Tuesday, July 31, 2012


"Hungry Ghost exists comfortably outside Unwound's shadow, but Lund's intrepid timekeeping is again the game-changer, a bonanza of taut, crafty beats that reinforce that she's one of the best drummers working, and that her bands are secrets too well-kept." Read on here.


"Musician Kaia Wilson, co-founder of awesome things (Team Dresch, the Butchies, and Mr. Lady Records), can tell you a thing or two, and she does." Watch the video now over at Rookie!

Monday, July 30, 2012

LA Weekly Named The Ettes' Show One Of The Five Best Concerts in LA Last Weekend

"For while the Nashville trio gets plenty garage-y, with a penchant for pouring fuzz onto just about everything but Lindsay "Coco" Hames' wonderfully tremulous vocals, last year'sWicked Will offers more. Album opener "Teeth" is a slow-smoldering ballad built of sparse yet cinematic guitars and funereal kick drum; closer "The Worst There Is" is a Saturday morning spaghetti Western with beehive-d vocals." Read on over at LA Weekly!

Read iSpy Magazine's Interview With Lightning Love!

"I’ll tell you how it feels: warm and whimsical yet weighty. Sweet and exuberant, yet restless. Fun music with fretful lyrics. To-the-point-pop music. And, particularly, the sound propulsive and capricious but humble and self-deprecating songs on “Blonde” bring a feeling of pensive escapism as though it were soundtracking my own Wes Anderson-esque slow-motion ride, pedaling barefoot on a rusty Schwin beach cruiser toward the incoming tide at sunset with an overcast sky behind me." Read on at iSpy Magazine.

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Bay Bridged Premieres Ugly Winner's "Fret One(Grow Old)!"

"There is beauty and frailty in Ugly Winner’s dissonance. Even their off-key, jangling verses sound right on, especially when they tumble, as they so often do, headlong into a driving, angular chorus — glued together by tightly wound bass lines, which nod to bands like Interpol and Joy Division in their tendency to careen end-over-end, like an oblong boulder bounding down a hill." Listen and read the full review here.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Watch Ugly Winner Perform "Senses Safe" Live @ Eulipia Studios!

Agent Ribbons "Family Haircut" Up Now On Vice!!

"I'll focus on how "Family Haircut," this song we're premiering off of their upcoming album, Let Them Talk (out on Antenna Farm Records on 9/11), is the dreamiest. When the majority of us are suffering through endless sweat rag, humid-ass days, it's nice to know that Agent Ribbons are out there being enchanting and shit." Listen on Vice.

Raymond Byron & the White Freighter's New LP Among Willamette Week's Most Anticipated!

"Raymond Byron & the White Freighter, Little Death Shaker (Sept. 4)
We sorta expected this album from the Castanets’ frontman to be a twangy Americana album, but it rocks really, really hard." Read the full list here

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chris Connelly Of Hot Panda Travels Through Time With Jarvis Cocker On Vice!

"His lit fag could be seen from across the room, ashes falling, dripping from the shadowed silhouette of a limp wrist swaying back and forth to the sounds of a Lee Hazelwood record permeating the room. I studied him closely, with eyes peeking out from behind my rum and Coke. I was able to make out his thick, black rimmed glasses, that gently caged his seductive eyes which were now fixed on me. This had been a long time coming." Read on over at Vice.

The Blank Tapes' Matt Adams Interviewed On East Bay Express!

"Growing up in Orange County, he imbibed some contemporary grunge rock but mostly listened to light, bubbly Sixties bands like The Beatles and The Kinks. Thus, The Blank Tapes' music sounds like a throwback to old-school psychedelia, with some bluegrass and country influences thrown in. The songs have beachy chord progressions, twangy guitar solos, and solid verse-chorus-verse structures. Even the vocal hooks sound old." Read on at East Bay Express!

Ben Mason's "Skin Warming Skin" Cut Of The Day At Willamette Week!

"His delicate voice - multi-tracked gleefully - is put to perfect use as he matches the every dramatic swoop and pulse of the instruments on the original. Makes for a nice counterpart to the haunting version found on Gibson's latest album La Grande." Listen now at Willamette Week.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Nylon Premieres Dana Falconberry's New Track "Lake Charlievoix."

"But though I'm far from the most knowledgeable on the Midwestern singer, there's something to be said for hearing a voice for the first time and becoming a instant fan. Mixing the sweet nostalgia of folk music with an unexpected dash of soul, Falconberry's music takes you on a journey, like a good book on a rainy day." Listen now over on Nylon!

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Portland Mercury Reviews Ozarks' S/T Debut!

"Ozarks' self-titled debut owes its aesthetic as much to Ennio Morricone and Sergio Martino as it does Brian Wilson and Harry Nilsson. To call Augspurger and producer/multi-instrumentalist Eric Lee mad scientists wouldn't be far off. At the very least they're connoisseurs and consumers of pop culture and pop music, exploring Italian cinema and dissecting Lee Hazlewood and Beatles records, among others." Read the complete review on The Portland Mercury.

Spin Premieres Greg O'Keefe and Wilco's Mikael Jorgensen's Fizzy 'ARMZ'!

"Feeling frustrated and fenced in by what he was hearing, Jorgensen decided to re-record and re-imagine those songs using analog synths and software. The result can be heard in the fizzy first single "ARMZ," due on 7" vinyl via Odessa Records on October 30." Listen over on Spin!

Exclaim Announces Carolyn Mark's New Album and Tour!

"It's been three years since Victoria-based alt-country great Carolyn Mark released Let's Just Stay Here, her Juno-nominated collaborative album with NQ Arbuckle. With that in mind, we're about due for a new album from the singer-songwriter, which is why she composed 12 new tracks for a record called The Queen of Vancouver Island." Read on here.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

NPR's Got Pure Bathing Culture's "Lucky One" On Heavy Rotation!

"When Sarah Versprille and Dan Hindman relocated to Portland last year, it was in part to record with Oregon producer Richard Swift. The result was the four-song EP, Pure Bathing Culture. The pair's first live shows around Portland created no small amount of buzz here. The band has since expanded to a quartet, while they work on their first full-length record. Infused with breezy vocals and ringing guitar lines that make it a very tasty summertime listen, the song is making quite an impression on our listeners." Listen here

Portland Monthly Gets Swept Away By Hungry Ghost's Debut!

"Hungry Ghost extrapolates from a bluesy, guitar-forward template into a gloriously unpredictable din that recalls better times, when finesse-heavy power trios like Firehose, House of Large Sizes and local heroes Hazel (“High” especially sounds like vintage Hazel) were cheerfully cutting and pasting jazzy skronk, Martian funk, and dexterous rock riffery into magnificent post-punk collages." Keep on reading here.

Monday, July 16, 2012

RCRDLBL Premieres Rubedo's "40 Day and Night"

"Denver rock band Rubedo recently released its debut full-length – a raw collection of tracks calledMassa Confusa. The effort, which came out via 20 Sided Records, was produced by Isaiah “Ikey” Owens, who plays keyboards with The Mars Volta and Jack White (and joins on a few tracks here). “40 Day and Night” comes off the album – a grime-laden rocker that veers between post-punk sonic layers and swaggering punk attitude." Download now over at RCRDLBL!

Consequence of Sound Gives Hot Panda's "Go Outside" Some Love!

"According to Hot Panda frontman Chris Connelly, the band’s third album, Go Outside, is “artful pop music, but played with a punk rock spirit.” It’s an apt description, and would be a perfect tweet-sized review. While the same could be said for their previous works, Go Outside represents considerable growth as a band for the Vancouver quartet." Read on here.

Spin Reviews Hot Panda's "Go Outside!"

"Vancouver weirdos turn Destroyer's blues into noisy brilliance with big fuzz, fucked beats, body over brains." See it for yourself over on Spin!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Download Raymond Byron And The White Freighter's "Allegiance" On RCRDLBL!

"Musician Ray Raposa, who has released five albums with his band Castanets, will debut his new group Raymond Byron And The White Freighter on a full-length album this fall. The LP, Little Death Shaker, will be out September 4 via Asthmatic Kitty Records, but you can get a sense of Raposa and crew’s quirky indie rock on “Allegiance” – a bluesy, reverb-tinged number with an overwhelmingly live feel." Head on over here to listen!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Helvetia's New Track “RyBro” Premiered On Stereogum!

"Former BTW Helvetia will put out a new record this fall and head out on the road with frequent tourmates and collaborators Built To Spill. Today, we’ve got the lead single from Nothing In Rambling, the twangy, earthy rocker “RyBro.” " Listen here.

The Blank Tapes "I'm Back" Premiered On Under The Radar!

"Closing out the day, we’ve got a premiere from Los Angeles-based collective (Matt Adams and friends), The Blank Tapes. Full of lo-fi rock refrains you can get down to, “I’m Back” is the perfect tune to soundtrack your beach party,. Check out the stream below. Like what you hear? You can grab the 7” version on July 17." Listen here.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Willamette Week Reviews Ozarks' Latest Album!

"Augspurger’s musical project, Ozarks, evidences a similar relationship with the past. He doesn’t long for the golden age of minimal psychedelic pop, he’s just hell-bent on rebuilding it—every delicate acoustic guitar strum, doubled electric guitar solo, organ blast, tambourine hit and druggy bass line—for his own contemporary purposes." Read the full review here.

MOKB Premieres Solvents' “Are You Gonna Wait For Love To Leave (Demo).”

"Port Townsend, Washington’s Solvents might be one of the best kept secrets of the Northwest music scene. The band has quietly been recording earnest lo-fi songs for the better part of a decade. Now, the band has released The World Is Not A Vampire: Lost, Demos, Outtakes, Unheard that compiles many of the loose tracks the band has created over the years and three demos of songs that will appear on their forthcoming album, Ghetto Moon, that should be out this fall." Listen here.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stream Hot Panda's New Album Over On Vice!

"Hot Panda is a band that we love, and not just because their new album, Go Outside, has a beautiful penis on the cover. The album doesn't come out until July 17th, but we got a stream of it for you poop heads to enjoy, because we're secretly in love with you. Don't tell anyone. It's real though." Listen on Vice here!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Billy & Dolly Featured On The SFBG's "Localized Appreesh"!

"At its core, good pop music simply pleases the senses.Billy & Dolly should be pleased as punch right about now: the SF act's charming sophomore LP, Dally Bon Idyll, is finally here. The power-pop duo of Bill Rousseau and Dahlia Gallin grew from another well-regarded local band, mid-Aughts act the Monolith, and released their debut as Billy & Dolly three years back (2009's In the Beginning), so this record is a long time in the making." Read the rest here.

Impose Magazine Premieres The Blank Tapes "Back and Forth"

"The Blank Tapes are turning their sun folk sound into some of this summer's best indie guitar pop, capturing the sound of golden West Coast pop like fire and lightening trapped in a jar. Frontman Matt Adams has expanded the analogue-worshipping band with the talented likes of Pearl Charles, DA Humphrey and Will Halsey, who have been building on a repertoire that includes recent releases such asHome Away From Home (White Noise), Invisible Colors (Curly Cassettes) andSun's Too Bright (Burger Records)." Listen over on Impose here. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Ettes Interviewed On American Songwriter!

"There’s something in Jem Cohen’s voice that we just can’t seem to put our finger on. It’s a vibe halfway between total excitement and total relaxations, the median between mischievous and mystical. But then again, his band The Ettes has just gotten back to Nashville after a week of desert hijinks in Joshua Tree, California. It was their first group vacation after eight years of touring and cutting albums like 2011’s critically lauded Wicked Will." Read the rest here.

SYFFAL'S Reviews Hot Panda's "Go Outside".

"I get the distinct feeling that some people aren't going to get Hot Panda just because they aren't filling a mold or a cast of a band someone else has already sucked off, but what I'm pulling off these assbags after spending time with the album Go Outside is they're as eager to create sass and intuberance in the listener as they are molding compunction and shabangpussshits as well." Read on here.