Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Innocent Words looks forward to Sourpatch's Stagger and Fade album!

Everything in the story of Sourpatch has been leading to their second album,Stagger and Fade, which leaves their peers in the dust.

Formed in San Jose, CA. in late 2007, Nicole Munoz, Christine Tupou, Mander Farrell, and Rich Gutierrez's music is bruised fruit; it's rancid candy. It's a cute joke turned around and shoved back down the listener's throat. They are in love with being alive, knowing it can be taken away at any time, and goddamn it feels so good.

Sourpatch endorses a gender freeing, queer positive, all-ages, feminist hinking, crush worthy lifestyle. They embody what it feels like to come to a vista point of influences, to embrace matriarchal ideals imparted years before their time and take on a radical critique of the world around them.

Building on a breakout with their first full-length, Crushin' in 2011 the band and their label (HHBTM Records) received national attention from publications like The Village Voice, NPR, and Bust magazine. 2012 finds them poised to take an even bigger leap forward.

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