Thursday, March 29, 2012

This is Book's Music Reviews Bastards of Fate's Who's A Fuzzy Buddy?

The Bastards Of Fate are a band out of Roanoke, Virginia who have the option to play it safe. They could easily be a pop band, but they twist up those options into the obvious, the not-so-obvious, the weird, the bizarre, the crazy, and everything else which helps to turn it into the delightful. Who’s A Fuzzy Buddy (This Will Be Our Summer) brings to mind a lot of so-called “alternative” bands who wanted to display a wide range of sounds for the hell of it. On one end you might hear a song that may have a bit of new wave here, some chamber music there, wrapped up with some country influences, only to get into a bridge that sounds like Italian spaghetti western soundtracks. Imagine if Mike Patton andWayne Coyne did mushrooms with Bjork while hanging out with Electric Light Orchestra, Ween, and Boredoms, but if they liked to create J-pop mash-ups withHanson and Weezer. Yeah, you’re probably thinking “this makes absolutely no sense to me” but when you hear it, it makes perfect sense.

Read the rest and stream the entire album HERE.

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