Monday, December 31, 2012

Oceanography Named One of The Bay Bridged's Best of 2012!

"The album kicks off with this soaring and emotionally-gripping track that calls to mind early U2, and which is the best track you’ll hear all year about a collections agent who uses the name of a Hall of Fame baseball player as an alias." Read the full list now over on The Bay Bridged!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Churches' Caleb Nichols Talks With The SF Examiner About The New Album!

"He left high school early, joined Bay Area bands including Port O’Brien and Grand Lake, and, with his majestic trio Churches, is exacting sweet revenge with the ebullient new single “Lovelife” backed by “Save Me” (both on a new EP). The group’s purpose is making music that Nichols’ younger self would want to hear." Read the full interview now at The SF Examiner!

Brooklyn Vegan Announces Lonesome Leash's Tour & Premieres His New Track "Feeding Frenzy!"

"Lonesome Leash (aka Walt McClements, a touring member and collaborator of Dark Dark Dark, and also a member of punk orchestra Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship? and New Orleans' Panorama Jazz Band) is releasing his debut album, I am No Captain, on January 1. It's a freaky, folky album that should appeal to people who like their Decemberists/Mountain Goats cut with a little Gypsy flavor." Listen now on Brooklyn Vegan.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Gliss' New Track "Hunting" Magnet's MP3 at 3PM!

"On January 22, the Modern Outsider label is releasing Langsom Dans by Danish/American trio Gliss. The band has toured with the likes of Billy Corgan, the Raveonettes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Editors." Listen now on Magnet!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Jennifer O'Connor Talks About Her New Album With Another Rainy Saturday!

"I Want What You Want is a reminder of what a devastatingly good songwriter O’Connor is. It is the directness and storytelling that draws one into her music, or at least draws me in to it. With a song like “Change Your Life,” it feels like she’s singing directly to you when the song opens, “If you want to change your life, you’re gonna have to change your mind / about what you want.” It’s one of the songs from I Want that is easy to get immersed in the lyrics." Keep Reading On Another Rainy Saturday.

Raymond Byron And The White Freighter Named Fourth Best Portland Release By The Oregonian!

"Raposa’s accomplished at wandering -- when he was a kid in California he used to take off about the country on forged bus tickets -- and this record is full of songs from the kind of bars you’d think about stopping at, before thinking better of it." Read on now on Oregon Live.

Vice Explores Their Renny Wilson Sexual Fantasy And Shares His New Video For "Could've It Been Me?"

"The album is relaxing and sexy with disco elements and plenty of sax. My Renny sexual fantasy involves a thrift store disco ball turning very slowly, bouncing light off of two frosty mugs of beer. He'll then strut across the room, locking eye contact, and hand me my glass. He'll put the vinyl copy of Sugarglider on, and whisper in my ear that I'm the first girl to hear it." Listen now on VICE!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ash Reiter's Latest Single "Ishi" Premiered On Impose!

""We speak like Ishi," Ash turns back the clock to 1911 where our hero emerges from the Butte County wilderness into Oroville, California. Creating an aesthetic that is more homecoming dance than anthropological spectacle; Reitner keeps the music full of heart and wonderment, displaying an understanding of both the vernacular and plight of the last of the so-called wild men." Listen now on Impose!

CHURCHES New Video For "LOVELIFE" Up Now On Impose TV!

"The Olan Mills-esque family gallery portraits provide a humanist take on the real definition of family currently being tackled by the Supreme Court's review of the Defense of Marriage Act's constitutionality or Proposition 8's unconstitutional same-sex marriage ban of hate. It is this timeliness that resounds in the powerful delivery of Caleb's immediacy of, "Oh kiss me quick, before it hits, I'm yours and you are mine." Watch it now on Impose!

Sadie Magazine Gets "Seven Minutes in Heaven" With Gliss!

"Danish/American three-piece Gliss have a new album called Langsom Dans coming out in early 2013 via Modern Outsider. Gliss has been described as "late night, fucked up art pop," and they’ve toured with Glasvegas, the Horrors, the Raveonettes, Editors, BRMC, the Warlocks, and more." Read on for the interview over on Sadie.

Blurt Explores The Influence Of Califone's "Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People."

Everybody has those albums they can point to as being transformative; these were my listening habits before this record, which were no longer my listening habits after this record. For me, one of those records was Califone's Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People, a 2000 release which has just received the expanded double-vinyl reissue treatment via the Jealous Butcher label. Read the full review now on Blurt!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Bay Bridged Talks With Oceanography's Brian Kelly

"Loud Americana seemed like the best way to describe our sound. While we do share many aspects of the Americana genre, the tonal aspects of that genre didn’t seem to work. I don’t play clean roots/blues guitar all the time. I do play a lot of flat picking a la American hillbilly, but I tend to jostle things tonally with distortion and delay swashes that can be a bit cacophonous. So that’s where the “loud” comes into play." Read the full interview now on The Bay Bridged!

Magnet Premieres Pancho-san's "A Fool, A Fall, A Foal" Video!

"Pancho-san features current and former members of Beulah and Rogue Wave). Sophomore LP Americans is out now, and it’s the follow-up to 2010′s Oh, Mellow Melody." Watch it now on Magnet.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Pharmacy's 'Stoned & Alone' Named Best Album of The Month By VICE!

What Made Milwaukee Famous' Daytrotter Session is OUT TODAY!

"If you were to ever in need of more proof that the human race was an experiment gone wrong, you can listen to the stories and pay attention to the characters in every What Made Milwaukee Famous song. The Austin, Texas, band taps into the worst aspects and the prevailing traits of our destructive species, all while making their findings harmonious and bar-thumping." Listen now on Daytrotter!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Wooden Wand's "Supermoon" Video Premiered On Stereogum!

"We’ve got a new Wooden Wand video today, from the band’s forthcoming LP, Blood Oaths Of The New Blues. The song is an aching alt-country ballad with a quietly crushing lyric — Toth’s voice has never sounded better or more haunting — and the clip is every bit as somber, meditative, and dark." Check it out now on Stereogum!

Ellie Herring Remixed Social Studies "Terracur" Up Now On Impose!

"Ellie Herring's "Terracur" remix regresses the Social Studies sound to its 2010 record Wind Up Wooden Heart. Despite its buzzing hum of organs and muffled bone percussion, the mood of dark pop is not altered from the original. Herring proves Social Studies can still have its bells and whistles and shake us to our inner being." Listen on Impose.

Stereogum Names Jawbreaker's "10 Best Songs!"

"Jawbreaker have always been that kind of band. The kind of band whose lyrics you pore over, learn by heart, make your own. The kind of band you fall in love with slowly, only to watch that love morph into obsession, then comfortable familiarity over the years." Read on for the list of Stereogum's top 10 Jawbreaker songs!

Refinery 29 Shares Gliss' New Video "Weight of Love!"

"L.A.-via-Copenhagen trio Gliss makes the sort of of shimmering dream pop that fans of Cocteau Twins and Spacemen 3 should immediately, sleepily fall for. The band's new video for "Weight of Love," sees demurely dressed vocalist Victoria Cecilia submerging herself in a sun-dappled pool, as if her heartache could literally drown her." Watch it now on Refinery 29.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lonesome Leash's new track "Ghosts" is making RCRD LBL reevaluate their feelings about the accordian!

"Lonesome Leash, a project from Walt McClements, is making me reevaluate a bit, though. "Ghosts" uses the instrument for loveable drone purposes – closer to a pump organ – and adds guttural drums and a defiant vocal intensity that reminds me of Future Islands. Check for more on I Am No Captain, which is out January 1, 2013." Listen now on RCRD LBL.

Q The Music Premieres The Live Video of Sea of Bees' Fleetwood Mac Cover!

The track was shot at the aforementioned Old Vinyl Factory in Hayes, which was once Britain's biggest pressing plant, and artists who swing by are encouraged to cover a classic track that was (probably) pressed on the premises. Watch now on Q The Music!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Work Break Brought To You By A Guy With A Melodica...

Pancho-San's Latest Album "Americans" Reviewed On East Bay Express!

"Stylistically, they evoke the enchantingly melancholy and shambling pop-rock of The Softies, Heavenly, and Beat Happening; the brittle, lo-fi synth-pop of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark; and the dense studio emotionalism of John Lennon's early solo work. The vocals are gauzy and heart-on-the-sleeve, and the songs sound as if they're emanating from a cave (where the "old man of the mountain" is Phil Spector)." Keep reading on East Bay Express.

In Your Speakers Gives Gliss' "Hunting" High Marks!

"“Hunting” is an excellent piece of noisy synthpop, and, though Gliss certainly owe a debt to The Smashing Pumpkins, at this point they have absolutely beaten Corgan at his own game. Hopefully Gliss will only continue to ascend their influences and put out better and better work." Read the full review on In Your Speakers.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Little Wings, “Sandy Babe” Premiered On The Fader!

"Little Wings aka Kyle Field is a master of the fragile song. His voice exists in a perpetual breaking point, at once a weighty baritone and a barely there sigh. It’s maybe something that grows on you instead of immediately hitting you in the face with its greatness." Listen now on The Fader.

Fanzine Explores The Relevance Of Jawbreaker's 'Bivouac."

"In Jawbreaker’s songs, the narrative of hardcore’s turbulent exodus into less dogmatic, more melodic pastures is compressed in white-hot bursts of conflict between fury and vulnerability, sincerity and jadedness, politics and introspection. It feels a lot like growing up." Keep Reading On Fanzine.

Ash Reiter Talks Tour Food With The Huffington Post!

"She makes breakfast quesadillas and wants to go on tour with The Beatles -- talk about a dream girl. Not to mention the music she makes is super fucking cool and groovy." Read on at The Huffington Post.

Prefix Discusses Jawbreaker's Reissue of "Bivouac" Calling It "Their Most Daring Work."

"In fact, it's that distance, both between people and between the individual and their own feelings, that frames Bivouac, and that Schwarzenbach explores so fully here, more than on the raw emotion of Unfun and more than on the concise attacks of 24 Hour Revenge Therapy. The 10-minute closing title track is a slow trudge, a way to, after the rumbling "Parabola" reflect on how it can possibly be the world looks so big, the people in it so small, so kept apart from one another." Read the complete review now on Prefix.