Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bright Archer's "Hidden Systems" out today!!

Early press:
"Bright Archer's dizzying new LP Hidden Systems harkens back to Mitchell's untouchable 1969-75 run (Clouds through The Hissing of Summer Lawns), but sans the vintage nostalgia of that fabled era. Kunin's earnest vocals and simple yet subtly elaborate song structure portray an artist at her creative peak." Portland Mercury

"Johanna creates vignettes from her piano and her beautifully trained breathy voice, all the more visceral for its seemingly simple construction." The Owl Mag

"There is a definite original quality in Kunin’s lyrics that is among the most alluring aspects of Hidden Systems, as she wields her ambiguous words with devastating effect." Stereo Subversion

"Trained in opera as a child, jazz in college, a current member of a number of bands around her hometown of Portland and finally taking her talents solo, Johanna Kunin has arrived breathy folk in tact." RCRD LBL

"Hidden Systems refuses easy, emotionally exploitative chord progressions for something a bit more ambiguous and challenging—a testament to both Kunin’s songwriting and Norwood’s studio prowess." Willamette Week

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