Friday, July 29, 2011

RCRD LBL Premieres Big Eyes New Single "Pretend to Care"

"Packing up strong New Brunswick and Brooklyn roots, the band is bringing its breed of guitar rock to join some good company out west. "Pretend To Care" is the perfect send-off, a mix of New Jersey basement punch and fun as hell pop to show Washington what's what." Listen to "Pretend to Care" and read the full review on RCRD LBL!

Laura Stevenson & The Cans Included in the A.V. Club's "Best of 2011 So Far"

"On the other end of the spectrum, Sit Resist by Laura Stevenson & The Cans is a slice of indie-pop heaven with a kitchen-sink mentality: chiming guitars, strings, violins, and Stevenson’s soaring voice all stack atop one another, and the results are shimmering, if a bit twee, pop songs." Read the full list of the A.V. Club's The Best of 20011 So Far over here.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Download Tasseomancy's Mix Submitted for Other People's Poetry

"While on the road as members of Austra, Toronto’s Tasseomancy send folk-tinged tidings to Silver via an Other People’s Poetry Mixtape." Download their mix and get a preview of the handwritten track listing over on Yours Truly.

Laura Stevenson & The Cans Premiere New Video "The Healthy One"

Watch the Laura Stevenson & The Cans' "The Healthy One" video which was premiered today on Brooklyn Vegan! Read the full post and check out their upcoming tour dates on Brooklyn Vegan right HERE.

Kelly McClure, formerly the publicist at K Records, joins the team at Riot Act Media!

Kelly sprouted from the bean fields of Illinois in 1977. She learned about wholesome fundamentals there before being swept away by her parents to Southern California at the age of 7, where those fundamentals forked into a new desire to say “she’s all” with frequency. She spent her formative years in Riverside, California and it was there that a new group of friends (and a few exchanged mixed tapes filled with feminist punk/pop bands like Sleater-Kinney, The Need, and Team Dresch) changed her life forever and sent her on a path towards music servitude in all its many forms.

After high school, she relocated back to Illinois to get her degree in journalism at a college that was literally in the middle of a corn field. Diploma in hand, she freelanced in Chicago for several years, (and ate many hot dogs) then flew the coop for the big crapple itself, New York City – which she will tell you is her favorite city out of all cities ever. While in NYC, Kelly worked as the Associate Music Editor for Bust Magazine.

Aside from being a dedicated, creative, and energetic publicist, Kelly is also an accomplished writer whose work has appeared in Bust Magazine, Vice, The Chicago Reader, New City, Curve, XoJane, Thought Catalog, and The Hairpin.

Kelly comes to us from K Records, where she served as the label’s in-house publicist. While there, she helmed successful campaigns for Chain and the Gang, LAKE, Arrington de Dionyso, The Curious Mystery, Christmas, Angelo Spencer, Nucular Aminals, and The Hive Dwellers. Following her tenure at K, the stanky streets of Brooklyn planted seeds of homesickness in Kelly and called her back to the East Coast, where she will be stationed from here on out. Excelsior!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Watch Matt Bauer's New Video for "Poplar Trees" Presented by Terror Eyes

Matt Bauer recently teamed up with Terror Eyes for his live session in the sunny hills of L.A. Watch the video of him performing "Poplar Trees" below where he's joined by Dana Falconberry.

Matt Bauer from TERROREYES.TV on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Download Pack A.D.'s New Single "Sirens"

"On their fourth album and as gritty and intoxicating as ever, Maya Miller and Becky Black pound punk and blues into a fuzzy pulp. "Sirens" lures you in with that feminine snarl and keeps you planted until the drums have burned solidly through your skull." Make your way over to RCRD LBL to download "Sirens" and read the complete review.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Make Skateboards Set Up Shop At The I-20 Gallery

"New York! If you love skating and art, combine these two disciplines at the I-20 Gallery. Their pop-up art show/skate shop “Make Skateboards” feature boards that are usable, but also artistic in nature." Read the full show preview at According to G.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Bynars Get The Crowd Moving in Washington DC

"It was difficult not to dance to the infectious pop sound of the Bynars. The songs all have a certain lighthearted feel to them and quickly settle into a solid groove. The brevity of the songs is also an important factor, as they never overwhelm the audience for long stretches, so everyone was able to remain relatively fresh for the duration of the set." Read the full concert review over at The Washington Times.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Street Eaters Interviewed on

"Megan is a pretty fierce force and a talented drummer; I admire her. If anything, she's kind of one of my role models. It's kind of funny when we go to places where we're playing for people who maybe aren't as used to seeing women musicians in general. There are a lot of men who aren't used to seeing that and they sometimes don't really know how to handle that. They'll say, "you play so great for a lady," and it'll kind of give us an opportunity to be like, "yeah, women can play just as well as men." Head on over to to read the full interview.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Tasseomancy's Single "Healthy Hands" Featured on Nylon Magazine

"Tasseomancy's upcoming sophomore album, Ulalume (recorded with and produced by Timber Timbre), is dark, eerie, and a little bit off-kilter, so it becomes more intriguing the more times you press play. Their first single, "Healthy Hands" combines moody droning and folksy rhythms, making it a spooky Halloween soundtrack that you'll want to listen to all year long."Read the full review and listen to Tasseomancy's new single "Healthy Hands."

Watch Matt Bauer's Session on "Chasing The Moon"

Matt Bauer and friends stopped by Hyde Street Studios last month to record an intimate set for the "Chasing The Moon" series. Produced by Elijiah Pahati and Scott McDowell, take a look at Matt Bauer's performance below.

Matt Bauer @ Chasing The Moon from Scott McDowell on Vimeo.

RCRD LBL Premieres Street Eaters New Track "Ashby and Shattuck"

"Taking clear influence from the '90s DIY and punk scenes, the duo retains that stripped-down mentality while capitalizing on its male/female design. Dual vocals are front-and-center, as in "Ashby and Shattuck," when the singing parallels the thumping call-and-response of the drum and bass." Read on and listen to the Street Eaters' new track over at RCRD LBL.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Stream Strong Killings' Self-Titled Release on Sound on the Sound

"These tunes are so good and catchy, how can they not be available for mass consumption in the near future? This is already the most “fun” album I’ve heard so far this year. I know most Seattle musicians haven’t seen that word since they learned how to spell and that’s fine. That just means less of a competitive playing field for Strong Killings." Read the full review and listen to Strong Killings' self-titled new release on Sound on the Sound.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Huffington Post Reviews MAKE

"The poignancy of the brilliantly paced, nearly 70-minute Make comes from its unwavering focus on the individual creator's connection to his or her creation. The resulting implication is that the ultimate value of art has little to do with the completed object that others admire. Rather, the real beauty of art is in the process, and in the conception and development of visions." Read the complete review of MAKE on The Huffington Post.

Appetite's New Video “Little While” Premiered on The Bay Bridged

"Out in August, Appetite's Scattered Smothered Covered has a pretty broad range of emotions, as seen when comparing "Little While" against the first single, "Tussy." For one, the newest song is softer, self-reflecting, and pleading."

Watch the video for "Little While" and download Appetite's "Tussy" over at The Bay Bridged.

Tasseomancy on Brooklyn Vegan

"You may recognize the voices of Sari and Romy Lightman as the haunting backup singers for Toronto synth-poppers Austra. They are also the forces behind their own, equally dark but folkier group Tasseomancy." Watch the video for Tasseomany's "Heavy Sleep" and read the full article over at Brooklyn Vegan.

yvynyl highlights "Sirens"

"For the first few seconds of this song you think you’re listening to the opening of Black Sabbath. But, no. These Vancouver rockers might have borrowed the vibe, but they’re their own studded leather jacket and snarling upper lip, m’kay?" Read the rest and listen to The Pack a.d. "Sirens" over at yvynyl.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Pack a.d. unveils the lead single off their upcoming album!

Mint Recording Artists from Vancouver, The Pack a.d. , are getting set to release their new album Unpersons and are celebrating by revealing the album cover and offering up the first single "Sirens" as a free download.
From the band: "Sirens" original name was Hoot as in literally what I am doing in the chorus. Then I wrote the lyrics and it became about an ancient undersea monster. But you needn't fear because Becky's back has wings.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Street Eaters "Rusty Eyes & Hydrocarbons" is out now!!

"Megan March and Johnny Geek reveal their Gilman St. roots with powerful, roughshod melodies and populist politics, but play songs that mutate, twist, and grow as well as rip. Some of them are Who-like in their epic construction. I'll be looking out for their vinyl and would pay to see them again in a second." Giant Robot

"Duel vocals and spirited bass drive a track that never loses steam, a sort of Shellshag/Liars hybrid that pulls you in with ease." RCRD LBL on "Nation Builder"

"Six songs by two Bay Area folks who resurrect the off-kilter punk aggression of Blatz and Flipper and drag it kicking and screaming through the well thought-out energy, simplicity, and harmony of This Bike Is A Pipebomb and Shellshag." Razorcake on the We See Monsters EP

"Street Eaters are a loose garage punk duo with a stripped-down musical approach that psych-out the current minimalist, post-something shoegaze trend to sound refreshingly spirited." Exclaim

"Founded in fuzz-laden, treble-cranked bass parts, dual vocal hooks, relentless rhythmical clamor, and classic East Bay punk undertones pressed through a garage n' noise filter, it's simultaneously infectious and abrasive." SF Weekly

"Like the rest of the album, “Nation Builder” is built out of a few pieces — drums, bass, and two sets of vocals — but the duo transforms those components into something angular and insistent." The Bay Bridged


We are SO HONORED and SO EXCITED to spread the word however we possibly can about this one: Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs' latest, "Alone In This Together", is out TODAY on the amazing Local 638 Records (run by the incredible Rachel Flotard, of Visqueen fame). Things have continued to get to be more and more bonkers for Star: she was just on the cover of Innocent Words, we just got word that we'll have an incredible new video for you to view in a few weeks, and she's gearing up to play PJ 20. Here's what folks are saying about "Alone In This Together":

"She sings from a place of beauty that takes me to a higher place.”--Mike McCready, Pearl Jam



Monday, July 11, 2011

Download Matt Bauer's "Morning Stars" from My Old Kentucky Blog

"Matt Bauer’s newest, The Jessamine County Book Of The Living, is easily one of this year’s strongest releases." More on the new album and a download of "Morning Stars" at My Old Kentucky Blog!

MOKB shares "Slime"

"Sporting a 90’s guitar-rawk aesthetic that falls somewhere between Pavement and Dino Jr, replete with Lithium-affected vocals and a wry sense of humor, the band seemingly cranks out tunes like Slimewithout breaking a sweat." Read the rest at My Old Kentucky Blog and download "Slime"

The Bynars: New Interactive Video For "How Does It Feel To Be In Love?"

Happy Monday to you! We are SUPER excited to present to you The Bynars' new Interactive Music Video (it's INTERACTIVE! How rad is that?) for the single "How Does It Feel to Be in Love?"--we'd love for you to post it, share it and enjoy it. Go HERE to view.

In what way does one interact with this video, you might ask? Well, users can choose between watching twelve--TWELVE--different videos! You can watch four at a time, in any combination you'd like. Choose which video you are watching by clicking with your mouse, and rotate the videos by using your mouse's scroll wheel. Directors Shaun Clarke, JP DiSciscio and Ethan Goldhammer created this just for the Bynars, whose full-length is OUT NOW! The video takes a few minutes to load, so please be patient. Multiple viewings encouraged - you won't be able to see it all your first time through. Enjoy!

Hear the MP3 for "How Does it Feel To Be In Love?" HERE

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bright Archer's "Hidden Systems" out today!!

Early press:
"Bright Archer's dizzying new LP Hidden Systems harkens back to Mitchell's untouchable 1969-75 run (Clouds through The Hissing of Summer Lawns), but sans the vintage nostalgia of that fabled era. Kunin's earnest vocals and simple yet subtly elaborate song structure portray an artist at her creative peak." Portland Mercury

"Johanna creates vignettes from her piano and her beautifully trained breathy voice, all the more visceral for its seemingly simple construction." The Owl Mag

"There is a definite original quality in Kunin’s lyrics that is among the most alluring aspects of Hidden Systems, as she wields her ambiguous words with devastating effect." Stereo Subversion

"Trained in opera as a child, jazz in college, a current member of a number of bands around her hometown of Portland and finally taking her talents solo, Johanna Kunin has arrived breathy folk in tact." RCRD LBL

"Hidden Systems refuses easy, emotionally exploitative chord progressions for something a bit more ambiguous and challenging—a testament to both Kunin’s songwriting and Norwood’s studio prowess." Willamette Week

Friday, July 1, 2011

Catch the yvynyl premier of "Tussy" from Appetite!

"Californian oddball Teddy Briggs crafts quirky tunes that are part surrealist poetry and part vocal acid trip." Read the rest and catch the video at yvynyl!

Giant Robot chats extensively with Street Eaters! On tour now...

Martin Wong from Giant Robot sits down with Street Eaters to talk about their new album, Grace Slick and using a bike rack as a cop deterrent...

MW: Many duos bring in guest musicians, accompaniment, and so on, but you two seem to relish your mano-a-mano musical relationship. Were you tempted one iota to add extra voices, instruments, or other stuff?

MM: We actually thrive on the minimalist aspects of being a two-piece, but one of the extra CD-only tracks (“No Time”) was written as a three-piece vocal harmony, so we had our friend Alanna Paoli (from Songs For Moms) sing the third part.

Read the rest at Giant Robot!