Thursday, April 29, 2010

Brent DeBoer's celebrates the release of The Farmer tomorrow night!

Tomorrow night at the Woods, Brent DeBoer celebrates the release of The Farmer with a benefit for the Oregon chapter of the National MS Society. The breezy, lush, psych-tinged acoustic numbers are a beautiful step out from behind the drum kit for the master of the backbeat with the Dandy Warhols.

Ryan White, of the Oregonian sat down with Brent for a Q&A on the album, the charity and the Blazers, read more here!
From DeBoer:
"You've got a pack of my friends, a bunch of rock'n'rollers, who pretty much just live in that world, they're hearing about the disease for the first time. And then people who know exactly what it's all about and how heartbreaking it is, are hearing some music they never would have heard before, and hopefully they'll enjoy it."
What the press is saying:
"The Farmer a tender and successful collision of singer/songwriter musings and Dandy-esque pop sensibilities." the Deli
"The Farmer is Brent’s first solo effort and was originally written and recorded eight years ago on a home four track. “You Win” is a great preview of a heartfelt and psychedelically pretty EP." Stereo Subversion

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


With the relationship between money and music being what it is, and with Kickstarter being such an amazing entity, it only makes sense that more and more bands, artists and filmmakers are taking advantage of what Kickstarter has to offer. Our very own Patrick Bower, he of Patrick Bower and the World Without Magic, has done just that, and you can support him HERE:

In his words:
"Everyone knows the record industry is imploding. Money is short everywhere, making the indie "Do It Yourself" ethos a necessity rather than a lifestyle accoutrement.

We've embraced this over the last years: We've learned to record our own records, book our own tours and create our own budgets. The results are something we're proud of. We've had the opportunity to forge connections all over the world and get our music into the hands of people who care.

Who doesn't care? Record labels, so far. While we're not sure we even need or want a record label, the fact remains that they have money - and we don't. Now that it's time to press on to the elusive "next level," we've run into a wall.

OK, here's the story.

We recently toured Europe with artist and producer Luther Russell. He played drums with us and opened most shows with his own songs. We had a wonderful time, and, along the way, he hatched a plan for us:

Let's make a record the old fashioned way, and let's make something that will demand attention.

Analog tape, vintage mixing boards, real tape echo .... REAL everything. It's what we're missing, and it's something we aren't capable of teasing out of LOGIC or Pro Tools. It's the next step for us. It's the only way to really achieve our own sonic stamp.

Luther agreed to produce the record and partner with his friend's amazing studio in L.A. to get it done.

This is a really exciting prospect for Darren and I, you can imagine. Then we remembered our meagre band accounts. I know you've heard about the rich hipsters of Brooklyn, secretly flush with their parents money ... that's not us. We're actual artists, hacking it out day to day. That's why we need your support to carry on.

Now, 8k won't cover everything, but it'll get us started. We wanted to shoot for more than double, but we're not sure it's possible. So this is a start -- and if enough people get behind it, well, there's no limit on pledges. We're ready to create something really special and to share it with our supporters. Will you help us see this through?

PLUS, for this project, we've partnered with Why Hunger. 15% of your donations goes directly into their hands. We really feel strongly about what Why Hunger is doing - providing food-security to poverty-stricken areas at the grass-roots level - and we're really excited to be a part of their efforts.

Let's do this!!


Patrick & Darren"

Shellshag unveils SXSW video footage and announces full-blown tour of the USA!

Shellshag, with the exception of the show in NYC last weekend, has been holing up and working on their next record. Tentatively titled the Fuck Society Sessions the album will be a covers record featuring songs from Liz Phair, Shotwell, The Undertones, Joy Division, Hickey, Archers of Loaf, Lemonheads, Descendents, Wipers, Pork, AK77's and The Jam. Needless to say, we're excited!

The band is heading out on tour next month and they'll bring their enthusiastic, love-strewn, punk odes to towns and festivals all over our great nation. Live, they set up face-to-face and play their hearts out to one another with sets often ending in all out drum destruction... To meet these two, well, it has been life-changing for more than few folks. Their spirit and dedication to their music, one another and their friends is nothing short of inspirational.

Click here to see video footage of them performing "Body Of The Bird/Little Birdy" at SXSW and you'll get a glimpse of how stellar they are live!

05.27.10 - Athens, GA @ the Hanger
05.28.10 - Asheville, NC @ Static Age Records
05.29.10 - Athens, GA @ Crabbfest
05.31.10 - Columbus, OH @ Carabar
06.01.10 - Bloomington, IN @ House Gone Wylie
06.02.10 - Ida, TN @ Idafest
06.05.10 - Chattanooga, TN @ Discotecha for the Do Ya Hear We Fest
06.06.10 - Nashville, TN @ the End
06.07.10 - Pensacolo, FL @ Sluggos
06.08.10 - New Orleans, LA @ the Circle Bar
06.09.10 - San Antonio, TX @ el Ten Eleven
06.10.10 - Dallas, TX @ the Cavern
06.11.10 - Austin, TX @ Beerland
06.12.10 - El Paso, TX @ the Hideaway Lounge
06.13.10 - Las Cruces, NM @ Trainyard
06.14.10 - Phoenix, AZ @ the Iron Lady
06.15.10 - San Diego, CA @ the Casbah
06.16.10 - Los Angeles, CA @ Spaceland
06.17.10 - Oakland, CA @ the Uptown
06.18.10 - San Francisco, CA @ el Rio
06.19.10 - Portland, OR @ the East End
06.20.10 - Olympia, WA @ the Northern (all-ages)
06.21.10 - Seattle, WA @ the Comet Tavern
06.22.10 - Missoula, MT @ the Palace
06.24.10 - Minneapolis, MN @ 7th Street Entry
06.25.10 - Milwaukee, WI @ Eagle's Nest
06.26.10 - Chicago, IL @ Schuba's
06.27.10 - Cleveland, OH @ Now That's Class
06.28.10 - Wilkes-Barr, PA @ Cafe Metropolis

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Visqueen's video for "Capitol" premiers at Paste!

Visqueen has reached out to four production companies in the Pacific Northwest who also count themselves as raving fans of the band. The goal was to have them pick their favorite song and let imaginations run wild!

A Place Called Yes produced the first video for "Capitol" and here's what they had to say: "After listening to Message to Garcia, which we think is one of the best rock n roll albums in recent history, we chose The Capitol. It made us think about the roots of Northwest music, from grunge to riot grrrl, and this song really felt like it hit home. We share a deep love of early music videos and we wanted to do something that felt classic and timeless and that really captured the energy and personality of the band. We packed an underground performance space with Visqueen’s awesome fans. The camera doesn’t lie and you can really tell that the fans were excited to be there."

Go ahead and watch it for yourself!

Visqueen is heading out on tour next month and releasingMessage To Garcia on vinyl on May 18th!

Buy it now or buy it on eBay next year for $100... The Lights "Failed Graves"!!!

It's official, it's out! The Lights Failed Graves is available to the world now... get it on digital, get it on vinyl but get it soon!

"In pre-anesthesia times when Doctors performed brain surgery, patients threw back whisky and bit down on leather to cope with the pain. Conscious, with their skulls opened, they encountered so much pain that they entered a trance like state of suspended hallucinatory shock where all was beautiful, no pain. This is what happens when you listen to the Lights." Trent Moorman, the Stranger

"The Lights' sound has grown from the starker efforts of the past to a lusher and more detailed document that embellishes the band's angular, aggressive sound with sharper pop sensibilities." Hannah Levin, Seattle Weekly
"The songs are a uniformly strong bunch, driven by galloping, at times martial rhythms and clattering, angular guitar lines flecked with occasional shades of surf and spaghetti western." Don Yates, KEXP

"The coolest thing about the Lights is how they are able to take their UK post punk influences, travel up to the mountains to some isolated shack and boil them down in a still and come up with something that sounds like wild mountain men doing angular punk rock." the Finest Kiss

"I get the feeling that if a slipshod, wild-eyed posse of frontiersmen devised a sound rooted in late 70s punk and its early 80s aftermath, it might sound something like this. Loud, lonely, dirty and determined." Seattle Subsonic

Monday, April 26, 2010

Pardon my French...

Voxpop Magazine has fallen in love with Patrick Bower and the World Without Magic's new EP and so have we! West Coast tour dates and a new video coming soon...

"Quand on aime la musique de Patrick Bower, on peut l’écouter du matin au soir sans se lasser. Intelligent, drôle, décalé, il fait partie du haut du panier des songwriters du moment. Habillées d’une instrumentation simple, les chansons de l’EP « The Dark Lord (of love) », décryptent le quotidien et les relations amoureuses avec une certaine drôlerie et une honnêteté désarmante."


Typhoon Promotional #2 from Matthew Ross on Vimeo.

Rachel Flotard speaks with Glorious Noise about Visqueen, gummy bears and surgery...

Derek Phillips from Glorious Noise sat down with Visqueen's Rachel Flotard to talk about music, names, gummy bears, touring and Tom & Jerry's massive influence on the music world. Click the quote for the full interview!

Brooklyn Vegan captured Holy Hail in all their glory...

Holy Hail's tour with Florence & the Machine introduced their sound to tons of new fans including Burnside Distribution which is incredible excited to give the new EP, The Dying (After) Party, a proper release and get it out to the world at large... more details soon!

Until then, check out these amazing shots from their Terminal 5 show earlier this month from Brooklyn Vegan! Then, check out the interview with Cat Hartwell at the New Montreal! RAD!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Patrick Bower & the World Without Magic - Back from Europe and Zaptown's listening in the dark!

From Zaptown:
"The Dark Lord (Of Love) begins like Kings Of Convenience does when they try to find a way to chill out. But when Bower sings “Why am I bleeding at the jaw? I have kissed her and paid so dearly for it,” you are aware that Bower approaches the sacred right of love like Emile Zola did to the human condition."

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Portland is pumped for Sea Of Bees, plus a new video!!

"Mark your calendars now because Songs for the Ravens, the debut full-length album from Sea of Bees, comes out on June 1, and it is, without a doubt, fucking fantastic. Following up last year's The Bee Eee Pee EP, Sea of Bees—the project of Central Valley's Julie Baenziger—have crafted a haunting, ravishing record that contains infinitely sumptuous layers. Baenziger's voice ranges from a child's meow to a wise old woman's incantations, while the songs' gorgeously bone-chilling backdrops feel like a sturdy house being restored to its former beauty after years of neglect—there's some dust and rot and maybe some overgrown vines creeping their way up the walls, but the foundation and frame are as strong as ever. Songs for the Ravens is bound to be one of this year's finest records; as soon as you hear it you're not going to be able to shake it." NED LANNAMANN, PORTLAND MERCURY

"Sea of Bees makes me wish I was sad. Her latest LP Songs For the Ravens (out June 1 on Crossbill Records) centers around that haunting voice, but there’s much more to it. The songs are filled with odd arrangements and intricate layers, and Baenziger played most of the instruments herself. Gorgeous. (This is her debut?!)

Well, actually, Sea of Bees released the Bee Eee Pee last year (recorded in one day after getting a quick ProTools lesson from producer and Tape Op publisher John Baccigaluppi). And while many of Baenziger’s performances feature nothing but her and a guitar, Songs For the Ravens is full-on, with an arsenal of glockenspiel, slide, marimba and keys. You might not even notice all that when you hear her vocal register, which lies somewhere between that of Björk and Leigh Nash … I know, too good to be true. And you don’t even have to be sad to enjoy the songs, a contemplative mood on a gray Portland day would serve as a perfect backdrop." MARK LORE, THE DAYS OF LORE

Tinymixtapes is excited about the new Tender Forever!

Tender Forever turns a new leaf with new album, No Snare, in June!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010



About "The Farmer": Dandy Warhols drummer Brent DeBoer wrote and recorded the songs on his four-track eight years earlier, recently bringing them to life thanks to a little encouragement from his friend and producer, Brian Coates (The Great Northwest / The Dandy Warhols). DeBoer's record, titled "The Farmer" is an intricately delicate EP with DeBoer singing songs of love and loss and Coates adding a subtly psychedelic production.

About "World Record": It is far from hyperbolic to enthusiastically assert that this album—Blunt Mechanic's first—is Ben Barnett's finest work to date. Considering the critically-acclaimed and cultishly-followed body of work he has amassed over the past 15 years under the Kind of Like Spitting moniker, it's understandable that one could lazily dismiss that claim before having heard the onslaught of unstoppable, charming hooks, impeccably constructed songs, heart-wrenching, moving, uplifting storytelling, brilliant turns of phrase and vocal/instrumental interplay that defines World Record.

Monday, April 19, 2010


BLUNT MECHANIC'S "WORLD RECORD" IS OUT TOMORROW! We couldn't be more stoked. Get in touch for your review copy if you don't have it already....

"Always an engaging and incisive lyricist, World Record bristles with some ear-grabbing verses and ruminative declarations, all the while never taking himself too seriously. Two decades into a career he probably never imagined would last this long, Barnett is still making people think. For that, we are truly thankful."--Absolute Punk

"It’s the kind of album that can end up meaning a lot to someone on a personal level"--FILTER

"well worth checking out for pretty much anyone and everyone who's ever owned and loved a KOLS record."--Seattle Weekly

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boy Eats Drum Machine's "Hoop & Wire" Video Premieres Today On!

That's right folks, the amazing song from Boy Eats Drum Machine, "Hoop & Wire" gets an amazing stop motion animation video from Jason Sievers! Click to watch... Mayhem ensues!

the Bay Area is excited for Archeology!

From the Examiner:
Archeology blends and bends many genres, birthing catchy yet complex songs, supported by sincere and emotional lyrics. This raw passion is seen in it’s fullest when Archeology performs live, an experience that music lovers, young and old alike, can appreciate.
Tour Dates:
04.14.10 - San Francisco, CA @ The Depot at San Francisco State
04.15.10 - Hollywood, CA @ the Hotel Cafe
04.16.10 - Fresno, CA @ Kuppajoe
04.17.10 - Long Beach, CA @ the Prospector
04.18.10 - San Diego, CA @ Queen Bees (all-ages)
04.19.10 - Tuscon, AZ @ the Plush
04.22.10 - Phoenix, AZ @ Townsend Park (free, all-ages, 5 PM)
04.22.10 - Phoenix, AZ @ the Lost Leaf
04.23.10 - Albuquerque, NM @ Burt's Tiki Lounge
04.24.10 - Colorado Springs, CO @ the Triple Nickel
04.25.10 - Denver, CO @ the Larimer Lounge
04.27.10 - Salt Lake City, UT @ the Outer Rim
04.28.10 - Boise, ID @ the Visual Arts Collective
04.30.10 - Seattle, WA @ Ground Zero
05.01.10 - Yakima, WA @ The Sportscenter
05.02.10 - Portland @ Mississippi Studios

Early praise for Tender Forever's "Wider"

From Chris Estey at Three Imaginary Girls on Tender Forever's upcoming album on K Records, "Passionate as hell and a little overwhelming, No Snare seems like her bravest work..."

Get in touch now if you haven't listened yet!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Check out Poorly Shot Interviews Over Coffee's awesome and poorly-shot interview over coffee with Holy Hail HERE!

From QRO Magazine: "Tribal rhythms and electronica that's less ‘electronic‘, and more ‘physical‘ or ‘real‘, have made serious in-roads into alternative music in the last year-plus, from January 2009's Merriweather Post Pavilion (QRO review) by Animal Collective on the more electronic side of things, to last January's Odd Blood (QRO review) by Yeasayer on the harder end. But these sounds still get the criticism of being too inaccessible, especially on first listen, and it does take a while to enjoy & appreciated acts like Animal Collective & Yeasayer (despite hipsters who will call whatever they do ‘amazing‘ after the first note, just because they're what's hot right now...). What it all needs is something that's easier on the ears - and mind. That's where Holy Hail comes in with The Dying (After) Party EP.

The New York outfit has been turning heads since 2008's debut full-length, Independent Pleasure Club, opening for acts like The Gossip (though that was the band's second show ever), The Rapture & The Kills, and they've managed to keep their electric/rock mix without sounding like those electric/rock bands. Last year's The Dying Party EP took their sound a step further in complexity, but threatened to fall into the aforementioned inaccessible trap. That's why follow-up (After) is so welcome, as it invites everyone to the Party.

Not that it's really a ‘party‘ record - Holy Hail are still intricate enough to avoid the overt, and there's a distance to the EP in its echoes, from the epic call of opener "Riverine" on through. The sustain can veer into the garage at times, such as the almost country-like portions of "Riverine", where co-vocalist Cat Hartwell comes to the fore, to the quieter and less special "On Tippy Toes". (After) does swerve between the more atmos-tech such as "Painted Bird" and more rock-grounded "Days of Metro", but can also meet somewhere in the middle, like the jungle beats-with-rock underpinnings "Feels Like Forever". Which side you like more depends on the listener, but the speed of "Days" and echo-sustain base of "Good Intentions" can be praised by anyone."

It is Monday, get pumped!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Visqueen's Cristina Bautista is auditioning for Glee!

It's true, Visqueen's bassist, Cristina Bautista, has filmed an introduction video and a video of her singing an amazing rendition of "Rehab" and playing the uke. You can see them bothhere on the audition site for Glee, the teen comedy / musical that's kind of swept the nation by storm. If there's anything you can do to help this lady get her deserved shot at being on this show, please get in touch!

Oh, there's also a bunch of great Visqueen dates coming up on the East Coast! Get excited!

04.23.10 - Vashon Island, WA @ the Red Bicycle
05.14.10 - Minneapolis, MN @ the Triple Rock
05.16.10 - Detroit, MI @ the Majestic Cafe
05.18.10 - Albany, NY @ Valentines
05.19.10 - Boston, MA @ the Middle East
05.20.10 - Hoboken, NJ @ Maxwells
05.21.10 - Brooklyn, NY @ Union Hall
05.23.10 - Philadelphia, PA @ the Manhattan Room
05.25.10 - Washington, D.C. @ the Black Cat
05.26.10 - Asheville, NC @ the Rocket Club
05.27.10 - Atlanta, GA @ the Earl
05.29.10 - Nashville, TN @ Grimey's In-Store Performance at 5 PM
05.29.10 - Nashville, TN @ the Basement
05.30.10 - Cincinnati, OH @ "A Taste Of Cincinnati"
05.31.10 - Chicago, IL @ The Hideout

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's coming: Typhoon "Hunger & Thirst" out May 4th!

Catch them on tour all over the Western states this month with Yann Tiersen...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Rolling Stone interviews Jawbreaker with exclusive rare track!

Click here to jump to the interview where it also contains an exclusive download of "Gutless"
Blake Schwarzenbach: "I could see us spontaneously playing a party, but doing a huge tour would be kind of distasteful and it would do a disservice to the mystery of the band that’s some how persisted."


Only a handful of weeks until the opening!