Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pop'stache Catches Up With Brass Bed's Album "Melt White!"

"If you close your eyes when listening to Brass Bed, you can’t tell if you’ve pulled out an underappreciated dusty vinyl record from your parents’ basement or if you just downloaded a new mixtape of indie rock. Melt White has moments that, as daring and dangerous a claim it is, sound like The Beatles and The Kinks." Read the full review over on Pop'stache!

The New Yorker Highlights The Blank Tapes NY Show!

"The sunny sounds of L.A.’s Blank Tapes, who yoke a garage-pop sensibility to ferocious rock riffs. The front man, Matt Adams, and a rotating cast bring their road-tested songs to Cake Shop, along with the super-mellow Bay Area indie rocker Ash Reiter, whose songs move along breezily, with catchy melodies." Read on here.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Listen To Raymond Byron and the White Freighter's Debut Track on Spin!

"No longer are Ray Raposa's songs shrouded in atmosphere. After five albums of bleak, moody Americana with Castanets, the itinerant singer and songwriter has a new band, Raymond Byron and the White Freighter. The group's debut LP, Little Death Shaker, arrives on September 4 via Castanets' usual home, Asthmatic Kitty Records. The musty biker-bar rock'n'roll of the album's advance track, "Allegiance," is hardly glossy, but it signals a newfound clarity for Raposa." Listen on Spin Now.

Friday, June 22, 2012


"The kaleidoscopic bilingual DIY art-pop made by the Brooklyn singer-keyboardist Xenia Rubinos draws from R&B, indie rock, soul, punk and electronic music.
Her looping harmonies and vocal percussion bring to mind Bobby McFerrin, tUnE-yArDs and Juana Molina. But Rubinos is based in Greenpoint and is of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent. As a result her sound is a Spanish-Caribbean inflected musical blend that feels indigenous to the vibrant artistic and Latin communities of northern Brooklyn from which it originates.
Download Xenia Rubinos’ soulful “Hair Receding” and check out the music video for “Pan Y CafĂ©” (“Bread and Coffee”), a brash, playful tune that sounds like a Latin American nursery rhyme from the future. Both songs are from her debut LP, Magic Trix." READ/LISTEN TO THE REST HERE.


Look for the July issue of GQ on newsstands now! Look at how sassy Coco, Poni & Jem are!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

CMJ Premieres Sea of Bees' New Video For "Gone"!

"Today CMJ is premiering the video for “Gone,” a dreamy-toned track from Orangefarben. The video, directed by Los Angeles skater Mike Rafter, shows Jules Bee hanging around an Amtrak station, playing on the song’s theme of leaving. We caught up with Jules to ask her a few questions about the video, which you can find below." Watch the video over on CMJ!

Under The Radar Premieres The Spinto Band's New Remix For "Leave Yourself Alone"!

"The Spinto Band hail from the land of pop refrains and songs of love and loss, set to an upbeat tune. Buffetlibre hail from a land of all-night dance parties (we think it’s call Spain). We don’t need to tell you that when the two got together it was a romance for the ages. Oh heck, we will tell you—you should probably take a listen to this hot off the presses “Leave Yourself Alone” remix. The track is from the shiny new Spinto Band album Shy Pursuit, out now." Listen now at Under The Radar.

Billy & Dolly's "Gold" Featured On The Bay Bridged's "Things You May Have Missed Earlier This Year" Mixtape! Mixtape!

"This SF duo’s second album delivers classic-feeling power pop, aided by tight harmonies and recording help from Papercuts’ Jason Quever." Stream their mixtape The Bay Bridged's latest mixtape here!

Lightning Love Premieres New Track On Nylon!

"Think of the trio from Ypsilanti, Michigan as a spoonful of sweet-and-low to help the bitter pill - life, love, breakups, anxiety - go down. And help keep your mascara in tact. Maybe with a Bud Light chaser.
The band's sparse basement pop melodies written by lead singer Leah Diehl are giving us misty water-colored memories of Rilo Kiley's Saddle Creek days. Which is really, really promising and we can't wait to hear the rest of their debut The Blonde out August 28th." Listen on Nylon here.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Watch The Spinto Band's New "Take Away Show" In Times Square!

"Chloe, Katherine and the men of The Spinto Band then, with their performance for us and for themselves, become a forgery of sorts in the environment. Their dance and song are meant as an expression free of exchange. Briefly, they give of themselves, and then just as quickly as they have arrived, they leave, requesting nothing. In a sea of authentic salesmen of kitsch, they are the impostors." Watch it now here.

Friday, June 15, 2012 Gets Swept Away By Sea of Bees' L.A. Performance

"Audiences can have their heads elsewhere when it comes to watching a show in a small space, but when Julie Baenziger — aka Jules, aka Julie Ann Bee and aka Sea of Bees — sings out, the music cuts through the room like a knife. The Sacramento folk-pop singer barely needed to raise her voice to command attention at the Echo on Wednesday night. A simple coo and a gentle strum on her guitar quickly drew the crowd to her endearing odes to love." Read on at

Listen to Trebuchet's Single "Fast Asleep" On Auditory Arson!

"On “Fast Asleep” Trebuchet offer brilliantly blended four-part harmonies over intricate layers of bright chords and warm, melodic instrumentation. With a sound that is so refulgent, the underlying melancholy of the song seems almost an afterthought." Listen to their single over on Auditory Arson.


"Few solo artists can mesmerize a room the way Kaia Wilson does. There’s no one reason for this. Despite making music for the past two decades, Wilson retains a nervous energy onstage that endears her to audiences. She’s also kind of a heartthrob. And, perhaps most important, even as the ex-Team Dreschie’s songs grow more refined and mature—something Two Adult Women in Love evidences—Wilson keeps her heart on her sleeve..." READ THE REST OF THE REVIEW HERE! Kaia plays Mississippi Studios in Portland tonight.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wooden Wand Gets Literary With Vol.1 Brooklyn!

"James Jackson Toth plays taut, haunted music with folk roots and a darkness all its own. Most of his work has been released under the name Wooden Wand; most recently, his album Briarwood got the deluxe reissue treatment from Fire Records. And it turns out that the guy’s a prodigious reader, able to smartly discuss musical histories and work from Barry Hannah and William Gass in equal measure." Continue reading on Vol.1 Brooklyn.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Listen To The Spinto Band's Set At The Rock Shop On Nyctaper!

"We recorded The Spinto Band last month who are fresh off the May 1 release of their self-produced album Shy Pursuit. This was the last night of a four night residency for the Delaware band and they showed a remarkable range of sounds including heavy guitar solos, steady synthesizers, and an army of kazoos. For fifty minutes the band played a great set of infectious indie-folk with most of the songs coming from their new album Shy Pursuit and from 2005′s Nice and Nicely Done." Keep reading and listen to their set over on nyctaper.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Bynars Call For Extras For Their Boston Video Shoot!

From The Bynars:

"It's going to be a busy few weeks! We begin our tour this Friday and then the day we come back, we begin shooting for the "Every Little Thing You Love" video! The shooting will take a little over a week, and there is one date in particular we'll need lots of extras: The Rock N' Roller Promon June 25th. We've rented out a roller rink to shoot this scene and we need people to come dressed for prom, skate, and have fun. Facebook event w/ all of the details here. If you want to be in our video, please RSVP by emailing Let us know if you have questions."

Not in the Boston area? Check out their tour dates below!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Sadie Magazine Has To Have Kaia!

"The initial writing of songs is more or less the same—99% of songs I write on an acoustic guitar, even with The Butchies and Team Dresch. If I write a song it either is or isn’t going to be a band song. Some of these new ones on the record I heard as a full band, and some I knew were just guitar and vocals. I had collaborators on my solo record though—Jody (Bleyle) and Marci (Martinez) from Team Dresch joined and they wrote their own parts. There were also strings, and the people who played those wrote their own parts, as well. All of these songs come from the same place in me." Read the complete Interview with Kaia on Sadie here.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Palo Verde's "Zero Hour" Rocks Sonic Masala!

"I've been listening to their Zero Hour record - and it fucking slays, especially opening track 'Dark Meadow For Long Night'. Seriously if you liked my Die On Planes post the other week, or love your music to fall somewhere between Rangda and Shellac but without those troublesome lyrics, then you will love this. Loud, deliberately abrasive, bordering on offensive, ballsy, and definitely rock." Read on at Sonic Masala.

Pop Matters Loves What Hearts Debut LP!

"Portland’s What Hearts is the brainchild of one Julie Vitells, a singer-songwriter who wrote the 10 songs that appear on her band’s first full-length album, which is self-titled, in a converted schoolbus named Marjorie. It turns out that it must be a magic schoolbus (like the kids’ cartoon show), because the songs that appear on What Hearts are stunning and beautiful. They shimmer and shine, a kind of marriage between the Velvet Underground and the jangle rock of the Byrds." Read the full review over on Pop Matters!