Friday, September 28, 2012

RCRD LBL Premieres THEMES New Single "Play Along" (Feat. Noah Bernstein of tUnE-yArDs)

"Up next is a new LP, Loveweapons, which was engineered and mixed by Brandon Eggleston (Modest Mouse, Mountain Goats) and is being heralded by new track “Play Along." The eclectic, jaunty tune pairs pop hooks with strange and evocative indie instrumentation, creating a track that’s catchy but you don’t quite know why." Listen now on RCRD LBL!

The New Trust Talks Tour & Plans For The New Album On Alternative Press

"To tour out to do a record seems to be the ideal way to do it because if you play all the songs—like, [for] every other record I’ve ever done, either the Velvet Teen or the New Trust, we’ve recorded and then you go on tour, and then by the time you get back from tour the songs sound way better than the record. Ideally, you’re playing every night, so you’re just getting better every night. So I’ve always wanted to tour out to do a record and haven’t yet in my lifetime, so that’s kind of a big deal, I think, for us, and I think it will be a clincher to make these songs the best that they can be." Read the complete interview on Alternative Press.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dana Falconberry Takes Filter On A Tour Around Austin!

"This week's contribution to the In Your Town feature comes from Dana Falconberry. She give you the scoop on Austin, Texas like where to see the best local shows, where to find the loveliest vintage threads, and where to run into the ghost of Frida Kahlo." Read on at Filter.

To Eleven loves Pancho-san's "Americans"!

"It sounds like Pancho-san are pulling from disparate influences, but they manage to take these things and make them one, uniform sound. It’s much different, much less bouncy and happy than a lot of the pop I’ve been listening to lately, but it’s good stuff. It stays dreamy without crossing the line into twee, and it maintains a pop sensibility without sounding like they are just striving for mass-appeal. It’s pop music for those with discerning tastes." Read on here.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Lightning Love On NPR's World Cafe!

"Lightning Love released its third record, Blonde Album, in August. The disc features songs with heavy synths and catchy piano parts, which form unexpectedly charming, twee pop tunes when combined with Diehl's chirpy vocals and brooding lyrics. This segment of World Cafe: Next features two songs from Blonde Album: "Awkward" and "Together," as well as a free download of the song "Deadbeat." Listen now on NPR!

Denney And The Jets Give Sunday Brunch Their Top Nashville Stops!

"Contrary to what Country Strong has you believing, there is so much more to Nashville than country music divas and nightly hoedowns. And while we our moms sure did appreciate Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop guide to Nashville, we thought we’d turn to a bunch of really rad locals for their suggestions. Enter Denney and the Jets. Fresh off releasing their self-titled EP (buy it here!), these Nashville natives share with us their favourite spots. We already can’t wait to visit!" Read on over at Sunday Brunch!

Listen To Matt Bauer's Latest Single "Tonight We Get to Sing Our Songs” Featuring Jolie Holland!

"Matt Bauer’s latest EP No Shape Can Hold Me Now, out Oct. 23, is his reflection on many different aspects of life. Recorded during a year when Bauer didn’t have any particular place to call home, the EP expresses thoughts that people have every day, like looking for a place to call home in a big world." Listen to the track now on Paste.

Vinyl Mag Sits Down To Chat With The Album Leaf After Their Athens Show!

"So, Jimmy LaValle- nicest, most patient guy. He was perfectly happy to let us wait around backstage and chat while Tycho and everyone got ready to go on. There was no sense of “let’s get this over with” from him, which would have been totally understandable considering that he had come straight from giving a killer performance. I could seriously go on about this for another couple of pages, but I’m just going to let the interview speak for itself." Watch the video over at Vinyl Mag.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Under The Radar Premieres Matt Bauer's New Video “Andaman Sea”

"On October 23, Matt Bauer will release his haunting new folk EP, No Shape Can Hold Me Now. Ahead of that, we’re pleased to premiere the found-footage video for album cut, “Andaman Sea.”" Watch it now on Under The Radar.

All Songs Considered Premieres Dana Falconberry's 'Crooked River'

"Falconberry's songs on Leelanau are like magical but strange little fairy tales. They shimmer and creep. Listening to them is like the musical equivalent of bounding through a poppy field, with fluttering little butterflies dancing in the air. But Falconberry isn't overly precious. There's mystery lurking in the shadows." Listen now right here.

Dana Falconberry's New Song "Birch Bark" Included In NPR's Fall Preview

All Songs Considered offers up Dana Falconberry's "Birch Bark" from her new album "Leelanau". Listen to it now over on NPR. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

VICE just premiered the new single off of The Pharmacy's upcoming album, Stoned & Alone, that's out in November on Old Flame Records!

"It's perfect that we're posting a premiere of "Baby Be" off of the new Pharmacy album, Stoned & Alone, which is set to come out this November, because everyone at VICE is literally dying. If a pharmacy truck could pull up and just dump out a bunch of cold meds and Kleenex boxes, we'd really like that. We really like this song too. It's like chicken soup for the soul, or whatever." Listen to it now on Vice. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gorilla Vs. Bear debuts Pure Bathing Culture's "Ivory Coast" video, directed by Sean Pecknold!

"Sean Pecknold directs the touching, beautifully shot official video for Pure Bathing Culture’s “Ivory Coast,” in which hologram sharks come for a heartbroken Sarah Versprille’s little blue alien love baby, I think. Pure Bathing Culture’s lovely 12″ EP is out now via our friends atFather/Daughter Records." Watch their video now on Stereogum!

Friday, September 14, 2012


"The California post-rock quartet the Album Leaf will self-release their new EP Forward/Return in a couple of weeks. And below, we’ve got a download of “Descent,” an instrumental EP track that builds slowly and prettily marries floating guitars and strings to skittering electronics." Read on and listen here.


"The sing-songy, Nintendo-y keyboard riff that opens things up is no mistake—it is based, says the group, on a mis-memory of an old video game musical theme (Munchlax’s Berry Bonanza, if you must know, which is a mini-game within the Pokemon universe). And the song indeed seems at one level to be about playing video games." Listen now on Fingertips Music.

Listen To Brass Bed's "A Bullet For You" EP Streaming Now On Paste!

"With a relaxed opening of reverb-drenched guitar, pleading vocals, and a hooky chorus, the title track slowly rises until finally breaking into an all out release, each instrument trying to outdo the other in emotional intensity. In the end though, it all comes back to Christiaan Mader’s earnest coda, “I’d rather take a bullet for you.”" Listen now at Paste.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Raymond Byron and the White Freighter Featured On Brooklyn Vegan!

"Ray Raposa, the brains behind Asthmatic Kitty-signed freak folk project Castanets, hasn't officially retired the Castanets moniker, but he is on to a new project which he's calling Raymond Byron & the White Freighter. He released his first album with that project, Little Death Shaker, earlier this month (9/4) via Asthmatic Kitty. It's got more folk and less freak than Castanets but more characteristically solid songwriting from Ray nonetheless." Keep on reading over on Brooklyn Vegan.

Helvetia's "Something In Rambling" Up Now On RCRD LBL!

"I think Helvetia must have listened to The Zombies growing up. “Something In Rambling” may not share many notes with “Time Of The Season,” but it certainly shares a cornerstone bassline and easy breezy psych-rock sentimentality." Listen to it now!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dana Falconberry's Latest Daytrotter Session Up Now For Your Listening Pleasure.

"Her songs, while dealing with many personal matters and all of those messy things that people get themselves into with other people, are set into place by her vivid descriptions of a world that could care less about who's missing who, who's loving who or what anyone's feeling at any given time. It's a world that's wholly disconnected from any possible misinterpretation. It's just out there, swaying in the breeze, praying for rain or some shade or trying to find breakfast, lunch or dinner." Listen now on Daytrotter.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ethan Daniel Davidson's "Silvertoooth" Streaming In It's Entirety On Paste!

"In his first record in seven years, Ethan Daniel Davidson returns with Silvertooth, a nine track effort that represents a departure from Davidson’s previous works. Possessing a warm and natural feel, Silvertoothis filled with deeply personal songs that mirror the many curveballs that have been thrown at Davidson since the release of his last record." Listen now on Paste.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Foxy Digitalis Weighs In On Helvetia's Latest!

"Helvetia has tapped such a rich lode that its latest work, while striated by the guitar washes and subliminal effects that often characterize psychedelia, transcends the genre; in effect, creating at least a variation on the language." Keep reading at Foxy Digitalis.

Bloggin' It...

Impose Magazine Streams Agent Ribbon's "Let Them Talk" EP!

"Packed into a new seven-song EP, Let Them Talk, the band’s many influences, mixed with sincere lyrics and Natalie and Lauren Ribbons’ jazzy vocals, swirl together and smooth out, even in a song as jaunty, fun-loving, and completely unhinged as “Fucked Up,” a vinyl-only cut that started as a shaky show stopper." Listen and read the complete interview over on Impose!

Paste Magazine Names Lightning Love's Leah Diehl As One Of The Best New Voices In Music!

"Lightning Love’s driving choruses and sugary-sweet hooks that are all tied together by Leah Diehl’s distinctive voice, which (her words, not mine) “sounds like a four-year-old.” “I was surprised that it was kind of pretty,” Leah reflects on first hearing her voice in the band." Listen now and keep reading on Paste!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Vice Premieres Brass Bed's New Track "Everytime You Make Me Off!"

"We sure do love Brass Bed. Remember when we premiered their take on "He's Large" not too long ago? Well now we're rolling out the warm feelings all over again with this premiere of "Everytime You Make Me" off of theirA Bullet for You seven-inch." Listen now on Vice!

Brooklyn Vegan Previews Lightning Love's Upcoming NY Dates!

"Detroit's Lightning Love released their sophomore LP, Blonde Album, last week (8/28) as the followup to 2008's November Birthday. It's a catchy collection of pop songs that have gained some accurate comparisons to Regina Spektor, though they remind me more of her quirky side than many recent (more popular) artists who ape her sound." Read on over at Brooklyn Vegan!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


"When you have an all-star team, it’s hard not to make a great song. Mike Coykendall, a star in his own right, brought in Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie), Eric Earley (Blitzen Trapper) and Zooey Deschanel (She & Him, hipster dream-girl extraordinaire) for a small folk gem called “The Hippie Girl.” The backing vocals from Gibbard and Deschanel (recently divorced), whistling and lap steel come together to form a quaint ode to that special kind of lady." Listen now over on Magnet.

Alameda's Latest Single "Slow Beginnings" Gets Some Love On RCRD LBL!

"Now a quintet bearing a new LP, they have truly evolved their brand of heartfelt Americana, deepening the lushness and musicality that accompanies their hardscrabble vocals. True to its name, “Slow Beginnings” has a somber start that unfolds into a humble orchestra of piano keys, backing songstresses and nimble guitars." Listen to "Slow Beginnings" over on RCRD LBL!

Raymond Byron & The White Freighter's "You’ll Never Surf Again" The Daily Choice At Sound On The Sound!

"Where Castanets felt almost wordless and melancholic, Raposo’s Byron person is the embodiment of porch-sitting blues. Twangy guitar, a well-lit compatriot chiming in with late hour melodics, detailed stories of one man’s woe – this is blues, no doubt about it. And, as much as a white hipster from San Francisco can, I understand the blues. I can close my eyes and picture Ray Raposo staring out the window of some tour van, another gig receding behind him, another one just coming in to focus on the horizon." Read the full review here.

Glorious Noise Reviews Ethan Daniel Davidson's "Silvertooth."

"Silvertooth puts Davidson’s voice and acoustic guitar unadorned in a very analog way, leaving producer Warren DeFever with a clean palate to color in with atmospheric tones, N’awlins dirge horns and a bed of reverb to lay down in when it gets dark enough. It’s a haunting approach at times, but nothing that listeners haven’t heard before. I was reminded of Grant Lee Buffalo’sMighty Joe Moon after my initial listen." Read on at Glorious Noise.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Raymond Byron and the White Freighter Sits In On Aquarium Drunkard's Lagniappe Sessions!

"Raymond Raposa’s Castanets released a pair of my favorite records in the early-mid 00s; 2004′sCathedral and First Light’s Freeze the following year. No matter the ever-changing lineup, project name or descriptor (esoteric-country, avant-folk, subversive Americana) Raposa’s vision has remained the constant. This week sees the release of Raposa’s latest full-length, Little Death Shaker - now under the guise of Raymond Byron And The White Freighter." Read on and listen over at Aquarium Drunkard!

Stream Helvetia's 'Nothing In Rambling' LP On Spin!

"Over the years, chief songwriter Jason Albertini (formerly of Duster) has maintained a revolving cast of personnel around him, including members of both Dinosaur Jr. and aforementioned tourmates Built to Spill. And while his outfit's seventh full-length provides a deliciously mercurial reflection of its loose lineup, Albertini's mutant psychedelia never sounds quite the same way from listen to listen." Listen now on Spin.


"Carolyn’s new album, The Queen of Vancouver Island (Mint Records), drops on September 18th. Not only has she firmly established herself as Canadian music royalty, but also as the queen of awesome song titles like “Nobody(‘s Perfect)” “Old Whores” and “You’re Not a Whore (If Nobody’s Paying)” as well. Naturally, we had questions." Read on for the complete interview on MEOW!