Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Time Out New York shares new live sessions with Matt Bauer

"He's now poised to release his second LP, The Jessamine County Book of the Living, which features dark, delicate orchestral arrangements—catch him previewing tracks at Union Pool this Thursday (June 2) at Union Pool, and meantime check his rendition of "Poplar Trees" live at TONY HQ. After the jump: "Blacklight Horses." Read the rest and watch the sessions at Time Out New York!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gimme Tinnitus premiers Big Pauper's "Blue Dawn"

Gimme Tinnitus premiers Big Pauper's "Blue Dawn" today along with a fun interview... "I can’t get enough of his infomercials, especially Tax Rap & that disturbing Gotta Get Your Money one where he just randomly starts beating a man. Something got tragically lost in execution on that one. That man is one of the most significant visual/performance artists of our time whether or not he realizes it. I think he does." Head over to Gimme Tinnitus to read the rest and nab the track!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New York Magazine sets Matt Bauer's new album far to the side of brilliant on their Approval Matrix!

Click through (or take a weird pill) to see where "The Jessamine County Book of the Living" sits amongst the rest of the matrix!

RCRD LBL premiers the lead single from Street Eaters' "Rusty Eyes and Hydrocarbons"

"Tell me why I thought of Sonic Youth when first hearing Street Eaters. They're a two piece, which is a testament to their musical ability, and much more straight forward punk than noise (they lack a guitar, after all), but there is something about the energy in this song. Drum-driven and out for a cause, “Nation Builder” contains definite traces of the Gilman-era pop punk on which the East Bay natives were raised. Duel vocals and spirited bass drive a track that never loses steam, a sort of Shellshag/Liars hybrid that pulls you in with ease. Sure to be a solid debut, grab LP Rusty Eyes & Hydrocarbons, out July 12 on Bakery Outlet and long-time favorite Plan-It-X." Grab "Nation Builder" from RCRD LBL now!

Don't miss Mixtape Muse's wonderfully written review of Big Pauper "Beyond My Means"

"Deep within the cloud of psych, there are signs of light and hope that prove Beyond My Means is a rewarding listen that reveals itself through layers of thought-provoking tones, samples, and choice quotes. It all ends with a man saying, “This nightmare is over,” and, by the end, you certainly feel like this was less an album and more an inspiring experience – or an honest journey through this world." Read the rest of the thoughtful review at Mixtape Muse!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

Big Pauper premier of the video for "The Stale Breath of 1000 Lucrative Club Bangers"

When Big Pauper called his project VHS Rap, he wasn't kidding! Prepare to have your reality augmented by the end of this amazing video... all circuit bent VHS video effects he created himself!

Hey Matt Bauer... What's your muse?

WHAT'S YOUR MUSE? Matt Bauer from Mixtape Muse on Vimeo.

"Simply put, Bauer produces moments of haunting beauty that may be melancholic at heart, but wind up being rather inspiring thanks to the music's great sincerity, sense of assurance, and comforting humility." Read the rest at Mixtape Muse!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

RCRD LBL drops a free download of Follow That Bird!

Texas threesome Follow That Bird is doing big things by way of garage, with some Kraut thrown in the mix and sultry powerhouse vocals from frontwoman Lauren Green tying it all together." Head over to RCRD LBL to download "The Ghosts That Wake You"...

Brooklyn Vegan checks in on Sea Of Bees NYC Residency...

"Some artists have a tendency to leave an audience largely lukewarm or indifferent, but with Sea of Bees, it's hard not to have some kind of a gut reaction. Over the course of the forty-minute set at Mercury Lounge Saturday night (4/30), Baeziger effectively tore down the invisible wall that often stands between the performer and the crowd thanks to her heartfelt delivery and endearing banter." Read the rest of Rachel Kowal's wonderful live review at Brooklyn Vegan.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Brass Bed live at Ardent Studios

MOKB Premiers the video for Matt Bauer's "When I Was A Mockingbird"

From My Old Kentucky Blog, "If you've never heard Matt Bauer's staggeringly beautiful The Island Moved In The Storm (2008), I suggest you stop reading now and remedy that situation posthaste. I say that simply because thoroughly digesting that record is about the only thing that can prepare you for Bauer’s upcoming release, The Jessamine County Book Of The Living."

Monday, May 2, 2011

Pitchfork / Kill Screen goes in depth on the collaboration between Jim Guthrie and Superbrothers on Sword & Sworcery!

"A journey into the study of pixel art and a failed attempt at animation led to mixtape swaps with music legend Jim Guthrie and booze-fueled powwows with Capybara Games. Adams helms the Superbrothers project with musical input from Guthrie and development from Capybara. They may ultimately have begun one of the most articulate ruminations on games in the past decade." Read the rest at Pitchfork!