Friday, January 11, 2013

The Spinto Band's "Shake It Off off Cool Cocoon" Up Now On The Wild Honey Pie!

"The album features a lively, genuine sound which is nothing if not addictive. The tracks are varied in texture and tone but consistently really engaging. Quirky melodies, assured vocals and colorful instrumentation set Cool Cocoon apart, making it a must-have on your winter playlist." Listen now on The Wild Honey Pie.

Ethan Daniel Davidson Talks About Being Attacked By A Bear On Snap Judgement!

"Musician Ethan Daniel Davidson spent a year living in Wiseman, Alaska, a tiny community of less than 25 people. One cold winter day, his good friend Sep and his team of sled dogs were attacked by a bear, and Ethan was called on to help." Listen to the interview now on Snap Judgement.

Renny Wilson's New Track "Nobody" Premiered on Nylon!

"It’s the sort of thing that could come off as really sarcastic, but listen to enough of his tracks and you’ll realize that Wilson just wants to start a dance party, and the best way to do that is definitely by melding Hall & Oates with Donna Summer." Listen now on Nylon!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Watch Art Vandelay's New Video Premiered On VICE!

"Art Vandelay is a Seattle based duo whose name will only ever make me think of Seinfeld. This video is a two parter for the songs "Eye 8 the Crow" and "So What?" Both are off of their album, Eye 8 The Crow, which comes out in April. These songs are from the future. Isn't that nice?" Watch the video now on Vice.

SF Appeal Previews Jennifer O'Connor's San Francisco Show!

"That digital output makes for a nice supplement, especially when eagerly awaiting O'Connor's next release. I Want What You Want was an affirmative record, melodically marking hardships and resolutions with O'Connor's cascading guitar strums and evocative, velvety vocals." Read on at SF Appeal!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Walt McClements Talks About Going Solo In Lonesome Leash With!

"“I Am No Captain” features some of what have become his trademarks: melancholy swirls of accordion and old-world brass infused, at times, with a sense of cabaret drama, e.g., Jacques Brel or Scott Walker. As a solo artist, McClements’ lyrics also seem to have grown if not confessional, then at least more intimate, speaking often in the first person." Read the interview now over on!

Wooden Wand's Blood Oaths of the New Blues Reviewed On Relix!

"For six or seven years now, at least, Toth has been writing the kind of brooding tunes that Leonard Cohen would have written had he been raised in a Southern Pentecostal church before backsliding into the role of troubadour." Read the full review now on Relix.

RCRD LBL Shares Toress' Latest Single "Honey!"

"In an era of middlebrow digital effects and laptop trickery, I'm more into rawness than ever – particularly the strength of a unique human voice. It seems like Mackenzie Scott, recording here asTorres, has one of those voices." Listen now on RCRD LBL.

Giant Robot Shares Footage From Their Jawbreaker Day With Adam Pfahler!

Pitchfork Gives High Marks To The Reissue of Jawbreaker's Bivouac!

"Bivouac has always held a special place for me. It's their darkest collection, a sprawling, shaggy-dog set that found them transitioning from the cleaner, calmer Unfun to something grittier, wilder, and smarter. Bivouac was a ragged call to arms, 24 Hour Revenge Therapy an ambitious offering within that newer space they'd created." Read the complete review on Pitchfork.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Bay Bridged Previews Lonesome Leash's Upcoming SF Show!

"Under the name Lonesome Leash, McClements takes the oft-misaligned accordion all the places it deserves to go. Doused with minor-key moodiness and mysterious analog sounds, Lonesome Leash’s debut work sounds a lot like McClements’ previous folk-minded ventures, but dials up the dark." Read the full preview over on The Bay Bridged!

Pitchfork Loves Wooden Wand's Latest "Blood Oaths of the New Blues!"

"Like the finest work of Richard Buckner or Phosphorescent, Blood Oaths of the New Blues recasts songs that could have come from country music or the blues or Bob Dylan in an intricate Americana gloaming. At last, Toth treats the words and the arrangements with the same ingenuity and devotion, arriving at the most accessible and narcotic record of his career." Read the complete review on Pitchfork!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Under The Radar Revisits Jawbreaker's Bivouac and Chesterfield King!

"The term "emo" has gotten a bad reputation, largely from its bastardization in the late '90s and early '00s, but looking back at these albums 20 years on, one remembers what the music really meant. Bivouac and Chesterfield King have aged well. And it's nice to see that they're being released again, so that a new generation of kids can be affected by them as some of us were 20 years ago." Read on at Under The Radar.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Patt Hull's New Video “Mother Mary" Shared On Fender!

"California by way of Connecticut singer/songwriter Pat Hull is set to release his latest album, Shed Skin,in February 2013. Until then, fans can get a taste of his music with a video for the song “Mother Mary.” The eerie clips shows Hull playing the song all by himself in the 1078 Gallery in Chico, Calif., just a man and his guitar." Watch the video now over on Fender.

This Is Fake DIY Reviews Torres' New Single "Honey!"

"'Honey' is stark and beautiful, its rough electric chords strummed with further intensity in time with a track that gradually grows into a rabid emotional beast. Think Sharon Van Etten with even more distortion pedals available to stamp on. Scott's voice is special, overseeing the surrounding furore with astonishing care." Listen now and read the complete review here.

The Spinto Band Featured in UTNE January Music Sampler!

"Ah, January—and for that matter, February. Bleak days, long nights, and the sense of waiting for it all to be over. Fortunately, a well-timed release from The Spinto Band reminds us that this stretch of season is also an important time for transformation. Rhythmically upbeat and melodically eccentric, Cool Cocoon brings a dose of neo-psychedelic, indie power pop to months that feel long." Read on at UTNE.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Buzzbands LA Previews Ash Reiter's Upcoming LA Dates!

"You’d think Ash Reiter was based in SoCal, with her breezy ’60s melodies, but the band — Reiter, Will Halsey, Drew Brown, Scott Brown and Anthony Ferraro — hails from San Francisco. Nonetheless, their sophomore record “HOLA” (another SoCal-friendly detail, if you ask me) is another collection of songs highlighting Reiter’s smoky vocals, the band’s sunny harmonies and lyrics with underlying irony that is witty and humorous." Read on and listen to "Ishi" here.

Torres' "Honey" Best New Track On Pitchfork!

"The song, from her upcoming self-titled record, starts moonlit and slow, building gradually and promising a pulse-quickening Big Payoff that never quite arrives. All of the song's tightly compressed fireworks occur, instead, within Scott's huge, trembling, raw, voice, and the abject emotional intensity with which she wields it." Listen now on Pitchfork.