Tuesday, January 31, 2012

SYFFAL Digs Rickolus' Album "Coyote and Mule"

"Coyote and Mule is a cohesive release of indie folk rock, but in this post-genre era in which we find ourselves, it's almost unnecessary to define. I only include that very broad, and insufficient description so you can set your sails in the right direction. Little samples and skits inhabit the slight spaces between infectious riffs, playful piano plunking, and introspective lyrics." Read SYFFAL's full review now.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Download Gabriel and the Hounds', "The World Unfolds" On Spinner

"Like much of the album, this song spilled out quickly, almost unconsciously. The words and vocal turns remain unchanged from the quirky original demo which I recorded after a bit of a scrape up I had." Read more from Gabriel Levin about this track.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Vice Premieres The Pharmacy's "Dig Your Grave" Video!

"The song manages to be incredibly catchy while remaining oddly hostile. Imagine what the British Invasion would have sounded like if the aggression been literal. In the video, the trio (which also features Stefan Rubicz and Scottie Yoder) murder a woman in a grainy graveyard and perform, clad in face paint and white robes, against a hellscape of burning amps and drum sets. It’s all shot on 16mm film and has a creepy, ghostly quality to it." Read Vice's full run down on The Pharmacy's video.

THE PHARMACY - DIG YOUR GRAVE (MUSIC VIDEO) from brendhan bowers on Vimeo.

The Pack a.d.'s "Sirens" Video Featured On MTV Hive

Read the complete write up over on MTV Hive HERE.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wow and Flutter's "Tired of Waiting" Cut Of The Day At Willamette Week

"It's a scorcher of a tune, a boiling bit of post-punk tension that will singe your eyebrows if you get too close. The band's pop leanings gets some play too via the call and response vocals of guitarist Cord Amato and bassist Ryan Matheson. And dig that synth heavy breakdown that oozes out around the 3:30 mark." Listen to "Tired of Waiting" now over at Willamette Week.

Willamette Week Reviews Wow and Flutter's "Double Deuce" EP

"These days, Wow and Flutter has embraced its inner power trio, stripping down to a meatier, starchier attack that pairs well with a head-buzzing brew. The songs on Double Deuce are a furious lot, with the band’s punk upbringing coming boldly to the fore on “Big Guns” and “Little Red Scooter,” while still letting a little of the psychedelic sunshine in on longer tracks like the set closer “Black River.”" Read the complete review of "Double Deuce" at Willamette Week right here.

Blurt Magazine reviews Jad Fair's Bird House

From the beginning, Jad Fair's nasal-tinged vocals, childish lyrics, and "The only chord I know is the one that connects the guitar to the amp" aesthetic have relegated him to being a perennial outsider. This is, of course, a large part of his charm. To fully appreciate the significance of Fair as an artist you need only know that his 1982 EP The Zombies of Mora-Tau bears the distinction of being so abrasive that even Lester Bangs found it unlistenable. Since forming Half Japanese with his brother David in 1974, Fair's music has been championed by the likes of Kurt Cobain and Jeff Mangum, and in addition to his extensive Half Japanese output he's released a seamlessly endless stream of one-off collaborations and solo albums. With his new EP Birdhouse (limited to a 300 hand-numbered vinyl run), Fair collaborates with French artist Hifiklub and Germany's kptmichigan, and the end result is a typically idiosyncratic burst of sonic ebullience.

Like most of Fair's music, Birdhouse is best listened to in its entirety. The songs meld together to form a surreal atmosphere - it was originally recorded to be played during one of Fair's art exhibitions - and at just 15 minutes long it ends before becoming exhausting. Unlike his more minimalist output (best showcased on 1993's Short Songs), Birdhouse has a jazzy, experimental slant, and is suffused with airy instrumentation that could stand alone without Fair's vocals.

Read the rest HERE.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sea of Bees Brand New Track "Broke" Featured On All Songs Considered

Listen to All Songs Considered latest episode New Mix: Blistering Punk, Campy Rap And Some Great Unknowns to hear the Sea of Bees track from her upcoming album Orangefarben.

The Alialujah Choir: Debut self-titled album out February 14, 2012 on Jealous Butcher


Here's a trailer for their video:

The Alialujah Choir is Adam Shearer and Alia Farah of Weinland, and Adam Selzer ofNorfolk & Western and M. Ward.Shearer, Selzer and Farah began writing and recording songs at Portland’s Type Foundry with no commercial ambitions. They simply wanted to take shelter from the chaos of touring and make music together. Ensconced by friendship and solitude, the trio’s shared sensibility to embrace their love for roots folk music has created a beautiful and compelling album that we'd be honored for you to consider for review.

Wow and Flutter Talk Beer With End Hits

"Perennial Portland rock trio Wow & Flutter know a thing or two about craft beer. Living in the land of small brews, the band took it upon themselves to get into the mix with a brand new EP/Imperial ale called "Double Deuce." It goes like this: Buy a 22 oz. bottle of the specially made beer from Alameda Brewing either at local stores or shows, and get a code for a download of the band's new five-song EP." Read on for the full interview at End Hits.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The New Yorker Previews The Pharmacy's January 28th Brooklyn Show

"The Pharmacy is an off-kilter ensemble from Seattle that has gained notoriety in warehouses and house parties across the country. Their music is frank, party-oriented garage rock, but it’s mostly an excuse to get the trio out on the road; you’d be hard pressed to find another group as firmly committed to rock and roll as a way of life, and they boast a transnational faction of female devotees to prove it." Read more on The New Yorker.

Hear It First! Sea of Bees Debuts The First Track From Her Upcoming Album

Listen to Sea Of Bees "Broke" from the forthcoming album, Orangefarben Out April 9th, 2012 on Heavenly Records (EU) and May 1st, 2012 on Team Love (US)

Watch The Debut Of Solander's Video For "Flight"

"This is the video for 'Flight', Solander’s second single from their second album 'Passing Mt Satu'! It's made by the Dutch music video and short film director Iris Piers." Watch it here on Vimeo.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Watch The Debut Of Buried Bed's Short Film "Small Stories"

"On July, 18, 2011. The Buried Beds played a day full of music in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park at Lemon Hill Mansion. This film documents the music, the friends and the party." Do yourself a favor and watch this film now!

Fingertips Music loves Ed Vallance's "Crystalline."

I love the effortless ones—the songs that just lay themselves out there and do their thing, so securely and easily that there’s almost nothing to talk about. “Crystalline” is one of those.

Okay, but I’ll talk a little.

A lot of the power here comes, I think, from the delayed melody. In both the verse and the chorus, the melodic line begins after two beats go by. In the verse, this allows the scene to be set by a weighty, unhurried guitar chord, even as the rhythmic backbone of the song remains fleet and itchy. So there’s this built-in juxtaposition here between the purposeful rhythm and the thoughtful melody. In the chorus, the melodic delay is augmented by an instrumental countermelody (first heard at 0:54) that gives the song a subtle grandeur. And yet Vallance at the same time seems to be playing with some vocal distortion here, which lends an edge to the sound. In this case the juxtaposition becomes its own potent amalgam: edgy grandeur.

Vallance was born in London and lives and works now in Brooklyn. “Crystalline” is the lead track from his second album, Volcano, which arrives next month on Proof Records.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bust Magazine Premieres Dana Falconberry's "Petoskey Stone" Video

"The song itself is lovely--peppy, childlike, and intimate. The video combines that awesomeness with kaleidoscope-like images of nature. It'll take you back to your days as a little kid, digging around in your backyard or neighborhood park for treasures." Watch the video and check out Falconberry's latest tour dates on Bust!

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Loom Featured In The Gilded Age Spring 2012 Video

Watch the video, and read more about the line at GQ.

SSG Music reviews Madeline's B-Sides

Just last month, SSG Music released a premiere of the song “Raining in the Philippines” from folk-rock outlet Madeline as an exclusive first listen from their upcoming B Sides release. Now, the four-piece band, which is led by Madeline Adams, has officially released the album in its entirety. The songs found in this collection are a mix of rare and unreleased songs, which span over almost a decade’s time. Madeline became a band after singer/songwriter Madeline Adams began her career by moving to Bloomington, IN where she worked with punk label Plan-It-X Records and eventually began touring. During that time, people constantly forgot Madeline Adams’ last name, so it was dropped in favor of the simpler Madelines.

Over the course of 2000-2008 and many tour miles logged, Madeline has accumulated a handful of diverse songs that make up B Sides. Most of the songs have Madeline singing amongst a lone acoustic guitar, like the albums’ first song and demo from their White Flag recording, “What Little Girls Do.”

Read the rest of the review HERE.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Paste Announces Denison Witmer's Asthmatic Kitty Debut

"Denison Witmer is set to make his Asthmatic Kitty debut with his ninth album, titled The Ones Who Wait, on March 6. It was originally released in a limited quantity on Mono vs. Stereo last year, but Asthmatic Kitty took over the wide-release for the album." Read the full preview on Paste.

Self-Titled Introduces Gabriel and the Hounds' "The World Unfolds"

"Takka Takka’s Gabriel Levine releases his solo debut, Kiss Full of Teeth, on February 27th through Ernest Jenning. The folk-tinged record features members of the National and other Brooklynites who’ve played with Beirut, Sufjan Stevens and Bj√∂rk." Give the track a listen for yourself on Self-Titled.

Impose Magazine Gives The Pharmacy's "Dig Your Grave" A Listen

"The first two songs from the EP are pure sunny garage rock with quite a bit of energy as well. The b-side consists of an earlier demo and an acoustic song from the band's time in New Orleans. It is of the less rambunctious variety, making it akin to whichever side of a yin yang symbol is black." Listen now on Impose.

Tiny Mix Tapes ponders Jad Fair's Birdhouse

So Jad Fair — a founding member of the off-kilter punk group Half Japanese — has been around the block a time or two. You know, collaborating with the likes of Teenage Fanclub, Yo La Tengo, Sonic Youth, Daniel Johnston, Mo Tucker, and John Zorn. No big deal. French artist Hifiklub and Germany’s kptmichigan have done their fair share of cool collaborations as well, including projects with Lee Ranaldo, Andrew W.K., and R. Stevie Moore. Recently, Jad Fair, Hifiklub, and kptmichigan all got together and recorded some music for Fair’s art exhibition at Le Dojo in Nice, France, and guess what — now they’re releasing a joint LP called Bird House.

Read the rest and listen to "Let's Win" HERE.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Self-Titled Magazine Catches Up With The Pharmacy

"A bit of classically inspired piano here, a cello melody there…it’s like they’ve matured or something. The growth in the band’s ambition suits them well—see also: their Stoned & Alone LP, due out later this year through Park the Van—as they make sure the focus remains on Scottie Yoder’s infectious vocal whine and the fuzzy interplay between the rhythm section." Read up on The Pharmacy and watch their video for "WAYDWYL" on Self-titled magazine here.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Since forming a few years ago, Vancouver, BC's Petunia And The Vipers have made five trips down the West Coast--and they're thrilled to be doing it again! The band just released their s/t record on vinyl & CD in addition to a limited-edition 45, and they also had a video come out last spring: directed by Morgan Carrier, it aired many times on Bravo Television. It's a stop-motion/live action tale built on the narrative of "Cold Heart Breaker."

02.07.12 - Cottage Grove, OR @ The Axe and Fiddle
02.08.12 - Philipsville, CA @ The Riverwood Inn
02.12.12 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Redwood Bar
02.13.12 - Burbank, CA @ Joe's American Bar
02.14.12 - Burbank, CA @ Joe's American Bar
02.15.12 - Fullerton, CA @ Big's Grill
02.16.12 - San Diego, CA @ The Shakedown
02.17.12 - Santa Monica, CA @ Harvelle's
02.18.12 - Oakland, CA @ The Vitus
02.20.12 - Santa Cruz, CA @ The Crepe Place
02.21.12 - Santa Cruz, CA @ The Crepe Place
02.22.12 - Zigzag, OR @ The Skyway Bar & Grill
02.23.12 - Eugene, OR @ Sam Bond's
02.24.12 - Portland, OR @ The Spare Room
02.25.12 - Bellingham, WA @ The Green Frog

Watch The Premiere Of Buried Beds' "Small Stories" Trailer On The Key

"As we mentioned last week, the members of Buried Beds are releasing a short film of live performances and a companion EP calledSmall Stories. This past summer, on July 18th, the band set up shop at the Lemon Hill Mansion in Fairmount Park and spent a day recording new songs, taking bike rides, playing in the park, and ending the day with a party." Watch the trailer now over at The Key.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The A.V. Club Gets Fresh With Tasseomancy's "Ulalume"

"The group’s core members, sisters Sari and Romy Lightman, also spend time providing occasional backup vocals for the synth-pop outfit Austra, but Ulalume couldn’t be farther from the future; as if fueled by opium, occultism, and sheer awe in the face of unknowable forces, the album’s sparse, pale folk forms a ghostly afterimage." Read The A.V. Club's entire write up right here!

Blurt Magazine is excited about Jad Fair's Bird House! And we are too!

Half Japanese founder (and collaborator to everyone from Sonic Youth and Yo La Tengo to Teenage Fanclub and Daniel Johnston) Jad Fair's upcoming album, Bird House, is out on January 24th on Joyful Noise Recordings. For it, he teamed up with prolific French artist Hifiklub and Germany's kptmichigan. Unlike the traditionally simple, playful style of Half Japanese the new LP, features hypnotic, fluid musicianship alongside Jad Fair's psychologically imbalanced vocal style. Originally recorded for Jad Fair's art exhibition at Le Dojo - Nice in France, this record exemplifies Fair's signature childhood naivety alongside Hifiklub and kptmichigan's ethereal, jazz-leaning experimental indie rock.

Read the rest HERE.

Listen to The Premiere of Dana Falconberry's “Petoskey Stone” On MTVHive

"Falconberry, who in the past tended to keep things on the sparse side, branches out into an orchestral-folk arrangement, complimenting the high pitch that lines her voice with strings and harps. It’s a reflective, yet whimsical song, the way one should be when waxing on days spent discovering these little Lake Michigan gems." Visit MTV to listen to Falconberry's lovely new track.