Monday, July 11, 2011

The Bynars: New Interactive Video For "How Does It Feel To Be In Love?"

Happy Monday to you! We are SUPER excited to present to you The Bynars' new Interactive Music Video (it's INTERACTIVE! How rad is that?) for the single "How Does It Feel to Be in Love?"--we'd love for you to post it, share it and enjoy it. Go HERE to view.

In what way does one interact with this video, you might ask? Well, users can choose between watching twelve--TWELVE--different videos! You can watch four at a time, in any combination you'd like. Choose which video you are watching by clicking with your mouse, and rotate the videos by using your mouse's scroll wheel. Directors Shaun Clarke, JP DiSciscio and Ethan Goldhammer created this just for the Bynars, whose full-length is OUT NOW! The video takes a few minutes to load, so please be patient. Multiple viewings encouraged - you won't be able to see it all your first time through. Enjoy!

Hear the MP3 for "How Does it Feel To Be In Love?" HERE

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