy Warhol. What more could a modern-day rock fan ask for? Just take it for what it is, strange. But hey, everything get’s a little weird now and then." Check the rest at Consequence Of Sound!

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Lights "Failed Graves" lands squarely on FensePost's 20 Must Hear Albums from 2010 - On tour now!!

"This year I went through a bit of a throwback phase, diving through my extensive, unorganized CD collection, much of which is still boxed up in some sort from a move nearly a year and a half gone. The basis for this rigid search was The Lights and their debut album Beautiful Bird, which I simply had to find after acquiring their latest album, Failed Graves, which is just as good as that impressive debut, if not vastly better." Fense Post

Download: “New New” by The Lights

Thursday, August 26, 2010

'Sup Magazine tells you exactly why you should be as excited as they are for the upcoming Hot Panda album!

"Not many bands can pull off being this strange and this catchy at the same time – lately, Dinowalrus is the only thing that comes to mind, while looking farther back I’d point out The Fall and The Deadbeats. But that’s the thing. Many bands these days remind me of The Fall with their discordant, anti-melodic vocals and artfully asymmetrical guitar shred-throughs. Those bands just make me want to listen to The Fall. Hot Panda makes me want to listen to more Hot Panda." Read the rest of the preview at 'Sup Magazine!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Austinist is excited about Basia Bulat's upcoming performance at ACL!

"Unlike the more hushed and subdued music of her contemporaries, Bulat's music has a unique kick to it, thanks to the diverse instrumentation that Bulat utilizes." Read the rest at the Austinist!

Great interview with Nouela Johnston from People Eating People!

Johnston does find humor in her songs, even if it’s not immediately obvious. She sounds quite angry with how she pounds on her piano and sings the lyrics in “I Hate All My Friends,” for example, but said “That song is more funny than anything. I think anyone who listens to it… we all feel that way sometimes, but I don’t feel that way all the time.” Check out the rest of the article at Another Rainy Saturday!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Irrelevant Interviews checks in with Sea Of Bees

Back to the Future, Indiana Jones or Star Wars. Which is your favorite trilogy?
Oh God! That is so hard. If I had to choose, I’d pick Indiana Jones, ’cause romance, adventure and history. But then, Back to the Future is tight because of the possibilities or the impossibilities, you know? Plus it’d be super dreamy to have a car that could take you through time. And then Star Wars is just awesome because, being in outer space, you know that’d be super rad. Then to have those cool guns and those cool ships. Ah! I feel like a little kid! Nerding out!

20 Questions with Hot Panda at Pink Mafia

14. Who’s your hero?

People who do what they love then fail, only to find out that they succeeded in retrospect.

I can stand behind that... read the rest at Pink Mafia!

Great interview with Holy Hail at Discosalt!

"It's one of the few bands that we all agree on. But then, I think Fleetwood Mac is a huge one we always have gone to, since we started." Kevin Cooke from Holy Hail

Great interview with Archeology up at What's Up!

Q. How would you describe your music?
There are so many different kinds of terms, it’s hard to describe. We were raised on gospel, Johnny Cash and The Beach Boys, so you’ll find a lot of that in our music. We’re harmony based. There is a little bit of indie and folk, like The Shins, but vocals and lyrics are definitely the heart of the band. None of us have very strong vocals, but together we have one odd sounding voice, and that’s our niche. You can call us choral/folk!
Read the rest!

Magnet premiers the second single from People Eating People!

"Seattle-based Nouela Johnston named her musical project People Eating People after holding a contest among friends for the “world’s worst band name.” The winning name might be terrible, but she can sing and tickle the ivories like nobody’s business, and she proves it her self-titled debut (out now via The Control Group). Dark cabaret number “All The Hospitals,” which premieres today on magnetmagazine.com, will have you imagining Johnston onstage in a dim jazz hall, dressed to the nines and pounding on a beat-up grand piano." Magnet Magazin

“All The Hospitals” (download)

Monday, August 16, 2010

People Eating People blew Loudvine away at her performance last week at the Fremont Abbey!

"Johnston is basically a solo keyboardist who is occasionally accompanied by a drummer, but she doesn’t need any backing musicians, especially when she has a pair of perfectly good feet and hands to use for percussion. Her songs are plaintive, jazzy, poppy and gritty all at once. For example, “For Now” is simple, musically, until you listen to the lyrics: a wistful, melancholic love song that is so personal- and common to us all – that it will stick in your head for days." Read the rest!

The Lights kick off tour this week! Stellar footage of them performing "New New"

Don't miss the Lights on tour with Oneida!!

On Tour With Oneida:

08.19.10 - Seattle, WA @ Sunset Tavern

08.20.10 - Missoula, MT @ Total Fest

08.21.10 - Olympia, WA @ Capitol Theater Backstage

08.23.10 - Portland, OR @ Berbatti's

08.24.10 - Arcata, CA @ The Depot @ Humboldt State U.

08.25.10 - San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill

08.26.10 - Brookdale, CA @ The Brookdale Lodge

08.27.10 - San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar

08.28.10 - Los Angeles, CA @ Spaceland

What the press is saying:

"This is clearly a trio who know their iconoclasts, and who understand — as few bands nowadays do — that the way toward memorable punk rock isn’t always the most melodic one." Dusted Magazine

"Chambers's guitar clangs and surges with Youthful Sonic vigor and his lively deadpan vocals—snarling somewhere between Bob Dylan and Mark E. Smith—complement the low-end pummeling bassist Albertson and drummer Rogalski dole out." Dave Segal, the Stranger

"The Lights continue to sound like a punk band writing pop tunes in the only way they know how, with a potent combination of aggression, melody, social consciousness, and unconventional song structures, as if Fugazi, The Minutemen, and The Ventures were all mixed into the same band… so, in other words, like The Lights." Jim Beckman, KEXP

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ritchie Young, of Loch Lomond, live on City Arts' Song Show

Nail gun?

Mixtape Muse offers up a download of Brothers Young's "Good Deeds"

MP3: Brothers Young - "Good Deeds"
""Good Deeds" is gentle on the ears and warms the heart, and is reminiscent of Born Ruffians. Nothing ever feels out of place; it all feels so in unison -- expected since, at its core, this is literally a band of brothers. Tremolo'd guitars draw up imagery of ripples in the calmest waters, a cool breeze floating across the shimmering waves. It's the sound of the late afternoon fading into the evening hours, illuminated only by the radiance of the moon. Beginning with the click and clack of an old film projector, it progresses to a euphoric ending that floats on those waves of tremolo."

Download Hot Panda's "Mindlessnesslessness" from their upcoming release, How Come I'm Dead?, out on Mint Records October 12th!

Download Hot Panda's "Mindlessnesslessness" from their upcoming release, How Come I'm Dead?, out on Mint Records October 12th!

Seattle Weekly salivates for last week's K Records Zip-Pak!

"Zen Kids is an example of what K Recs does best: take a great but possibly weird band and spin that music into indie gold. As a song, "Zen Kids" is a controlled mess of garage guitars and vocal harmonies; there are shades of MGMT's pop appeal in this song, but the lyrics are dark, strange, and about death. For the full effect of the song's strangeness, Selector Dub Narcotic (that's producer Calvin Johnson) completely remixes the song into a trance-y composition, heavy on echoes. (That remix will be also available on the vinyl 7-inch.) Add in the Zip-Pak subscriber-only add-ons--a video and two songs, one of which is wholly instrumental--and Zen Kids that will appeal to both pop sensibilities and the taste for experimental music. As a Zip-Pak release, City Center epitomizes the purpose of the singles club: get people listening to these off-the-beaten-path bands and turn at least one new subscriber (me) into a fan." Paige Richmond Have you subscribed yet?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Do not miss Sea Of Bees performing the best U2 cover ever!

Jules from Sea Of Bees was asked to do a video for Mixtape Muse as part of their "What's Your Muse?" series... the resulting performance leaves me speechless.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Portland Cello Project premiers the video for "Denmark"

Portland Cello Project followed up last year's amazing album, The Thao and Justin Power Session, with a powerful album of instrumentals titled Thousand Words. The song "Denmark" got treated to a very special video by director Daniel Fickle from Two Penguins Productions. The video, feeling very relevant to our current environmental problems, depicts a tiny shrimp attempting to escape from it's polluted environment. Easily one of the most heart-stirring music videos we've seen in a while, it's also a tribute to a friend of the band who struggled with cancer. In the coming months, the band is planning a fall tour of the US and begin working on a follow up to The Thao and Justin Power Session, with a very exciting collaborator that we can't quite announce yet!

Watch the video for
Download Tallymarks (Featuring Thao) from The Thao and Justin Power Session

Monday, August 2, 2010

Brooklyn Vegan caught Basia Bulat yesterday in Central Park!

Check out Brooklyn Vegan for tons of photos, video, set list of Basia Bulat's performance at the Central Park Summerstage and her upcoming tour dates.