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Thursday, February 17, 2011

NEW Jake Mann + The Upper Hand "Get What You Came For" Video from Terror Eyes!

We are beyond thrilled to bring you this, the new Jake Mann + The Upper Hand video for "Get What You Came For" from Terror Eyes! <---Click here, or on the image, to watch it! Jake's newest LP, "Parallel South", is newly out on Crossbill Records (the label that brought us all Sea of Bees last year), and nice folks have been singing its deserved praises.

"'Parallel South' feels like a sonic postcard from another place and time - say, the Midwest by way of the feel-good all-American rockers of the '80s ('Below the Line,' 'Days Are Long') or the South, courtesy of loping, soul-inflected pop ('Run Away')."--SF Chronicle

"a seriously addictive slice of immediate power pop-rock..."--The Bay Bridged

"refined jangle and semi-ironic blue-eyed soul ..."--There Stands The Glass

"...a mix of melodic pop and the best of 90s guitar bands, with singer-songwriter Mann’s layer of grainy, sometimes Dylan-esque vocals landing on top of the pot. They sound even better live than they do on the record, so mark your calendars: the guys are worth another visit when they take the stage for a free show at Noise Pop Happy Hour on February 25th."--SF Station the last quote noted, Jake & Co. are playing this year's Noise Pop on 2/25, as well as in Davis on 2/22. Details below. Please do get in touch for your copy of the record!

Listen to the MP3 for "Days are Long" here, and grab bio info, photos and more right here. 

02.22.11 - Davis, CA @ Odd Fellow's Hall
02.25.11 - San Francisco, CA @ Bender's for the The Bay Bridged Presents: Noise Pop Happy Hour

Triumph Of Lethargy Skinned Alive To Death Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape

"Triumph Of Lethargy Skinned Alive To Death is the longwinded name of the Seattle-based quartet comprised of Spencer Moody (Murder City Devils), Andrea Zollo (Pretty Girls Make Graves), Corey J. Brewer and Joel Cuplin. Besides its stellar lineup, this band will force you into a state of awe and utter respect between its drone-y, eerie sound and devil-may-care attitude (its catch phrase being, “We do what we want. We will never break up”). Oh, and this killer mix tape (check out the video playlist) the band members made for MAGNET helps, too. Newest LP,Some Of Us Are In This Together, is out now via Don’t Stop Believin’ Records." Head over to Magnet to check the amazing playlist... you're going to get an education with this one!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


SO EXCITING: Our very own Quiet Life's stellar new album, "Big Green", is out now--and they just returned from a triumphant (albeit weather-burdened due to that Chicago snowstorm) tour with the Moondoggies. Now, they've just announced a string of dates with Portugal The Man! THOSE SHOWS ARE GOING TO BE GREAT. Behold:

03.02.11 - Eugene, OR @ WOW Hall w/ Portugal. The Man
03.03.11 - Boise, ID @ Neurolux w/ Portugal. The Man
03.04.11 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Club Sound w/ Portugal. The Man
03.15.11 - 03.19.11 - Austin, TX @ SXSW
03.16.11 - Austin, TX @ the Ghost Room at Riot Act Media Day Party


....and keep your eyes peeled for an amazing new video from Quiet Life TOMORROW!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We couldn't be more proud to be working with Beaten By Them, whose amazing new LP, "Invisible Origins", is out today---and getting lots of love (including being added to ALARM Press' "Most Exciting Releases This Week" list!).

San Francisco/Melbourne/New York City-based quintet Beaten By Them have, in "Invisible Origins" (the follow-up to 2007's "Signs of Life" on Thrill Jockey), created a masterfully expansive tapestry of cello, guitars, bass, drums and electronics.

"Rock and roll isn't rocket science. In the case of Beaten By Them, however, it actually is. Two of the band's members met while working at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Along with three band mates, the pair make foreboding but never sterile instrumental music. Imagine a heavier version of the Feelies or a really cranky Brian Eno. The prominent use of a cello allows even the most industrial moments to radiate a sort of classical aesthetic. The forthcoming album Invisible Origins would provide an ideal soundtrack for a remake of the lonely deep space film Silent Running."--There Stands The Glass

"The album is tribal in nature, and I think that is what really makes Invisible Origins hypnotic. Whether it’s a driving beat — like a Sandy Nelson big beat on “Nisla Nif” — or a beautiful earthly discovery in scope (we really hear that on the song “Lost”). “Destiny Manifest” sounds like a Sonic Youth meandering without screetching feedback, just an open-aired composition that is elevated high into the atmosphere."--Zaptown

Be Mine, the debut album from powerdove, is out today!

Please do give the lead single, Birdsong, off of Be Mine a listen! It's a wonderful example of the material on powerdove's debut album of quiet, sparse folk. You can stream all of the songs from the new album in their entirety at all weeklong!

Download and share "Birdsong"
Watch the video for
"Sickly City"
Watch powerdove perform "Spinning Daisy" live on Less.TV
Artist info, press photos and more available here.

Early Press:
"It's the simplicity of the music that emphasizes the impact of her enchanting, intimate delivery. The music is inescapable; Lewandoski sounds as though she's playing directly at your ear. It can be beautiful or eerie and everything in between." Mixtape Muse

"Powerdove centre around Annie Lewandowski, whose haunting vocals and parlor guitar stylings will rattle your heart and soul. " Music Alarm (naming powerdove 1 of 15 artists to watch in 2011)

Monday, February 14, 2011

UNCUT calls Cobirds Unite "a subtle triumph."

QRO Magazine falls for Robin Bacior's latest EP...

"Does the indie-world need another alt-country/folk singer/songstress? Does Brooklyn? In the case of Robin Bacior, the answer is yes. With her moving debut EP Aimed For Night, the denizen of the Borough of Houses & Churches is both sweet and sad.

Opener "Familiar Road" has the right ingredients for today's alt-country/folk, with a twang and sway that is familiar, but no less powerful for it. Bacior strips to pluck and pretty for "Island", and goes lady-country la-la on "Tell the House", but Aimed finds its highpoint in its final track, "The Great Plane". Bare and sweet, "The Great Plane" still has just the right amount of heartbreak.

With only one woman and four songs, Bacior isn't reinventing the alt-country/folk wheel on Aimed For Night, but introducing herself, and does it well. Look for her to follow the path upward trod by Brooklynite belles such as Sharon Van Etten and others - and catch her before that at South-by-Southwest, or in her current string of Brooklyn dates, including a free residency at Pete's Candy Store." From QRO Magazine

Whoa! Laura Stevenson & the Cans are #1 on RCRD LBL!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Magnet Magazine premiers the new single from powerdove

"powerdove is the one-woman project of Southampton, England’s Annie Lewandowski, whose debut album, Be Mine, is out February 15 via Circle Into Square Records. The dozen-track LP was recorded in Oakland, Calif.’s Mills College Concert Hall two years ago by Deerhoof’s John Dieterich, and while the songs were written to be played solo, Lewandowski was accompanied on the album by upright bassist Jason Hoopes and percussionist Alex Vittum. powerdove will tour Europe in April and the U.S. this summer. Until then, download lead single ”Birdsong,” which we are proud to debut today on" Catch the single at Magnet!

RCRD LBL premiers the lead single off of Laura Stevenson & the Cans new album!

"I would expect big things from an alum of Bomb The Music Industry, the Long Island DIY collective who have nailed mish moshed folk punk numbers down to a science. Good thing Laura Stevenson & The Cans delivered, retaining the folk element and infusing it with feminine grace. "Master Of Art" is a tinge of Joanna Newsom minus the harp, Kate Nash if Kate Nash was cool and hell, let's even throw some Jewel in there circa those years she lived in the truck. It's fun and sincere and pretty, and full length Sit Resist will be out April 26 on Don Giovanni. Catch the Cans at the label's two-dayshowcase this weekend in Brooklyn." Shannon Hassett, RCRD LBL

Friday, February 4, 2011

Catch this stellar review of Brass Bed’s “Melt White”

"Melt White is a feel good pop album with a heavy dose of personality, produced by the Lafayette-based band, Brass Bed. The band is comprised of: Jonny Campos (guitar, pedal steel, bass, vocals), Peter DeHart (drums, touches, vocals), Christiaan Mader (guitar, bass, vocals), and Andrew Toups (keys). They signed to Park The Van records last year (think Dr. Dog) and have developed a sound that pays tribute to the pop sensibility of the Beach Boys, the timeless—and quirky—nature of Elvis Costello, and their own blend of youthful energy that is good enough to be taken seriously.

Melt White ropes listeners in with songs like the emphatic “Miniature Day Parade” and the lullaby-esque “God Saves The Thieves.” The record boasts dreamy vocals backed by choirboy “ooohhhing” and “aaahhing”; the instrumentation ventures to folk-friendly territory with “Maybe It’s Not Me,” but stays largely in the realm of get-up-and-go percussion with tons of guitar chatter and jazzy keys to keep the record going. “Bums On The Radio” is one of my favorite songs on the album because it showcases all of Brass Bed’s influences and capabilities—milky vocals and a graceful tempo roll into very upbeat 60s instrumentation and quite a bit of fun; frenetic as it sounds, it still works and segues nicely into “Pop Mission” (which reminds me just a little bit of The Soft Pack). The band does a great job of leading listeners through what feels like a very organic album." From the Blue Indian

CMJ premiers the Skull Tape video for “Whip My Hair (Drowned In Blood)”

"If you need the case illustrated, Skull Tape has got you covered with its latest video. The project of the Mae Shi member Brad Breeck takes on wee Willow’s track by adding parentheses and comical brutality to the title—“Whip My Hair (Drowned In Blood).” The song is transformed into punk-rap with a crunk Euro dance beat, which doesn’t sound ideal, but makes for amusing viewing. Milk is involved." Read the rest at CMJ!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Less tv presents: powerdove "Spinning Daisy" [Maps Session] names Robin Bacior as an artist to watch!

"This little bird grew up in Chico, the hometown of, and around two years ago hopped on a plane for the big city, New York. Currently residing in Brooklyn, this song bird has truly blossomed. Her voice demands attention, it has a smokey, soulful ease that almost makes you homesick for a time long forgotten." Read the rest at!

The Vinyl District does 5 Questions with Buried Beds!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Boston Phoenix interview Laura Stevenson

"What I took from that [punk and ska] was taking simple chord structures - y'know, just three or four chords - and revolving songs around them," says the 26-year-old, addressing her high-school-era playlists. "I kind of took the music that made me the most excited when I was younger and turned it into something completely different." Read the rest over at the Phoenix!