Monday, September 29, 2008

BarackRock Obama Benefit with SuperStar LineUp Oct 7

Andrew Bird / Eugene Mirman / The Fiery Furnaces / Kumail Nanjiani / Alina Simone / Heather Lawless / Guster / Lizz Winstead / Martin Bisi / John Roberts / Adira Amram /Les Savy Fav Acoustic Spectacular / Josh Hamilton reading George Saunders' New Yorker piece on Sarah Palin / Special Secret Musical Guests (order of appearance tba) ALL PROCEEDS GO TO THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN! There'll be the Stage for Change, where 7 Musical Acts and 7 Speaking Acts will be Hyping the Hope. There'll be the Obama Room where you can watch the debate, register to vote, and sign up for Specific Volunteer Actions! (Volunteer! Volunteer!) Let's make these last days count! Buy Tickets at the Mercury Lounge or MHOW Box Office or Online Here

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Eric Elbogen & Co. will be on Fearless Radio today, and you can not only listen to the show, but you can call in or IM with the band! Here are the details:

To listen: - choose Listen Live Stream

Call Say Hi in the studio:  312/224-8273

IM us during the show:  fearlessradio00 on AIM & Yahoo; fearlessradio on MSN.


Monday, September 22, 2008


Good Old War's oustanding video for "Coney Island" awaits your vote, America! Good Old War's gorgeous, brand new album 'Only Way To Be Alone' includes the ever-catchy single "Coney Island" and their video is featured on MTVu Freshmen this week. Thousands of you sang along to this song every single night of their recent tour and now you can vote for Good Old War and to get their video kicked into rotation on MTVu. Consider it good practice for November. Now get out there and VOTE!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


We're elated to let you in, from now on, on the raddest news from not one, not two, but THREE new clients: Starflyer 59, Fences, and Intimidnation! Here's the preliminary scoop:
Starflyer 59's new album, "Dial M", comes out on 10/28 on Tooth and Nail. Somber, yet reflective, mournful, yet hopeful, this is prolific and incredible songwriter Jason Martin at his sleeve-wearing finest. Feeling speaks first here above all else, but just don’t expect him to trade songwriting or sonic surprise for sentiment. And there is more than one dose of the unexpected here: instead of any sense of drive to the guitar sounds, SF59 goes the
opposite direction, which proves to be a wondrous decision; Mr. M. and company (the title refers to him, fyi) rely heavily on assorted analog keys and synths, with a sprinkling of acoustic guitar. There are even tracks without any guitar at all.

Seattle's Fences release their debut, "The Ultimate Puke EP", on October 2nd, and are playing a show at Seattle's Chop Suey on that day to launch everything into the stratosphere. It is a hauntingly beautiful thing, expertly and effortlessly written. Conjured and recorded in Chris Mansfield’s (Mansfield was a student of jazz at the Berklee College of Music when he met his roommate, who played acoustic guitar and wrote terribly sad songs.  Inspired by John’s musical musings, Chris sold his upright bass for $5,000, used some of that money to buy an acoustic guitar, then spent the next year wrestling his personal demons.) apartment, each song is plaintive and soulfully raw in the way the best spontaneous songs are—they’re melodies with immediacy and urgency. 

Plush company Intimidnation is the brainchild of artist Laura Granlund, whose incredible plush creations, illustrations and paintings will blow your mind with their cuteness. Her flagship creation is a tremendous little guy named Mr. Beardsley--Mr. Beardsley slightly resembles a monkey, wears different disguises, and has a removable beard. HE HAS A REMOVABLE BEARD. Laura is showing new pieces in San Francisco's Gallery 1988, as part of "Monster Art Rally", a monster-themed plush and custom vinyl show that runs October 10 - November 1, 2008. The opening reception for the show is on Friday, October 10th from 7-10PM. She's also featured in Seattle's "Plush You!" show this fall--more on that soon!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hot on the heels of their gigantic, sold out US tour and big release day for their amazing debut lp 'Only Way To Be Alone', Good Old War are making their television debut this week. Be sure to tune in as the Good Old War gents play Last Call With Carson Daly tomorrow night! They will be accompanying featured guest Anthony Green on two songs. Anthony Green appears on Good Old War's lp and is featured on the track "Weak Man" which you can here here "Weak Man" 'Only Way To Be Alone' is available today on Sargent House and they have announced a handful of October shows - GOOD OLD WAR check it!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


SEPTEMBER 14TH, 2008, PORTLAND, OR: Mr. Dave Depper of Portland, Oregon and Ms. Joan Hiller, formerly and recently of Seattle, WA are beyond psyched and proud to announce their engagement to be married to family, friends and the entire universe at large on this very eve. At approximately 6:09 PM on Saturday, September 13th, 2008, in the midst of a beautifully arduously steep, mossy, pebbly and magical hike in Portland’s gorgeous Forest Park, and following many gaspy laughs and hi-fives regarding a number of playfully hypothetical wedding-related quips quipped by the two, the couple stopped dead in their tracks, faced face-to-face, and both silently thought, whilst smiling widely at the other, “Oh, shit! Is this…..?”

Of course, it was indeed the moment of the querying of the question. Mr. Depper, man of all men that he is, did the wise and tremendous thing and asked Ms. Hiller, both smiling ear-to-ear, “Should I be crazy right now? I mean, should I do something crazy?”, to which Ms. Hiller applied, “Dude, yes?!?!”. After gape-mouth, pie-eyed smiling and additional generalized freakout seriousness, Mr. Depper held Ms. Hiller, got on his knees, looked her square in her brown eyes from his, and proposed a proposal: “Joan Hiller, I love you. Will you marry me?” Ms. Hiller, who knew as well as Mr. Depper did that the answer would be “yes”, said, “YES” and fell to her knees, after which the newly-engaged couple made out joyously and with a tremendously ecstatic fervor for a good minute or few until a mid-sized herd of soccer moms, newborns in tow, came upon them. Said soccer moms clapped, took photos, and ooooohed and ahhhhhed in unison while Mr. Depper yelled, thumbs up and fake drawl activated, “I got me one!”

And thusly, both he and Ms. Hiller had indeed gotten themselves one. Or, two. Whichever way you count it. As the sun set on the horizon above Mt. Hood, Ms. Hiller and Mr. Depper continued on their hike until they found themselves in front of one of the fanciest restaurants in all of Portland, wearing their hiking clothing. The underwhelmed waitress asked if the couple could be helped, and Mr. Depper exclaimed, “We just got engaged, and we want a drink!”,and the two were promptly seated and gifted with fine, free champagne and a really fancy chocolate torte dessert, also on the house. It was delicious to them, and they don’t even like chocolate. They also enjoyed oysters on the half shell with a vinaigrette reduction. Afterwards, they retreated home to change, then ate engagement nachos at Dot’s, which is a fine place at which to have such a thing. Since, they have been blowing peoples’ minds by screaming news of their upcoming wedding and inspiring the uninspirable with the immense, irrepressible, irreversibly incredible nature of their love, which shall bloom forever as the mae-shoo blossoms bloom on the eves of the days of their birth, yearly, into eternity.

Speaking of days of birth, Mr. Depper and Ms. Hiller have set their wedding date as September 8th, 2009---that is Ms. Hiller’s 30th birthday, on the dot (which, if you’ll remember from earlier, is where the engagement nachos came from.) Between now and then, the couple will rent their first home together, go on a vacation to Oahu, do publicity for several amazing bands and comedians as well as paint and write about food and think about how incredibly lucky she is on the one end, and go on tour with Loch Lomond, Norfolk & Western and Jolie Holland while birthing into the world two of the most incredible albums either PDX band hath ever produced, as well as think about how incredibly lucky he is on the other end. The wedding will probably be in the morning and involve a brunch trench, several bands and a goodly amount of bacon, karaoke and mint gum.


Thursday, September 11, 2008


The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival is a celebration of the comedians that Eugene Mirman enjoys who happen to be available from 9/25 – 9/28. The Brooklyn-based festival, which is the first event on American soil to be both completely ironic while absolutely sincere, will finally blur the line between art and entertainment. Sponsored by Sub Pop Records and The Onion and produced by Julie Smith and Eugene Mirman, the festival will blah blah blah blah blah blah. Some of the comedians performing include: Eugene Mirman, Michael Showalter, The Sklar Brothers, John Oliver, John Mulaney, Mike Birbiglia, Greg Johnson, Larry Murphy, Kumail Nanjiani, ChelseaPeretti, AndreaRosen, HeatherLawless, RonLynch, Fred Armisen, Jon Benjamin, Shonali Bhomik, Todd Barry, Morgan Murphy, Tig Notaro, Bobby Tisdale, Seth Herzog,
Dave Hill, Andy Blitz, Katty Biscone, David Wain, Craig Baldo, Hannibal Buress, Leo Allen, Matt Price, Patrick Borelli, John Roberts, Janeane Garofalo and special guests.


Sep 25 - 8:00pm - The Bell House (Opening Night Awards Gala) 
Sep 26 - 9:00pm - The Bell House (Invite Them Up) 
Sep 26 - 5:30pm - Union Hall (Eugene Mirman's Fresh Faces of Comedy) 
Sep 26 - 7:00pm - Union Hall (One of Each) 
Sep 27 - 2:00pm - The Bell House (Apartment 2F Reunion) 
Sep 27 - 9:00pm - The Bell House (The Very Best Supporting Television Cast Members Live) 
Sep 27 - 5:30pm - Union Hall (Jon Benjamin Presents the Failed Pilots of Sam Seder) 
Sep 27 - 7:00pm - Union Hall (Eugene Mirman's Fresh Faces of Comedy) 
Sep 28 - 6:00pm - The Bell House (The Shac) 
Sep 28 - 9:00pm - The Bell House (Tearing The Veil of Maya, Closing Ceremonies)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


#1 in Books > Entertainment > Music > Musical Genres > Contemporary Christian
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.....HOLY SHIT, RIGHT!!?!?!? (Pun, of course, intended.)


Go to Daytrotter today to listen to the riveting session Alina recorded for them earlier this summer!! The session features songs from Alina's acclaimed new album 'Everyone Is Crying Out To Me, Beware' as well as a number from her debut lp 'Placelessness' and a track which will be on her forthcoming full length. Alina Simone past, present, future...
Alina Simone Daytrotter Session

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Greetings and Salutations, friends and compatriots! It's September (where did the summer go??), and as per always, we've got tons of news to report from across the roster, detailed below. Plus, we'd love to introduce our newest roster additions, Polite Sleeper, The Seabellies and boutique plush company Intimidnation! Check the Riot Act Blog for even more news--and please note that the Seattle office has now moved to Portland, Oregon!

Those Philly gents in GOOD OLD WAR continue their trek across the States selling out shows all over the place. 'Only Way To Be Alone' debuted in the top 75 in digital sales, the video for the album's first single "Coney Island" is hitting MTV2, MTVu and FUSE. Not to get ahead of ourselves, but last week they shot a video for "Weak Man" which features friend/fan/ tourmate Anthony Green on the record and in the video. You can pick up a copy of 'Only Way To Be Alone' at the show, online, and after Sept 16 you can pick it up in indie stores. Contact sheila [at]

Good news, West Coast! ALINA SIMONE is heading your way next month! Rest of the world, the gorgeous vinyl version of 'Everyone Is Crying Out To Me, Beware' will be available Sept 19 via Austin based label Topple Records. Adorned with stunning original artwork by Vladimir Zimakov with gatefold and includes bonus track not found on the cd. Also, look for her Daytrotter session on Sept. 9th! Contact sheila [at]

Seattle's AT THE SPINE are working hard, gearing up for their CD release show for 'Vita' on October 10th at the Sunset in Seattle! The band's headlining the Reverb Fest, and is prepping for a string of dates later this fall. 'Vita', out on Global Seepej, documents singer Mike Toschi's time living and teaching in Europe, where he was assaulted by five males and felt the burden of being an American abroad during the Bush administration. Contact joan [at]

ALL GIRL SUMMER FUN BAND's 'Looking Into It' comes out on September 23rd, and boy, have they been getting the love! This is the band's first self-released full-length (it's self-recorded, too!), as well as their most ambitious and, dare we say, lyrically darker record. Still full of AGSFB jams at their rawest, 'Looking Into It' deals with themes of greed, death, getting fired, relationship dynamics and new love. Contact joan [at]

BRIGHTON, MA is a band from Chicago led by the magnificent songwriting of Matt Kerstein. They have a record release show happening at The Metro on Oct 11 and a debut lp called 'Amateur Lovers' hitting shelves on Oct 28. Check our tour page for all their dates which includes a stop at CMJ. In the meantime, you'll hear their music on the upcoming Limewire Chicago sampler and if you are an IGO car driver, you'll hear Brighton MA in their stereos alongside Neko Case and Wilco. Contact sheila [at]

We are psyched to work with POLITE SLEEPER, a post-folk mess with a live reputation that shakes like Elvis. From folk to country and the proud scars of punk, the band turns soft lullabies and the occasional sing-a-long into a spectacle no one ever expects from an acoustic trio.

Imagine if John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats fronted Xiu Xiu. Imagine if your next pub fight came with three-part harmonies and jazz precision. It's what happens when a bedroom side-project from former punks develops on the road and in the moment in classic DIY fashion. And with only a keyboard, banjo and pedal steel to round out each record, the Brooklyn-based trio fills up the space with personality alone. It's authentic and honest, emotional and fun. The band has spent most of their touring lives in Europe, but look for them here soon. We'll keep you posted. Contact joan [at]

Portland's Musée Mécanique -not to be confused with SF's Musee Mecanique which is not a band- are also looking to the Fall as they map out shows in support of their gorgeous debut lp 'Hold This Ghost' including a record release show Sept 25 @ Holoscene. Early reviews are in and there is a lot of love out there for Musee! The lp drops next month, watch this space for tour dates! Contact sheila [at]

THE INTERIORS just can't stop! They didn't let a thing like a bit of a missing finger stop 'em the day after they signed up to release their LP, and they sure aren't going to stop rockin' like there is no tomorrow! They joined fellow Chicagoans BRIGHTON, MA and Matt & Kim on a bill earlier this month and Rolling Stone was there to capture all of its furious glory. The Interiors are heading back out on tour and you need to go see them and then let us know how only three people can fill a stage with so much sound! Contact sheila [at]

GROK is a band from London with no songs. Every time they perform, they hit the stage with no ideas except for a list of images and the Wheel of Chordal Destiny (no joke, an audience or band member spins said wheel, which determines the key the song is to be played in.) It is risky and there is the potential for it to all go badly wrong, but that is part of the fun, creating something on the spur of the moment. They have an amazing record, also all recorded off the cuff, called "Ruined Music For Everyone", and they are coming to the States soon, look out for dates. Contact joan [at]

On tour now in support of the amazing, just-released-in-the-US lp 'Expatriate', THE COAST continue to tear it up onstage on the radio where they are charting in the Top Ten across the States! But it's not all business for this Toronto band who were named by MTV as Canada's Best Kept Secret. Just ask them about playing Rock Band til the wee hours in a hotel parking lot in Des Moines, finding out what mayhem lurks in Denver around the DNC, or hitting the casinos in Vegas with their hard earned per diems. The Coast will continue touring all Fall including CMJ and Europe. Contact sheila [at]

MAPS AND ATLASES continue to tour their behinds off in support of their new EP, "You And Me And The Mountain"; they're going out on their very own headlining tour with labelmates NURSES that kicks off with two shows (early and late, same night) at Schuba's in Chicago on September 6th. After that tour, they're heading to Europe to tour with Foals! See 'em now! Contact joan [at]

LA folks are psyched, because LOVE YOU MOON, aka Matt Embree of The Sound of Animals Fighting and RX Bandits, has a rad in-store scheduled for September 10th at Fingerprints. The band's debut, 'Waxwane', is out September 9th on Sargent House, and it's dubby, sociopolitically informed, and stripped-down to just Matt and his guitar. Contact joan [at]

SAY HI is going on tour in further support of "The Wishes And The Glitch", and you do not not not want to miss 'em if they're anywhere near you. Eric Elbogen jumps up and down when they play now, and you will, too. Check the tour page, as dates keep getting added! Contact joan [at]

MISS TK AND THE REVENGE are set to play some shows in the northeastern US in support of their "No Biterz" single; they'll be rippin' up the stage wherever they go, so stay tuned! Also, listen for the band's music on ABC's Samurai Girl September 5th. Contact joan [at]

Astounding Jajaguwar artists WOMEN are getting ready for the release of their eponymous debut, out October 7th. The band's debut was recorded by Sub Pop and Flemish Eye artist Chad VanGaalen over four months on ghettoblasters and old tape machines in his basement, an outdoor culvert and a crawlspace, and it is mindblowing. Tour news soon! Contact joan [at]

New band alert!! The Seabellies are planning to hit US shores in October so take note! This New South Wales six piece has been burning up stages across Australia and are looking forward to bringing their Scandinavian stylings to CMJ and beyond. You are destined to hear more from The Seabellies once they are Stateside, but for a head start on this sensational group, head here! Contact sheila [at]

Awesome boutique plush company alert!! Intimidnation, founded by Chicago-based plush artist Laura Granlund, is the vehicle through which Granlund has introduced her main creation, an adorably hirsute creature named Mr. Beardsley, amongst others. You may have recently seen her dolls of Portland band The Thermals featured on Pitchfork, or her Dinosaur, Jr. Dinosaur's adventures elsewhere on the interwebs. We're psyched to spread the word, and about her show at Schmancy in Seattle on October 10th! Contact joan [at]

Much Love, Joan & Sheila