Monday, October 31, 2011

Nylon Has A Band Crush On Robin Bacior And We Don't Blame Them

"Rest Our Wings, out tomorrow, is filled with a carefully woven folk sound and tender vocals, showing that sometimes a quiet power is all you really need. Case in point: her first single, "Ohio." The nostalgic track starts slowly with a cello solo but quickly transforms into a fluttery, beautifully drawn-out chaos with sweeping melodies and lyrics like "There are times I get uneasy in the lamplight." Download the track and read the whole thing on Nylon.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Zoe Boekbinder's "Make a Mess" is track of the week on KRUI

“Zoe was born somewhere, sometime, and there are some interesting things to say about her.” Or so her goes the curt biography on her Facebook fan page.

Whether or not there are any interesting things to say about Zoe Boekbinder, Zoe Boekbinder definitely has some interesting things to say.

This autumn, Boekbinder released her second full-length album, Darling Specimens. It’s a collection of doe-eyed songs that are full of heartbreak and the songstress’s glowing, old soul vocals. (Some of the songs are even backed by beats from Iowa native Philip Rabalais, who makes up one half of the electro-dance duo Utopia Park.)

Give “Make a Mess,” the first track on Darling Specimens, a spin, and don’t look back.

Listen to the track HERE.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Robin Bacior’s Video "Ohio" Premieres on CMJ

Watch Bacior's video below or head over to CMJ for all the details on how it was made.

ROBIN BACIOR | Ohio from Earth vs Space on Vimeo.

Download The Latest Mannequin Men Single "Flying Blind" On RCRD LBL

"Chicago rockers Mannequin Men are about to release their fourth album, a self-titled follow-up to 2009’s Lose Your Illusion, Too, via Addenda Records. The quartet recorded most of the set live – a fact that adds a raucous, spontaneous feeling to the tracks. “Flying Blind,” a bluesy rock number, brings a stomping barroom sensibility with grungy guitars and howling vocals. All you need to complete it is a beer." Listen to the track "Flying Blind" and download it now on RCRD LBL.

All Songs Considered Premieres The Pack a.d.'s New Video "Haunt You"

Read the full post over on NPR's All Songs Considered here.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Street Eaters Interviewed on Pop Matters!

"Our self-imposed equipment limitations, which have remained basically the same since we started, have always left a certain amount of sonic space open. To fill it, we use things like cascading vocal harmonies, open bass strings, layered distortion, and melodic tom tom-centered drum parts. I’ve only played bass in one band before [Harbinger], and that was a long time ago, so since I really wasn’t much of a bass player before this band, my entire style has been developed in response to our particular sonics." Read on for the full interview with Street Eaters on Pop Matters.

Brooklyn Paper Previews Sufjan Stevens and Ray Raposa's Live Score For Beyond This Place

"The perfectly paced score — which Stevens and Raposa wrote and recorded over the course of one week in Stevens’s waterfront recording studio last year — rests against “Beyond This Place” filmmaker Kaleo La Belle’s portrait of his own turbulent relationship with his father. The film, written, photographed and directed by La Belle, documents his attempt to reconnect with his estranged hippie dad — a lightly toasted free spirit who abandoned his family to ride bikes and make hallucinogenic drugs — by embarking on a 500-mile bicycle trip from Portland, Oregon to Mount St. Helens with him." Check out Brooklyn Paper's full write up on Beyond This Place.

Impose Magazine Talks With Jennifer Charles of Elysian Fields

"Since 1995, Charles and Oren Bloedow have been making music together as Elysian Fields, and their work has served as an exploration of Charles’ deepest passions. The daughter of a singer and a jazz disc jockey, Charles was exposed to music at a very young age. Her earliest musical obsessions were fostered by hit parade classics of the 1920s, 30s and 40s, and her parents, whom she refers to as “great music listeners and lovers.” Her exposure to classic songstresses like Lena Horne and Peggy Lee sparked her creativity, and she spent many nights next to a portable radio anxiously anticipating the latest hits." Read the complete interview with Jennifer Charles on Impose Magazine.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Vinyl District Talks With Ray Raposa About His Collaboration For "Beyond This Place"

"I hadn’t seen the film yet, and Sufjan hadn’t either. But Kaleo flew out there from Switzerland, and I flew out from Portland. The first session that we did was about a week at Sufjan’s studio in Dumbo, which is a part of Brooklyn there. And we watched the film a couple times. We did it sort of piece by piece. And I think for every section of music that ended up getting used in the film, there’s probably about five or six alternate takes or alternate approaches because Kaleo was trying to communicate as a filmmaker what he wanted out of us. And we’re both capable enough guys that we can give him different things." Read the complete interview with Raposa on The Vinyl District.

Mannequin Men Remind Paste Magazine How Fun Rock Can Be With Their Latest

"On their latest self-titled LP, the gents in Mannequin Men dish it out again, with some surprises. Opener “Don’t Grow” sets the tone, a mid-tempo song drenched in a wash of fuzzy guitar, penetrated by guitarist/vocalist Kevin Richard’s lazy, Frank Black caterwaul. “Enough” employs more jangle, less fuzz, but retains the band’s ever-present guitar melody." Read Paste Magazine's complete review of Mannequin Men's new full-length.

Everett True spends some time with Tunabunny's new album for Collapse Board

Seems to me that most music reviewing is simply down to taking a stance and then justifying it.

1. It’s pretentious
“Topics considered include the subversive nature of toys, the desolation of the family, the ungenuinness of being genuine, the decay of conversation, the rise of occultism, and the history of tact” – Minima Moralia (a 1951 text in Critical Theory by Theodor W. Adorno)

Who wants to know about that? I have ‘Boxerbeat’ by JoBoxers on my iTunes. That’s good simple, well-crafted music. It ain’t going to confuse shit out of anyone, lest it to be to ask why that meandering piano instrumental section in the middle goes on for so long. It begins, it middles, it ends. It’s slightly above average Joe Jackson. Joe Jackson looked sharp. He knew how to crease his trousers. Not for him the sprawling wailing catatonia of ‘Hurry Up’, the opening track of Athens GA band Tunabunny’s second album Minima Moralia. He knew when to cross the road and when to stay put. He did not simulate breathless orgasm. Cymbals did not crash wantonly in his songs. Guitars did not jar. He did not run out of steam only to take big gasping gulps of air and start all over again. One track did not fall into another, or even want to. Unless it did. He fucking rocked but he did not confuse his rock, no sirree. And what went triple for Joe went quadruple for his cloth-capped soul fans, JoBoxers. Damn straight.

2. It’s not Coldplay
Fuck, what is wrong with these bands not wanting to be Coldplay – or even (better) being Coldplay. Imagine that: being Coldplay. Wouldn’t your life be one heady gig of waiting in departure lounges and never taking off? Tunabunny. Will. Not. Make. Money. They. Are Not. Serious. Artists. Not In. That. Respect. (Of Bring Boring). They cause me to type with too much punctuation. They think that faking it is not good. How is faking it not good? Poor Thom. They make my trauma hair (the hair that is no long there) whirl around and slap the air like a Jammy Dodger in a six-year-old’s mouth. Where are the structures? THE CENTRE WILL IMPLODE. These bands, they need to learn respect. They should not look to feline behaviour. Feline is not structure. They should all be like Coldplay, good solid wet-eyed dogs.

Read the rest HERE.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

John Heart Jackie perform "When You Were Mine" @ Velour in Utah

Check out this dreamy video of John Heart Jackie playing their cover of Prince's "When You Were Mine" at Velour in Utah.
And don't forget to catch them play their very last show of their tour at Coulmbia City Theater in Seattle tonight!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's a Tunabunny CMJ sweep! Brooklyn Vegan picks them for a must see at CMJ.

My other call-out pick for Thursday night is Tunabunny who are from Athens, Georgia and play Bruar Falls at 11PM. Yes, the name is kind of horrible but give them a listen, it's well worth your time. The quartet have a ramshackle, dissonant sound that is a little early '80s (Raincoats, Pastels) and a little early '90s (Helium, first album Breeders, Scrawl) but there are some quality pop hooks amongst the calamity. The band just released their second album, Minima Moralia, on the Happy Birthday to Me label. It's good!

The Bruar Falls show is a HBTM showcase that also features Red Pony Clock, Eureka California, Flash to Bang Time, Afternoon Naps and Fishboy. Tunabunny also play the Ace Hotel on Sunday night (10/23) for those who need one more night of rock music.

Read the whole article HERE.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Owl Mag interviewed Zoe Boekbinder!

It’s a rare occasion when the stars align perfectly to set the stage for a fortuitous encounter. In our unrelenting efforts to feature the latest and greatest music for your listening pleasure, we at The Owl Mag regularly bring you Freeloader Fridays. On one particular Friday, we featured “Bakery,” a song by Oakland-based singer/songwriter Zoe Boekbinder. While attending a show for another Bay Area-based band the following night, The Owl Mag just-so-happened to coincidentally catch Zoe’s opening set. Boy, are we glad we did.

Read the interview HERE.

The Big Takeover thinks Tunabunny has "IT"

Back in the olden days of The Industry, managers, agents, and A&R reps all referred to the mystical concept of “it.” Does the band have “it?” Do they want “it?” The “it” could not be defined, but it could be recognized. This vague and mysterious concept comes into play when talking about Athens, Georgia’s Tunabunny. Sure, the Athens scene has produced a number of quirky, cutie-pie indie-pop bands, ones that relied on charm and cuteness more than talent. But there’s definitely something different about Tunabunny. There’s a magic in the rickety rhythms, the creaky vocalist, and the off-beat, “are they or aren’t they in time” melodies. The vocal duties are split between Brigette Herron and Mary Jane Hassell, and between the both of them, they recall many of the best vocalists from the last thirty years. That they’ve been garnering a ton of positive press for their album Minima Moraliaisn’t surprising, but yet, on second thought, it kind of is.


More love for Tunabunny on NPR!

4. Tunabunny

Shambolic and skronky, sounding just a measure away from falling apart at all times (in a good way).

Read the full article HERE.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Garret Pierce's "Everybody Breaks" EP is out today on Narnack Records!

Download and share "Everybody Breaks" from Garrett Pierce's upcoming EP of the same name -

Early Press for Everybody Breaks:
"Check out the Bay Area songwriter's Bill Callahan and Leonard Cohen-esque tune... Everybody Breaks" Under The Radar

"Bay-Area songwriter Garrett Pierce has quite the talent for placing the universal beside the personal. In fact, his lyrics sometimes blur, if not destroy, the line that separates us from everyone else." Buzz Bands LA

"When he sings, "this is not my very last ride, it just passes time" the sting is felt like the sharp bite of whiskey that for him breaking down is part of the routine." Impose Magazine

"Raking through the plethora of singer-songwriters to find those worth listening to can feel a lot like drowning in faux earnest, over-emoted tears, which is why it's always extra pleasant to find one like Garrett Pierce. Someone who understands real folk shouldn't blandly wash around in the background, but affect you in a deep, earthy way "without knowing quite why." The 4O5

"Garrett Pierce (“Everybody Breaks”) is one of our favorite singer-songwriters" The Bay Bridged

Tour Dates:
10.20.11 - Los Angeles, CA @ Echoplex for the LA Folk Festival's 2nd Annual Evening of Murder Ballads
10.21.11 - Sacramento, CA @ Bows & Arrows
10.25.11 - San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern - EP Release Party!

Monday, October 17, 2011

SSG Music premieres a brand new song and video by John Heart Jackie

Portland duo John Heart Jackie are currently on tour. On one of their stops, they shared a brand new song, “Mary Anne,” with the music loving collective Behind the Eyelids. John Heart Jackie prides themselves on their gentle approach to music that can be appreciated no matter which genres one is into. A bit on the melodramatic side, “Mary Anne” serves as the perfect companion for listeners who need a few minutes to think while they take in the air. Check it out. If you like it, share it with your friends.

John Heart Jackie will be at Seattle’s Columbia City Theater on October 23rd.

Watch the video HERE.

NPR's streaming guide to CMJ - featuring TUNABUNNY, THE LOOM, and SEA OF BEES!

October 14, 2011

As if New York City isn't overwhelming enough for the live music fan, imagine it during CMJ's Music Marathon, when more than 900 bands play throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn over the course of five days. Stressful.

The long list of unfamiliar acts can be intimidating. Should you catch Dinosaur Feathers, Dinosaur Bones or Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs? Never fear. We've got your back. NPR Music askedKEXP in Seattle and the best college music directors in America to be your guide through the concrete jungle that is CMJ.

With their help, CMJ's Music Marathon was reduced from a daunting labyrinth to ... well, something like one of those corn mazes people do around Halloween. Together, we put together a mix of artists you should check out, and we'll soon post a handy schedule of when and where they're playing. Enjoy — and don't stress.

Your Curators:

Artists In This Mix

1, 2, 3 • 400 Blows • Acid Baby Jesus • Action Bronson • Active Child • AIDS Wolf • Alina Simone • Amen Dunes • Army Navy • Bag Raiders • Balkans • The Barr Brothers • The Barreracudas • Beat Connection • Bleached • Bleeding Knees Club • Blues Control • Braids • Capybara • Cerebral Ballzy • Crocodiles • Cuckoo Chaos • D├ívila 666 • Death • Dominique Leone • Doomsday Student • Dum Dum Girls • Ed Askew • Ed Schrader's Music Beat • Eleanor Friedberger • Elk City • EMA • Fidlar • Frankie Rose & The Outs • Gang Gang Dance • Gary Clark Jr. • Geographer • Grand Pianoramax • The Great Book of John • Grimes • Hallelujah The Hills • Handsome Furs • Hans Chew • Hey Marseilles • Holiday Shores • Hollerado • Home Blitz • The Hush Now • Idiot Glee • Islands • J Mascis • Jacuzzi Boys • Japanther • Jonathan Richman • Kermit Ruffins • The Loom • Matthewdavid • The Men • Mexicans With Guns • Mice Parade • Mike Birbiglia • Mitten • Mr. Dream • My Goodness • My Jerusalem • Neon Indian • Nina Nastasia • Nonhorse • Noveller • Occultation • ohnomoon • Parts & Labor • Peelander-Z • Penguin Prison • Pepper Rabbit • Pharoahe Monch • Portugal. The Man • Phychic Ills • Psychobuildings • Pterodactyl • Pujol • Purity Ring • QUILT • Radiation City • Red Pony Clock • Reptar • Robert Ellis • Royal Baths • Sea of Bees • Seabrook Power Plant • Seekae • Shenandoah Davis • Shonen Knife • The Stepkids • Suckers • Talib Kweli • Talk Normal • Talkdemonic • Tall Tall Trees • Taylor McFerrin • TunaBunny • Twin Shadow • Unicycle Loves You • Unknown Mortal Orchestra • Vaz • We Are Augustines • We Were Promised Jetpacks • Weekend • White Fence • Wh**e Paint • Wild Flag • Woodsy Pride • Yellow Ostrich • The Young Evils • Young Prisms • Zola Jesus • Zomby

Listen to it HERE.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Even the LA Times is jamming the new Mannequin Men!!

LA Times is smitten: "There's a reassuringly tattered and lived-in saunter to Mannequin Men's latest effort, due Nov. 8. Consider it the aural equivalent to the neighborhood dive bar, one that long ago learned to celebrate its everyday normality. “You should get a hobby, girl, or find somebody else to talk to,” the act declares early in the album. It can be heard as a condescending lecture to a significant other, perhaps, but the ease with which the line is delivered makes it feel more like a succinct summation of post-workday emotional exhaustion."

Pitchfork premiers the title track from Raymond Raposa and Sufjan Stevens from the OST for the film Beyond This Place!

Head over to Pitchfork to download the new single from Raymond Raposa (Castanets) and Sufjan Stevens... it's from the OST for the film Beyond This Place which screens in four cities around the country with a live performance of the soundtrack by Raposa and Stevens.

Collapse Board premiers Street Eaters "Secret Punk and Basement Pop" Mixtape

From Everett True: "You don’t get offered the real good stuff very often. A rad free mixtape of MP3s from basement pop bands that don’t usually trade in the currency, compiled from tapes and vinyl-only releases by Bay Area band Street Eaters. Scratchy, wired, beautiful. Brutal. Vulnerable. Passionate. Full of names that you might not be familiar with right now, but you sure as Bangs will be once you’ve download this mixtape. No shit."Read the rest and get the mix at Collapse Board
Tunabunny is listed as one of the Top 10 Bands to Watch at CMJ.
Get the full scoop HERE.

Abandoned couches reviews Tunabunny at Athens Popfest

"it’s no shame to say I’m now crushing on Tunabunny, because the Athens foursome brought back a style of music I thought had been gone forever."

Read the rest HERE.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Pack a.d.'s "Unpersons" Reviewed On Pop Matters

"Singer/guitarist Becky Black and drummer Maya Miller of Canadian duo the Pack A.D. manage to, uh, pack a lot of meaning into the title of their fourth full-length, Unpersons. In the broadest sense, they subsume their identities for the great glory of being in a kickass band, and in the process place themselves in the pantheon of messy garage punk ‘n’ blues ‘n’ roll." Visit Pop Matters now for the complete review of "Unpersons," and just in case you missed it last time around, their latest video "Take" is up there as well!

The Loom Announce An October - November Tour In Support Of Their Debut LP "Teeth"

The Loom is hitting the road in support of their debut LP, Teeth! Out November 1st on Crossbill Records, the album sways from somber drones of distortion and lonely French horn to manic layers of trumpet, guitar fuzz, and cymbal crashes, its resonance lies in the way these contrasts conjure the idiosyncratic personal details and experiences, both immense and minute, of everyday life. Live, the band brings a kinship to the stage that results in close harmonies, rich instrumentation and sonic exploration that leaves attendees in joyful awe!

For guest list, promo copies of the record, interviews or anything at all, don't hesitate to ask.

Tour Dates:
10.20.11 - Beacon, NY @ Howland Cultural Center
10.21.11 - Manhattan, NY @ Joe's Pub - Album Release Party
10.28.11 - Providence, RI @ AS220
10.29.11 - Albany, NY @ Valentine's
10.30.11 - Montague, MA @ Montague Bookmill
10.31.11 - Waterbury, CT @ Freight St. Gallery

11.01.11 - Amherst, MA @ Hampshire College - Red Barn
11.02.11 - Boston, MA @ PA's Lounge
11.03.11 - Biddeford, ME @ The Oak + the Ax
11.04.11 - Burlington, VT @ Enter
11.05.11 - Toronto, ON @ TBA
11.06.11 - Buffalo, NY @ The Vault
11.07.11 - Rochester, NY @ Bug Jar
11.08.11 - Meadville, PA @ Allegheny College - Grounds for Change
11.09.11 - Toledo, OH @ Ottawa Tavern
11.10.11 - Milwaukee, WI @ Linneman's
11.11.11 - Chicago, IL @ Pancho's
11.12.11 - Madison, WI @ University of Wisconsin - Der Rathskeller
11.13.11 - Cincinnati, OH @ Motr Pub
11.14.11 - Indianapolis, IN @ The Melody Inn
11.15.11 - Columbus, OH @ Kafe Kerouac
11.16.11 - Charlottesville, VA @ Pink Warehouse
11.17.11 - Durham, NC @ The Pinhook
11.18.11 - Washington, DC @ Velvet Lounge
11.19.11 - College Park, MD @ University of Maryland
11.20.11 - Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie

Download and share the lead single from Teeth: "For The Hooves That Gallop, and The Heels That March"
Press photos, bio, album art, links and more at their Artist Page.
Download their Daytrotter Session.

The Vinyl District UK reviews the new Zoe Boekbinder album!

"The album is an instant classic, with great instrumentation, sharp lyrics and a beautifully judged production, which allows the songs to breathe, and this freshest of new artists to make her mark."

Read the full review HERE.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NBC San Diego loves John Heart Jackie

Read the full article HERE.

The Bay Bridged Shares Garrett Pierce's "Everybody Breaks" EP

"The Bay Bridged is pleased to share with you the latest EP from a Bay Area singer-songwriter near and dear to our hearts, Garrett Pierce. The Everybody Breaks EP is his latest batch of songs and debut release with Narnack Records." Sit back and listen to Garrett Pierce's latest EP on The Bay Bridged right now.

Impose TV Debuts Garrett Pierce's "Everbody Breaks" Video

"On the EPs title-track Pierce's delicate croon counteracts the defeatest reality of his lyrics. When he sings, "this is not my very last ride, it just passes time" the sting is felt like the sharp bite of whiskey that for him breaking down is part of the routine. To Pierce a breakdown is always around the corner, much like the possibility of an afternoon treasure hunt after morning short-n-tall at the bar." Watch the video for Garrett Pierce's "Everybody Breaks" below or accompanied by the full article on Impose TV.

Monday, October 10, 2011

John Heart Jackie cover "When You Were Mine"

Listen to it HERE.

Vigilante Vigilante opening THIS FRIDAY!

Hi there! We're honored to be working with "Vigilante, Vigilante: The Battle For Expression", an incredible new documentary shot largely in Portland from director Max Good--the film's Portland premiere is happening this Friday (details below), but whether you're in Portland or not, I'd love for you to know about the film.

Friday, October 14th:
Come watch this amazing new film and enjoy the after party at Dot's, sponsored by Breeze Block Gallery!
Clinton St. Theatre, after party at Dot's Cafe.
2522 SE Clinton St.
MOVIE at 7PM, AFTER PARTY at 9pm @ Dot's across the street from the theater (21+)


A new breed of crime-fighter now stalks the urban landscape: the anti-graffiti vigilante. These dedicated blight-warriors stop at nothing to rid their neighborhoods and cities of street art, stickers, tags, and posters--yet several of these vigilantes have become the very menace they set out to eliminate. In their relentless attempt to stamp out graffiti, they have turned to illegally and destructively painting other people’s property. VIGILANTE VIGILANTE is the story of two filmmakers who set out to expose these mysterious characters and discover a battle of expression that stretches from the streets to academia.

Epic Tunabunny review on 24 Hour Party Pooper

Read the full review HERE.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Check Out Mannequin Men's “Hobby Girl” On Loud Loop Press

The track further integrates country twang and a bit of angst into Mannequin Men’s brand of indie rock by emitting a kind of Replacements meets J. Mascis vibe. “Hobby Girl”‘s subdued punk rock urgency reaches its climax as singer Kevin Richard wails 'What’s your hobby, girl.'" While Mannequin Men's new album won't be out until November 8th, you can get a taste of what's to come on Loud Loop Press now.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Impose Magazine Gets Historic on The Loom's New Single

"Whether The Loom's intent in "For The Hooves That Gallop..." was political or not, the presence of a colonial metaphor conjures the patriotic curriculum of our fabled history. Folk music coasted on self-loathing, binge drinking and meek hearts in a decade of depression, corruption and war, as though there weren't bigge problems than your dog dying under the porch. There's no finer hour to change the conversation. Let's hope The Loom's "For The Hooves That Gallop..." is the beginning of a new discourse in folk." Listen to The Loom's "For The Hooves That Gallop, And The Heels That March" on Impose Magazine.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mannequin Men's New Track Featured As Editor's Pick On Spin

"On the song, the quartet goes hard for Replacements-esque guitar jangle, and the vocal harmonies aim for Big Star's lilting best. But the lyrics really shine, with frontman Kevin Richard suggesting a laundry list of potential hobbies that his lover might take up, so he's no longer the recipient of her anxious energy. "You could paint a picture, picture of a starry night," he sings. "'Cause when I get home, baby I don't wanna fight." Listen to their track "Hobby Girl" over on Spin Now.

Monday, October 3, 2011

SYFFAL gets weird over Zoe Boekbinder's new album

Indulge in the full experience HERE.

Performer Magazine premiere's Tunabunny's new video for "Only At Night"

Check it out directly on the Performer Magazine site HERE.

Check out Zoe Boekbinder's new video for "Make a Mess" off of her upcoming album, Darling Specimens.

And make sure to catch her at one of these shows!

10.08.11 - Seaside, CA @ Alternative Cafe (2nd CD RELEASE SHOW)
10.14.11 - Reno, NV @ Biggest Little City Club
10.15.11 - Logan, UT @ Dollhouse
10.18.11 - Denver, CO @ Mercury Cafe
10.19.11 - Denver, CO @ Thin Man
10.20.11 - Wichita, KS @ Mead's Corner
10.21.11 - Warrensburg, MO @ Historic Courthouse
10.22.11 - Fairfield, IA @ Beauty Shop
10.23.11 - Fairfield, IA @ Cafe Paradiso
10.26.11 - Chicago, IL. @ Yellow Bookstore
10.28.11 - St Louis, MO @ Off Broadway
10.29.11 - Farmington, MO @ The Vault