Monday, February 13, 2012

Bust picks "Cynthia Ann" by Sourpatch as their song of the day!

I’ve been trying to listen to more "multitasking music" lately: that's my term for those artists and bands that provide interesting background music that isn’t abrasive or distracting while I’m writing or reading, but are also just as satisfying to listen to closely. This is the kind of music Sourpatch makes. A four-piece from San Jose, California, comprised of two ladies on guitars and vocals and two dudes on bass and drums, Sourpatch is of the self-proclaimed “90s pop-worship” genre, although I don’t think that does their unique sound adequate justice.

Most of the songs on their second full-length album, Stagger and Fade, are either about being in giddy “like” (they just don’t feel like love songs), or having one of those painful, amounting-to-nothing-except-taking-up-all-of-the-space-in-your-brain kinds of crushes. But sometimes “like” can feel heavier and more urgent than “love”, and that’s what Sourpatch does best: they convey strong feelings through understated, low-fi songs, with the self-awareness that “like” maybe isn’t as serious as “love”, but it sometimes it can rule (or suck) just as hard.

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