Friday, January 13, 2012

SSG Music reviews Madeline's B-Sides

Just last month, SSG Music released a premiere of the song “Raining in the Philippines” from folk-rock outlet Madeline as an exclusive first listen from their upcoming B Sides release. Now, the four-piece band, which is led by Madeline Adams, has officially released the album in its entirety. The songs found in this collection are a mix of rare and unreleased songs, which span over almost a decade’s time. Madeline became a band after singer/songwriter Madeline Adams began her career by moving to Bloomington, IN where she worked with punk label Plan-It-X Records and eventually began touring. During that time, people constantly forgot Madeline Adams’ last name, so it was dropped in favor of the simpler Madelines.

Over the course of 2000-2008 and many tour miles logged, Madeline has accumulated a handful of diverse songs that make up B Sides. Most of the songs have Madeline singing amongst a lone acoustic guitar, like the albums’ first song and demo from their White Flag recording, “What Little Girls Do.”

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