Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sleeping Bag's New Single 'Walk Home' Up Now On Spin!

"Bloomington, Indiana's Sleeping Bag are into that whole brevity thing. They're a streamlined trio, led by singer/drummer/songwriter Dave Segedy, with a knack for bite-sized bedroom rock bliss-outs that almost stumble their way into incredible catchiness." Listen now on Spin!

Trainwreck Riders' "House Upon The Hill" Premiered On Impose Magazine!

On a mountain of guitar and violin strings, the band presents the rogue's gallery of a life misspent in the blinding beacons of metropolitan unhappiness. "There's a picture on the wall, that reminds him of the past, before them bright city lights, where no one smiles back." While pedal steels and electric guitars howl along the tale, we get further insight into the character's secular appliance influences and desires left unfulfilled and fiduciaries left undone like dirty dinner plates. Listen now on Impose Magazine.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Denison Witmer and Devin Greenwood Cover Nada Surf's "Your Legs Grow" On The Voice Project!

"I always love shoots where the players are so in synch in feeling and tone for a performance as Dennison and Devin are on this one, like they share a special secret they're letting us in on too, inviting the listener to come along and see a beautiful place they've found. It something that warms your bones, no matter the weather. Stay safe out there." Watch now on The Voice Project.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Pharmacy's New Single 'Make Me Remember' Up Now On Spin!

"Though the Pharmacy call Seattle their hometown, the power-punk threesome spent much of the past year living and writing their latest album Stoned & Alone in New Orleans. It's an effort that finds them stepping outside of their beery comfort zone, experimenting with strings and fleshing out songs (many of which were recorded back in Seattle at Jack Endino's Soundhouse studios using the same Fender amp Kurt Cobain did on 1989's Bleach) to lengths they hadn't yet before." Listen now on Spin.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Daily Spots Reviewed Our CMJ Showcase!

"What Pete’s Candy Store lacks in candy and anyone actually named Pete, it makes up for with stellar acoustics. The stage area resembles a boxcar in both shape and size. Though this certainly cut down on the amount of people able to experience the Riot Act showcase, it made for an intimate three hours for those between its narrow, modestly-lit walls. From the early longing notes of Pancho-san to the melting pot of sound that is Xenia Rubinos, Riot Act proved to have one hell of a roster." Read on now on Daily Spots!

Police Teeth Talk Mainstream Music And About Their Latest Album With Selective Memory.

"Some people are in bands because they want to get laid/popular/cash/drugs/whatever. We’re in a band because we enjoy making records, and we want our records to be a good as possible. The three of us are always cognizant of that goal, and most of what we do is in service of that." Read the complete interview now on Selective Memory!

Eighteen Individual Eyes "Unnovae Nights" Eat Sleep Breathe Music's Song of The Day!

"Today’s song is “Unnovae Nights” by Eighteen Individual Eyes. Eighteen Individual Eyes play darkly sensual musique noir, their first album Unnovae Nights an intoxicating, trembling journey through rock’s primal subconscious. It’s a narcotic dazzle, a beautiful alternate world in shadows, addictive relations at its beating heart. The songs are as lyrically meaningful and layered as the music created for them." Listen now on Eat Sleep Breathe Music!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

NPR Premieres Jason Lytle and Sea of Bees' New Covers!

"According to legend, once in each millennium, the Music Gods come together and, after much debate, agree to bestow a single magical gift upon the world — a song or album or project so breathtaking, it leaves throngs of people weeping in the streets at its splendor and forever changes the way we hear music. That time is now, as Jason Lytle and Sea of Bees have opted to cover each other's songs." Listen now on NPR!

Stream Matt Bauer's 'No Shape Can Hold Me Now' Over On American Songwriter!

“I wrote the first verse for ‘Andaman Sea’ a few years ago late at night in a super sketchy hotel room in London. There was a game show on called Golden Balls. There was a shared bathroom with three little stairs up to the toilet. I recorded the original demo with my friend Nive Neilsen the next day in her attic. The song stayed in a drawer for a while and some of the lyrics show up rewritten in another song on last year’s The Jessamine County Book of the Living." Read the rest of the interview and hear the EP on American Songwriter.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Tiny Mix Tapes Talk About Jawbreaker Reissues And Proclaim "Plaid Beards Rejoice!"

"Although the LP version of Bivouac contains the album’s original tracklist, the CD and digital versions will also feature the tracks from the Chesterfield KingEP. But that’s not all, other bearded guys like me! That CD/digital version also features two bonus tracks. One of these tracks is an early version of “Ache,” one of the best songs on 24 Hour Revenge Therapy, the best Jawbreaker album. (“Gasp!” you said, almost spitting up PBR onto your Jets to Brazil shirt.)" Read on over at Tiny Mix Tapes.

LA Weekly Loves Carolyn Mark!

"Carolyn Mark can break your heart with sad and lonely alt-country songs like "Officer Down," where she blends her somber voice with NQ Arbuckle's, painting a portrait of hard-luck living with just a few easy strokes of guitar and piano. But the Canadian singer also has a goofy side, occasionally reflected in such self-mocking album titles as Terrible Hostess and The Pros and Cons of Collaboration." Up now on La Weekly!


"Blackball Records will issue the 20th anniversary editions of Jawbreaker’s 1992 albums Bivouac and Chesterfield King on December 11." In the news now on Magnet!

TDOA Talks with Gliss about the new record!

"When last we left Gliss, their inspired brand of feedback-drenched bliss had charmed a nation with their 2011 release, Devoted and Imploded. Cut to 2012, where they’ve just released one of the best EP’s of the year and have finished recording their third album, Langsom Dans. In our opinion, Gliss is poised to become the most talked about band in the indie scene. Years of writing great songs and blowing away crowds with their amazing live shows, has garnered them a rabid following." Read the full interview on TDOA.

Friday, October 19, 2012

The New Trust Talk About Their New Record Over On AMP!

"We go back and forth on whether we consider ourselves a punk band or not. Ethically? Absolutely. We’re proudly extremely liberal, and often write songs about stuff that punk songs are written about. But then we’ll play with a band like Loma Prieta… now that’s a punk band. So we will then think we’re a rock band – but we sound nothing like most rock bands. The shows on this tour are about half DIY spots and half clubs & bars… half punk shows, half rock shows. They should come up with a phrase that mixes punk & rock. Maybe “Punk Rock.” Is that a thing? Maybe that’s what we are. I’ve coined a new phrase. You’re welcome!" Read the complete interview up on AMP.


"Social Studies is from San Francisco and they are about to release their second album, Developer, on November 13th. "Away for the Weekend," the song we're premiering right here, reminds us of a Yeah Yeah Yeahs type band, turned sober. Being that it's Friday, this would be the time and the place to make some sort of "BOUT TO GO AWAY FOR THE WEEKEND OURSELVES" type of joke, but that's not okay, so just listen to the song." Listen now on Vice.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Photos From The New Trust's L.A. Show Up Now On Rockscope!

"If you're looking for meek, avert your eyes and ears. The New Trust, otherwise known as a trio of rock with members Josh Staples (bass/vocals), Sara Sanger (guitar/vocals) and Julia Lancer (drums), kicked off their US tour at the Down & Out Bar, Los Angeles 10/9/12." See all of the photos by Photographer Wei Shi now on Rockscope.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Raymond Byron Interviewed On Volume.1 Brooklyn!

"Ray Raposa first caught my attention with Cathedral, the 2004 album from his band Castanets. Since then, he’s made harrowing, sometimes blissful music over a number of albums, all of it smart, visceral, and philosophically illuminating. Raymond Byron and the White Freighter is his latest project; Little Death Shaker, just released on Asthmatic Kitty, is their debut — it shows off a looser, more feedback-heavy side of Raposa’s songwriting." Read the full interview on Volume.1 Brooklyn.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Album Leaf's "Descent" Is Magnet's MP3 At 3PM!

"Ambient indie-rock legends the Album Leaf reenter the scene with “Descent,” off the self-released Forward/Return EP. “Descent” is everything we love about the quartet’s music: It’s calming, serene even, and intricately crafted. Download “Descent” below." Listen now on Magnet!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Brooklyn Based Calls The Ampersands New Album "Exquisite."

"With a combination of energetic catchy melodic rock and sophisticated lyrics, The Ampersands have a sound that is reminiscent of Big Star, the Posies and many other power pop bands past and present. However, The Ampersands’ co-founder, Aaron McQuade, says the influences of the group–which includes him and Jim Pace–dates back even further before those aforementioned bands." Check out the full review on Brooklyn Based!


"Rock music being my favorite thing in life aside from women, food and booze, finding the Police Teeth trove was akin to stumbling into some all-u-can-eat international buffet with a pour-yer-own bar staffed by beautiful ladies from around the globe and staying there for a month. There is also the added deliciousness of being part of a relative handful of people who know of them. They really are like a secret band." Read on at Stripwax.

Friday, October 12, 2012

New Giant Sand Tour Dates Up On Brooklyn Vegan Chicago!

"Giant Giant Sand (formerly Giant Sand) released their most recent album, Tucson, back in June via Fire Records. The album was named after project leader Howe Gelb's hometown of 40+ years, and you can download the LP tracks "Forever and A Day" and "Detained" at the top of this post. Take a listen to the self-proclaimed country rock opera in its entirety below." Check out all the dates now on Brooklyn Vegan.

The New Daytrotter Session From The Spinto Band Up Now For Your Listening Pleasure!

"For the second time this week, we bring you Wilmington, Delaware's pride and joy - The Spinto Band - being who they are. First, it was an epic reading excerpts from a Gremlins novelization and today's it's these five men kicking out the pop gems that they always seen to have up their sleeves." Listen now on Daytrotter!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Watch Little Wings Discover Myspace

Matt Bauer Covers Prince's "Under the Cherry Moon" Premiered on Impose!

"Matt Bauer premieres his take on Prince's "Under the Cherry Moon" originally found on the album Parade and the title of the Revolution frontman's cinematic follow up to Purple Rain. And while the film from which this cover takes it's name has not enjoyed the same notoriety as Rain, Mr. Bauer here dons his best ruffled shirt and inflects more emotion along the way with a funeral march progression and solemn air to heighten the stakes." Listen now on Impose!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The DLM Interviews Matt Bauer About His Recent Collaborations And New Record.

“One of the things I really like about making records … it’s really fun to see someone bring their own sensibility into something,” he says. “Right now I’m writing an arrangement for another band, one of their songs. It’s fun, it takes you out of the songs that you write or the habits you have.” Read the full interview on The DLM.

Social Studies Premiere Their Video "Terracur" Up On Paste Now!

"The first single, “Terracur,” is a song about betrayal, and the melody matches the subject’s the dark undertone. The video for “Terracur” begins with a man in a group and follows him as he begins to isolate himself from everything he has known. While running, he slowly removes his clothes, shedding his previous life in search of something new." Watch the video now over on Paste.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Listen To Raymond Byron & The White Freighter's Daytrotter Set Up Now!

"It's alright to hope for the unnatural sometimes though and when we listen to Raymond Raposa, the Castanets mastermind here reincarnated as Raymond Byron & The White Freighter, here, we feel like there's no better way to enjoy these melancholy, but somewhat happy songs than through a perverse desire to keep out running winter or to keep outliving our sins." Listen now over on Daytrotter.

MOKB Premieres Dana Falconberry's New Video For "Leelanau."

"Even if it was made in a sewer (no, I’m not making that up), it’s wonderful to see a higher-quality video for Dana Falconberry. For several weeks, I’ve been entranced by her new album, Leelanau. It seems as if Falconberry, who carried some of her rural Michigan-based love of nature with her to Austin, could find the magic anywhere." Watch her video now over on MOKB.

Lightning Love's Debut Daytrotter Session Up Now!

"This debut session from the Ypsilanti, Michigan, group Lightning Love provides an incredible story arc, even if it was unintended. You could have sensed that it would happen from the outset, even if it would have been a shot in the dark. Lead singer and keyboardist Leah Diehl sings about a love that's not so much forbidden, as it's ill-advised. It's one of those relationships where no one else can see what the appeal is." Read on and listen to their set now on Daytrotter.

Friday, October 5, 2012

101 Crustaceans' "Train Bolt Roller" Premiered On VICE!

"This is the title track off of 101 Crustaceans' upcoming album. There is something really nice about the word "crustacean." It could remind a person of either a refreshing day at the beach, kicking up piss clams, OR, some sort of scabby flesh disease. Either way, it leaves you with a lot to think about, same as this song." Listen now over on VICE.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Death and Taxes Interviews The Album Leaf!

"I just wanted to have a different approach to this record. I love my Rhodes and it has been the centerpiece to all of my records, but I missed playing guitar and also having a “band” feel. My previous records were me doing most or all of it. I’ve always had programming and ambience, I wanted to focus on having it sound and feel different but still sounding like Album Leaf." Read the full interview over on Death and Taxes. loves Immigrant Union's "My Heart's A Joke"!:

"Hey, Dandy Warhols fans, listen the hell up. And the rest of you too, for that matter. We’ve got a track from Immigrant Union, that includes Brent DeBoer, among others. You will like." Listen now on!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pitchfork Premieres Wooden Wand's New Single "Southern Colorado Song"

"Following last year's double-dip set of releases, Death Seat and Briarwood, James Jackson Toth's Wooden Wand project returns on January 8, 2013 (a day before in Europe) with a new album, Blood Oaths of the New Blues." Listen now on Pitchfork!

Lightning Love Perform on BreakThru Radio TV!

"Using simple pop structures as a basis for strong, confessional songs with a sweet, self-deprecating tone (sure, call it twee if you must) has worked well for the band, leading to extensive touring and growing national attention." Watch the studio performance now on BreakThru!

My Old Kentucky Blog Reviews Alameda's "Procession"!

"The album ends with the darkly strummy dirge “Winter Dharma”, where Myles’ vocals sound toastier and sexier than ever, like a warm snifter of finely-aged cognac on a chilly winter night." Listen and read the full review on MOKB.

Stream Dana Falconberry's New LP 'Leelanau' On Spin!

"The song titles of orchestral pop songstress Dana Falconberry’s forthcoming record, Leelanau, are as exquisite and unpronounceable as the music itself. For her new record, Falconberry not only expanded her sonic palette to include a six-piece orchestra; she made illustrations for her bandmates to study while they recorded their instrumentals." Listen now on Spin.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Eleven PDX Names Alameda "One Of The True Gems" of Portland!

"One of the nicer trends in the music boom as of late has been the returned attention to musicianship. This attention comes in the form of complex song structures and layered, impeccable instrumentals.

Alameda, the self-described "chamber-folk collective," is a fine example of exactly these things. Their newest release, Procession, takes both the "chamber" and the "folk" to heart.  The string work by cellist Jessie Dettwiler is nuanced and grounded, lending an element of continuity throughout the album that exemplifies the soulful restraint that is Alameda's hallmark. Stirling Myles' vocal work fits perfectly in to the album's humanistic ethos, and his finger picking ensures that the music never becomes too precious, rooting firmly in the "folk" element that propels each track." Pick up the latest issue of Eleven PDX out now.

Dana Falconberry Talks About Her Latest "Leelanau" On Austin 360.

"The new album, a collection of songs punctuated by short interludes (Falconberry calls them “songlets”), brims with the mood of the Michigan peninsula for which it is named and where Falconberry spent time as a child — a river runs, rain falls, birds sing. “I definitely wanted to make it bigger,” she said. “I wanted it to be a stark contrast to things I had done before." Read the complete interview on Austin 360!