Wednesday, June 30, 2010

LA Weekly Highly Recommends Seeing (((Eagle Winged Palace))) This 4th Of July!

Check them out at the Echo Country Outpost this 4th of July!

"Riding a wave of soaring, soothing harmonies, the alt-folk collective Eagle Winged Palace make their full-length debut with the just-out Where We're Coming From. And where, exactly, are these Angelenos coming from? Leader Cashew (ex-Prix) conjures old-timey reveries that evoke California's vanishing pastoral past, buttressed by an all-femme choir of angelic voices." Read the rest at LA Weekly...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Boy Eats Drum Machine rocks a Session From The Box!

Boy Eats Drum Machine stepped into the studios at Sessions From The Box and recorded a stellar set of jams and had a chance to speak between songs a bit about his insanely unique approach to jams! Check it out!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The first K Records Zip-Pak

Listening to the first edition of the K Records Zip-Pak and it's all Mirah! Serious, disco sweat workouts going on in the remixes... don't miss it! $1 per week, no dad-rock starting July 1st!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Inaugural Portland Folk Festival Announces its preliminary line up!

The Inaugural Portland Folk Festival announces its preliminary line up!

We're pleased to announce the preliminary line-up for the Portland Folk Festival. With many more performers being added daily, we couldn't wait any longer to share the list of amazing artists who will grace the stages of this year's inaugural festival.

The Portland Folk Festival will offer a rich and diverse sampling of music, art, craft, film, educational workshops and talks in handfuls of fantastic locations in Portland, Oregon August 20-22, 2010. Portland Folk Festival will be held over four days, with a different neighborhood focus each day. Music venues, pubs, galleries and interesting spaces throughout Downtown Portland, Alberta Arts District, Mississippi Avenue and Southeast Portland will host events through the day and night all weekend.

The Portland Folk Festival is dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the world's folk and traditional music, and to the vibrant community, forward-thinking quality of life, and spectacular natural beauty of our treasured home of Portland. With one foot firmly rooted in preserving and celebrating the lessons of the past, and one in working toward a sustainable future, we are dedicated to the study, evolution, expression and celebration of the music of the people. This is a wonderful opportunity for the community of Portland to come together and discover a world of music that's happening in their own backyard

Tickets for Portland Folk Festival are being sold online for $45. You will receive a badge that will get you into every show and event during the festival. Tickets for individual concerts will be available through each venue's online box office or at the door day of show.

Many more performers and exciting events will be announced in the coming weeks! The full schedule of activities will be available July 1st.

Preliminary Lineup:

Celso Machado
Thomas Mapfumo
Dan Bern
Jim Page

Oz Street Fossils

Caleb Klauder Country Band
Mary Flower

Loch Lomond Website Watch
Sea of Bees Website Watch
Louis Ledford
Myshkin’s Ruby Warblers
The Lower 48
Colin McGrath
Brian Cutean
Mamadou Thioub
Cardboard Songsters
Anne Weiss
Geoff Berner
Billy Kennedy & Tim Acott
Freak Mountain Ramblers
Stag Hare
Yarn Owl
Ezza Rose
Future Historians
Johnny and Jason
Earl White Band

Seattle Weekly has a wonderful write up on Finn Riggins and the Idaho scene!

"Being in a place where there's not a lot of music industry drives an art-for-art's-sake or music-for-music's-sake type of attitude about it that definitely plays an underlying role in the scene here," said keyboardist and vocalist Eric Gilbert. "We really like living in Idaho, and we weren't convinced we had to leave in order to make it in the music business."

Give Wake (Keep This Town Alive) a listen, read the whole story, and then check them out on tour all over the country this summer!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We couldn't be more thrilled that both of these amazing releases are out today! Please get in touch for your digi-copies, and check out the upcoming dates for ((Eagle Winged Palace)). ALSO! Perhaps you might be interested in jamming and/or sharing MP3s from these fine folks?

((Eagle Winged Palace)): "Movin' On To Avalon" MP3:

Holy Hail: "Riverine" MP3:


"A mix of rock ‘n roll, hip-hop and electronic, the band continues to challenge both genre conventions and the stereotypical male-female vocal dynamic (which has become prevalent in most indie), using their lyrics not to whisper sentiments, but to fearlessly mark their presence." Aux TV naming them one of the best new bands from NYC

"[Holy Hail] are like one of those mixed-sex, rad-fem collectives from the late-70s/early-80s UK post-punk scene, all runty grooves and righteous lyrics." the Guardian UK

"Holy Hail are intricate enough to avoid the overt, and there's a distance to the EP in its echoes, from the epic call of opener "Riverine" on through." QRO Magazine

"The group sounded very promising, combining melodies reminiscent of early Arcade Fire with a sound all their own." the New Montreal

“Riverine” stuck out to me, like a truly New Yorkian indie record, but with a hint of old west swagger." Pop Wreckoning

"Unlike say Coldplay or something who sound so perfect all the time that its like not even music, it just comes straight out of the music cyborg-mother’s womb-drive fully formed. Holy Hail doesn’t sound like that. They don’t sound slick, they sound strategic." 'Sup Magazine


"Enter Eagle Winged Palace, the latest in a line of those following in Brian Jonestown Massacre frontman Anton Newcombe’s wandering footsteps. Leaning more on the harvest golden tint of things than Anton’s penchant for violence, Eagle Winged Palace is no less spooky."--Glorious Noise

"Reverberating harmonies of the retro-1960s sort that we love EWP for."--Radio Free Silverlake

"...ghostly, sun-kissed"--Raised on Indie

"“Timber” is constructed of acoustic guitar and fragile, haunting harmonies."--Ears Wide Open

"This video's melting film feel melts in perfectly with the song Eagle Winged Palace has delivered us. A soft fear might creep up your back, and it might also rock you to sleep. "--Indie Rock Reviews

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pop Matters heaps praise on Hosannas!

Pop Matters weighs in on Then & Now & Then... click to read the full review.
"Like Brian Wilson, these guys love harmony and revel in both the simple joy of a sound, and the power that comes from intricate layering. With Hosannas, though, there’s something far more dissonant to what they are doing. Even as the melodies are warm and inviting, the sounds around them cool and spread out, adding a lonesome air to even the biggest, most bracing tracks."

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Oregonian freaks out with Finn Riggins... on tour all summer!

"The music ranges from thrashing rock to airy steel drum sidetrips; from ascending bubbles of synthesizer to country twang. If the musicians find ways of making those stylistic fusions and transitions less jarring, that's one thing. But cohesive? That almost sounds peaceful." Jake Tenpas, the Oregonian Read the rest of the interview!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

LA Weekly is insanely excited about Sea Of Bees at the Hotel Cafe, June 20th!

Click to read a wonderful interview with Sea Of Bees. Its a wonderful story on a wonderful artist...
"The full-length debut, Songs for the Ravens (just out on Davis-based Crossbill Records), reveals folk-tinged indie-pop that's so disarmingly sweet and guileless, so tender in its pleas for emotional connection that it can soften the hardest of hearts, or penetrate the toughest of filters." LA Weekly

Don't miss Shellshag - on tour now!

Shellshag is not too be missed! Don't take my word for it:

"Those hoping the band’s minimalist clatter recalls the soothing sounds of turtles mid-coitus may find solace only in its sludgy textures; everyone else can find stripped-down pleasure in the rest Shellshag’s sound, which is akin to a budget-priced My Bloody Valentine or a version of Sonic Youth that exists in a universe without cymbals." The AV Club

"Mark it down. This will be one of the best shows of the week. Brooklyn's Shellshag - one dude, Johnny Shell, and one lady, Jen Shag - have built a decade-plus career on underground, awesome-as-fuck sludgepunk." Weekly Volcano

"Brooklyn punkers Shellshag, with L.A.'s Signals, hits Spaceland. ... And it'll be a feast for the eyes and ears." LA Weekly

"Shellshag, a chomping garage duo whose latest album, Rumors in Disguise, is like a mixtape of the best of '90s underground rock compiled by your coolest friend from college. As much as their sound lovingly evokes '90s indie rock, there's just as much likelihood that Shellshag's own tunes will be as fondly recounted in decades to come." Willamette Week

"A skirling, swooping, fuzzy, cuddly guitar blanket fills out the sound and hints at a Pixies/Breeders influence. Rumors in Disguise opens with "1984," which brought me back, emotionally, to 1994. It could have been a Belly song. Shell sings with a tenor voice that has just a touch of plumy depth to it, and he enunciates with pleasurably expressive variability. Shag's voice is pitch perfect indie-rock chick: a little spray of gravel, no vibrato, a cool high chest voice. When they sing together, I'm in heaven." Missoula Independent

The K Singles Zip-Pak. Freaking out the Squares Since July 1, 2010

The K Singles Zip-Pak, is a series of underground singles delivered directly to virtual doorsteps every week via the wonders of electronic mail and the World-Wide Web. A year’s subscription to the K Singles Zip-Pak means hundreds of new favorite songs arriving effortlessly, a serious noisy pop rockin’ overdose. It's like a portable pirate radio station, AM-style: no post-rock, no Dad-rock, just endless screaming, crying and carrying on compressed into bite-sized chunks of three minute pop songs.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sea Of Bees on the cover of SubMerge - Album release party with John Vanderslice this thursday!

Tiny Mix Tapes heaps praise on Hosannas "Song Force Crystal"

We woke up to a wonderful review of Hosannas debut album from Tender Loving Empire:

"As Song Force Crystal arcs from its gleaming, tension-laden opening tracks toward its shadowy and threatening conclusion, there becomes evident a patience and maturity uncharacteristic for a debut album." Read the rest of the wonderful review!

Finn Riggins hits the open road, shares a string of dates with Built To Spill!

Finn Riggins is one of those rare bands that lives for the road... they crave it.

Summer 2010 Tour dates:
06.17.10 - Boise, ID @ the Linen Building w/ Hosannas
06.18.10 - Bend, OR @ the Rise Up International Warehouse w/ Hosannas
06.19.10 - Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios w/ Hosannas
06.20.10 - Olympia, WA @ the Northern (all-ages) w/ Shellshag
06.25.10 - Yakima, WA @ Yakima Sports Center
06.26.10 - Seattle, WA @ Georgetown Music Festival
06.27.10 - Boise, ID @ Boise Record Fest at Ann Morrison Park

07.02.10 - El Cerrito, CA @ I Am We House
07.03.10 - San Francisco, CA @ El Rio Big Time Freedom Fest
07.09.10 - Pocatello, ID @ Flipside Lounge
07.10.10 - Victor, ID @ Knotty Pine
07.14.10 - Boise, ID @ The Warehouse at 5115
07.15.10 - Ketchum, ID @ Whiskey Jacques
07.22.10 - Salt Lake City, UT @ The Woodshed
07.23.10 - Boulder, CO @ Boulder Draft House
07.24.10 - Denver, CO @ The Underground Music Showcase
07.25.10 - Grand Junction, CO @ KAFM Radio Room

08.08.10 - Asheville, NC @ The Orange Peel w/ Built To Spill
08.09.10 - Atlanta, GA @ Buckhead Theatre w/ Built To Spill
08.10.10 - Little Rock, AR @ The Village w/ Built To Spill
08.11.10 - Dallas, TX @ Granada Theater w/ Built To Spill
08.12.10 - Amarillo, TX @ The 806
08.13.10 - Colorada Springs, CO @ The Black Sheep w/ Built To Spill
08.14.10 - Bellevue, CO @ Mishawaka Amphitheatre w/ Built To Spill
08.19.10 - Boise, ID @ Terrapin
08.20.10 - McCall, ID @ Salmon River Brewery
08.25.10 - Hailey, ID @ Wicked Spud Back Alley Concert Series

What the press is saying:

"Idaho’s Finn Riggins, on the other hand, was anything but boring. A variety of chord progressions, noises, instruments, styles and math-y beats comprised the trio’s eccentric sound, all performed pretty deftly Thursday night." Las Vegas City Life

"Finn Riggins approached their latest album, Vs. Wilderness, with consideration for how each song would translate in a live setting. The result is a raucous and unpredictable collection of material that achieves an invigorating immediacy … and fairly mirrors their raucous and unpredictable live show." Seven Days

"You can go see them live and just dance-off, or you can listen in to a fine set of observations of the American experience. What you can’t do is ignore it: This is infectious, relentless and the only performance/album I’m reviewing in several years that’s a 7 out of 7." Oregon Public Broadcasting

"Wake (Keep This Town Alive)," off last year's Vs. the Wilderness, a tune that fuses their love of Idaho-style indie rock (they recently supported Built to Spill at the Showbox) and long-hair rockers from the '70s." Seattle Weekly

"Finn Riggins, with their joyfully eccentric indie-pop workouts that juxtapose XTC, Blondie and the Poster Children, might not yet attract the kind of scenester crowd that flocks to the latest Sonic Youth- or Slowdive-inspired outfit, but the band’s calculated harmonies and impressive poly-rhythms are irreverent and beautiful, as are the group’s quirky lyrics." Boulder Weekly

Monday, June 14, 2010


We're beyond pumped to have a new ((Eagle Winged Palace)) MP3 to share with you (and we hope you'll share it with others): "Movin' On to Avalon"!

We'd love for you to check out and write about EWP's amazing, amazing, amazing new one, WHERE WE'RE COMING FROM. Hit me up for your copy.


(((Eagle Winged Palace))) are folk as ghost story. Spooky tales of weird edge of the earth California: Spanish ship wrecks slammed into the rocks of Big Sur; moon faced spirits of silent film stars darting through haunted Mediterranean palaces in Hollywood; migrants aching in the ruined farms of Salinas. A shambolic blend of magical realism, campfire legend and encroaching darkness blots the mind of California folk act (((Eagle Winged Palace))).

Originally the solo project of Cashew, the former lead singer of The Prix, (((Eagle Winged Palace))) was structured around a singular aesthetic: skeletal acoustic folk stories about dead and gone, black and white California. When The Prix parted ways earlier this fall, the project became Cashew's main artistic focus and he soon decided to recruit a full working band to help carry out his vision. Turning to his friends, all Los Angeles natives themselves, he quickly recruited a group of kindred spirits. First came Michelle, a local poster artist, musician, and songwriter blessed with a bluesy voice and skillful finger picking abilities. Next came Mimi, a trapeze high-flyer model with a voice chaneling the Elysian beauty of deep Joshua Tree desolation. Finally, and ironically least predictably, came Cashew's wife, Uncle Rhea, a classically trained musician herself willing to step away from a high-profile scholarship to return to music for this new project. Backing up the vocal group on piano and organ is Nathan Van Hala who came into the fold in the fall of 2008, after Cashew’s longtime collaborator Blake Jordan moved out of Los Angeles.

06.28.10 - San Francisco, CA @ the Knockout
06.29.10 - Sebastopol, CA @ Aubergine After Dark
08.07.10 - LA, CA @ New Folk Festival


Jenn from Shellshag sat down with Tom Tom Magazine

She hung out with the ladies from Tom Tom Magazine and basically laid it down on what it means to be a kick ass drummer... Shellshag is on tour everywhere, now!

"Growing up it was like, “pretty good for a girl” and all that bullshit and I feel like that’s kind of gone now." Jennifer Shagawat from Shellshag, click to read the full interview!


The Pygmalion Music Festival, now in its sixth year, has firmly established itself as a major and innovative presence in the realm of North American music festivals. This year’s lineup, which includes the likes of Roky Erickson with Okkervil River, Caribou, Built to Spill, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Cap'n Jazz, Surfer Blood, Holy Fuck, Fang Island, Cults, +/– {Plus/Minus} and dozens more, is quickly promising to be the festival’s most exciting year yet. More major and exciting acts are already on the books, and scheduled to be announced on July 7, 2010.

Since its inception in 2005, Pygmalion has set itself apart from behemoth conferences like SXSW and CMJ as well as from large-scale fairground-based events such as Coachella and Austin City Limits by presenting both established and emerging artists in venues no bigger than a small theater. The festival, boutique in spirit and visionary in scope, thrives in the unique niche of its humble Champaign-Urbana setting, and is honored to continue to sustain and grow carefully within that intimate context. This year, Pygmalion will present more than 65 performers over four days in 12 different venues taking place in three different vibrant neighborhoods in Champaign-Urbana.

Pygmalion Music Festival has thrived over the years thanks to the generous support of community businesses and national sponsors, such as the University of Illinois’ highly-acclaimed Krannert Center for the Performing Arts and Red Bull Music Academy, amongst others. Serving as a bridge between the area’s thriving local music scene and the national indie rock touring scene has always been and remains part of the festival’s focus, as local bands are presented at each show alongside some of the finest performers that the world has to offer.

Each Pygmalion Music Festival show offers tremendous intimacy, near-perfect sightlines, a short wait for entry and shows that are filled yet comfortable. Located just two hours south of Chicago, north of St. Louis and west of Indianapolis, Champaign-Urbana is in a great, easy-to-reach location. The campus of the University of Illinois is easily traversed by foot, and features myriad lodging and culinary options. The area’s history-rich music scene has birthed multi-platinum artists including REO Speedwagon, seminal emo-punk bands like Braid and Sarge, nineties alternative juggernauts HUM, is home to awesome indie labels Polyvinyl Records and Parasol Records, as well as the offices for Undertow Management and The Nicodemus Agency. Suffice it to say, the community is only too excited to present what has become one of the finest fall destinations for music festivals in the Midwest.

Pygmalion Music Festival passes are $65 currently. Single show tickets will go on sale July 10, 2010 at 10 a.m.

To purchase tickets and find out more information, visit:

Friday, June 11, 2010

Impose Magazine geeks out over Sea Of Bees!

The folks at Impose have been blown away by the new Sea Of Bees album!

"It's rare but sometimes we geek out for Americana. This is one of those delicate moments as Sea of Bees was too invading to the ear to ignore." Black Gillespie, Impose Magazine

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The AV Club is hot for Shellshag - ON TOUR NOW!

"There’s not a whole lot to read into the name of Brooklyn duo Shellshag—it’s simply the compounded surnames of members Johnny Shell and Jen Shag. Those hoping the band’s minimalist clatter recalls the soothing sounds of turtles mid-coitus may find solace only in its sludgy textures; everyone else can find stripped-down pleasure in the rest Shellshag’s sound, which is akin to a budget-priced My Bloody Valentine or a version of Sonic Youth that exists in a universe without cymbals." from the AV Club

Visqueen's Rachel Flotard goes uncensored...

Visqueen's Rachel Flotard lets it all hang out at Uncensored Interview from Tom & Jerry to health care to twitter to major labels... over the course of ten parts, it's all there! Here's the clip about how social networking can be helpful to up and coming bands:

Loch Lomond's West Coast tour kicks off tonight in Portland at Mississippi Studios!

Loch Lomond's West Coast tour kicks off tonight in Portland at Mississippi Studios! You can download and share their new single, "Ghost Of An Earthworm", now.I was lucky enough to catch their intimate warm-up set last night and the band just blew me away. There are very few bands that can match their intricate arrangements and intensity in a live setting. If you're on the West Coast, this is a must see...

Tour Dates:

06.10.10 - Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios
06.11.10 - Eugene, OR @ Cosmic Pizza
06.12.10 - Davis, CA @ Sophia's
06.13.10 - San Francisco, CA @ Hotel Utah
06.14.10 - Santa Cruz, CA @ the Crepe Place
06.15.10 - Santa Barbera, CA @ Muddy Waters
06.17.10 - Los Angeles, CA @ the Bootleg Theater

What the press is saying:
"Loch Lomond boast a well-plotted dynamism and a knack for intriguing storytelling. Intimately folksy but compellingly orchestral, Night Bats seems expertly calibrated to induce sighs." Spin Magazine

"Loch Lomond deserve all the accolades they are getting." Brooklyn Vegan

"That something "special" that every band needs: Loch Lomond has it in spades." Tinymixtapes

"The glassy "Night Bats" lingers in the memory with aching vocal harmonies and the slippery combination of acoustic guitar, banjo and xylophone, while the final track, "Wax and Wire," is a withering waltz that is equal parts bellow and whisper." The Oregonian

"The opening Ghost of an Earthworm (incidentally, Best Enigmatic Metaphor of 2010 thus far) stomps in tenderly, while Wax and Wire wanes out splendidly – taking our affections with it." the Skinny

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Archeology heads out on a full U.S. tour!

2010 is the year of Archeology! On the successful heels of their debut album, Memorial, Archeology hits the road to bring their harmonious songs to the United States at large. Live, rooms are silenced when their voices join one another on stage. Their songs, seductively sparse, couple pop hooks with barren Americana for a sound that seems unearthed, dusted off and made anew. The band is available for interviews, photo shoots and in-studio performances, please do get in touch!

Watch the video for "White Walls"
Download the mp3 of "By the By"

Tour Dates:
07.06.10 - Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge
07.14.10 - Eugene, OR @ Sam Bonds
07.15.10 - Sacramento, CA @ Club Retro
07.16.10 - Fresno, CA @ Kuppajoe
07.17.10 - San Jose, CA @ Nickel City Arcade
07.18.10 - Las Vegas, NV @ the Bunkhouse
07.21.10 - Torrey, UT @ the Patio
07.23.10 - Salt Lake City, UT @ the Woodshed
07.24.10 - Denver, CO @ the Hi Dive
07.25.10 - Lincoln, NE @ Duffy's Tavern
07.27.10 - Kansas City, MO @ the Record Bar
07.28.10 - Springfield, MO @ the Outland Ballroom
07.29.10 - Iowa City, IA @ The Mill
07.30.10 - Chicago, IL @ the Cave
07.31.10 - Lansing, MI @ Mac's

08.03.10 - Youngstown, OH @ The Lemon Grove
08.05.10 - Rochester, NY @ the Bug Jar
08.06.10 - Manhattan, NY @ the Rockwood Music Hall
08.07.10 - Brooklyn, NY @ Coco66
08.08.10 - Richmond, VA @ the Triple
08.09.10 - Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor
08.10.10 - Winston-Salem, NC @ The Garage
08.11.10 - Charleston, SC @ The Tin Roof
08.12.10 - Orlando, FL @ Will's Pub
08.13.10 - Atlanta, GA @ Wonderroot
08.14.10 - Birmingham, AL @ The Nick
08.17.10 - Nashville, TN @ The Basement
08.18.10 - Fayetteville, AR @ Rogue Pizza
08.19.10 - Dallas, TX @ Bill's Records
08.21.10 - Austin, TX @ The Parish
08.24.10 - El Paso, TX @ The Percolator
08.25.10 - Tucson, AZ @ Solar Culture
08.26.10 - Phoenix, AZ @ The Rhythm Room

The press is digging Archeology!

"Memorial is an engaging collection of decidedly secular songs that fall somewhere between twee indie sing-alongs, campfire hymnals, and slices of rustic Americana." Filter

"Bringing influences from all ends of the spectrum, Archeology blends and bends many genres, birthing catchy yet complex songs, supported by sincere and emotional lyrics. This raw passion is seen in its fullest when Archeology performs live, an experience that music lovers, young and old alike, can appreciate." the Examiner

"The brainchild of Oregonian musicians Jason Davis and Daniel Walker,Archeology crafts harmonic, lush pop with a sharp lyrical edge. " Leigh Belz, Teen Vogue

"There is no shortage of harmonies here, as songs like "By the By" and "Hunter" won't overwhelm you with their barren structure, but come together naturally thanks to the duo's intertwined voices."
Ezra Ave Caraeff, Portland Mercury

"The band shines when they... show their fun side, like in the drum-heavy "White Walls" and the catchy "New San Salvador"."
Deanna Uutela, the Deli Magazine

"Minimalist folk roots and vocal harmonies that rival Fleet Foxes permeate the record. The quality of the work grows more and more apparent the more times you listen to it, until songs like the triumphant "White Walls" become irresistible."
Peter Kearns, Snob's Music

"This road trip pop jingle rolls down the window and lets the open air engulf your senses and as you breathe in soft and rolling rhythms the guitar will keep you wondering if he is going to strum some chords or pick out specific notes."
Andrew Duncan, Zaptown on "By the By"

"Having been compared to Death Cab for Cutie, the band evokes the same spirit and feeling as Band of Horses intermixed with hints of the Shins. Their easygoing notes and smooth voices slowly crescendo to form a bold surge of emotion." Oregon Music News

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

People Eating People in NYC next week!

Jam "I Hate All My Friends" really loud...

Tender Forever "No Snare" out today! Grab "Like The Snare That's Gone" from Giant Robot

No Snare, Melanie Valera's third full length album, moves away from some of the more exuberant dance oriented songs of past years into a darker and more melancholy direction. Maybe it's her current residence in the damp and dirty Pacific Northwest, maybe its a little adulthood. Whatever it is, we get a deeper, denser sound. These songs push through the forest as the evening comes, dripping wet, the lights of a little house up ahead. What No Snare retains is Valera's emotional clarity and eloquence. We are always invited to her world, feeling what she feels without exception. Valera keeps her lyrics light on their feet, moving with ease around the complexities of her compositions, her vocals rolling hard with the strength of conviction.

Download "Like The Snare That's Gone" now from Giant Robot

Monday, June 7, 2010


Snuffaluffagus, a musical endeavor created by songwriter Chris Braciszewski, was born out of a home studio project in his hometown San Diego and, over the last couple of years, has progressed into a collective of collaborating musicians basing their creative stylings around central ideas and concept albums. Snuffaluffagus' first Gnome Records release of 2008 (Aminals EP) is a prelude to a folk fairy tale (Aminals LP 2009) and is just one of many concepts that strive to promote childlike imaginative states. Developing the theme further, the Aminals LP was available as a coloring book (sold out for the time being) and an album. Snuffaluffagus has spent most of late 2009 and the first half of 2010 piecing together their next album, "Brazil Wood Poetry", a collage and tribute to the golden era of Brazilian tropicalia. Continuing the tradition of moving around the country, the album started in the San Francisco-based analog tape-equipped rooms of Tiny Telephone with Jay Pellici and moved south into a converted barn studio in San Diego. From there, the band moved out east to New York where the orchestral arrangements blossomed. After finishing the album in San Diego, the band will embark on a quest up the coast and into Canada. This album will be released via their own nu-digital label, "Wizard Spit".

What the press is saying:

"a great freak folk fusion album, following in the vain of Fleet Foxes"--And Music Will Set You Free

"If you want to get your bliss on and listen to a folk fairy-tale of sorts, then look no further than Snuffaluffagus’s Aminals LP."-- Plastic Milk

06.18.10 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Smell
06.19.10 - San Diego, CA @ The Che Cafe
06.21.10 - Los Angeles, CA @ Echo Curio
06.22.10 - Fresno, CA @ The Starline
06.23.10 - Oakland, CA @ the Fort Gallery
06.24.10 - Berkley, CA @ the Starry Plough
06.25.10 - Sacramento, CA @ The Hub
06.26.10 - Reno, NV @ TBA
06.27.10 - Nevada City, CA @ Chief Crazy Horse Saloon
06.29.10 - Eugene, OR @ The Muse Lounge
06.30.10 - Salem, OR @ The Space
07.03.10 - Seattle, WA @ the josephine
07.05.10 - Vancouver, BC @ TBA
07.06.10 - Olympia, WA @ Chez Puget
07.07.10 - Portland, OR @ Ella St Social Club
07.09.10 - Chico, CA @ Coda Cafe
07.10.10 - San Francisco, CA @ TBA
07.11.10 - Santa Barbara, CA @ TBA

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oui FM hosts Tender Forever for a live in-studio performance!

Click to watch a wonderful interview with Melanie Valera of Tender Forever on France's Oui FM. Non-French speakers do not worry, she still belts out her wonderful songs we know and love her for! No Snare is out next tuesday from K Records... get excited!

Watch the new video for Archeology's "White Walls" off of Memorial!

Filter premiered the brand new video from Archeology today for the gorgeous song "White Walls". The treatment for the video was written by the band's own Jason Davis and sees the four band members set in a beautiful location contrasted with the trappings of four white walls. Watch it for yourself! Memorial, the band's first album, has stunned listeners with it's lush harmonies, intricate arrangements and informed lyricism. With a full US and Europe tour in the works for summer through fall, expect big things from this young band!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Visqueen performs "So Long" live in studio!

Don't miss this performance of "So Long" from Jack Rabid's radio show... Rachel Flotard will blow you away with vocals on it but, be fore warned, it's a tear jerker of a performance.

Holy Hail premiers the video for "Feels Like Forever"

The lush love letter to Coney Island that is the video for "Feels Like Forever" premiers today at Aux TV. It's a beautiful video that follows the band on a trip out and back set to the slinky, electro rock sound the band has gained notoriety for. If you haven't heard the new record yet, let us know. The band is currently putting together the details for the album release party in NYC and working on a late summer tour. Keep your eyes peeled for "Feels Like Forever" to come out as their next single soon!

Shellshag's "Resilient Bastard" gets listed in the new issue of Spin!

We all knew it when we heard it for the first time, "Resilient Bastard" is one of the best jams of the year! Now the folks at Spin agree...

From Songs you Must Here Now:
"Brooklyn guy/gal duo reverse engineer a great lost 90's scrunge anthem, but with more sincerely battered heart."

Download it now: "Resiliant Bastard"

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


YEAHH! We couldn't be happier. Listen to what the Portland Mercury had to say, and watch this video for "Gnomes"!

"Mark your calendars now because Songs for the Ravens, the debut full-length album from Sea of Bees, comes out on June 1, and it is, without a doubt, fucking fantastic. Following up last year's The Bee Eee Pee EP, Sea of Bees—the project of Central Valley's Julie Baenziger—have crafted a haunting, ravishing record that contains infinitely sumptuous layers. Baenziger's voice ranges from a child's meow to a wise old woman's incantations, while the songs' gorgeously bone-chilling backdrops feel like a sturdy house being restored to its former beauty after years of neglect—there's some dust and rot and maybe some overgrown vines creeping their way up the walls, but the foundation and frame are as strong as ever. Songs for the Ravens is bound to be one of this year's finest records; as soon as you hear it you're not going to be able to shake it." NED LANNAMANN, Portland Mercury