Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Street Eaters "Rusty Eyes & Hydrocarbons" is out now!!

"Megan March and Johnny Geek reveal their Gilman St. roots with powerful, roughshod melodies and populist politics, but play songs that mutate, twist, and grow as well as rip. Some of them are Who-like in their epic construction. I'll be looking out for their vinyl and would pay to see them again in a second." Giant Robot

"Duel vocals and spirited bass drive a track that never loses steam, a sort of Shellshag/Liars hybrid that pulls you in with ease." RCRD LBL on "Nation Builder"

"Six songs by two Bay Area folks who resurrect the off-kilter punk aggression of Blatz and Flipper and drag it kicking and screaming through the well thought-out energy, simplicity, and harmony of This Bike Is A Pipebomb and Shellshag." Razorcake on the We See Monsters EP

"Street Eaters are a loose garage punk duo with a stripped-down musical approach that psych-out the current minimalist, post-something shoegaze trend to sound refreshingly spirited." Exclaim

"Founded in fuzz-laden, treble-cranked bass parts, dual vocal hooks, relentless rhythmical clamor, and classic East Bay punk undertones pressed through a garage n' noise filter, it's simultaneously infectious and abrasive." SF Weekly

"Like the rest of the album, “Nation Builder” is built out of a few pieces — drums, bass, and two sets of vocals — but the duo transforms those components into something angular and insistent." The Bay Bridged

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