Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Great Pumpkin interviewed Sourpatch!

Nicole Munoz, Christine Tupou, Mander Farrell, and Rich Gutierrez of San Jose’s Sourpatch sat down and talked with me about food, eating, life on the road, a bit of music, and how somethings affect their stomachs. Discussions ranged from their enthusiastic support of Ted Leo and his venture into candy sponsorship (Rich’s love for Citizen’s Arrest), our bonding of the amazing music of Julie Doiron, in depth discussions on ice cream and non-dairy alternatives all the way to thoughts on coffee in San Francisco and potato chips on I-95.

Sourpatch just released their second LP, Stagger and Fade, on the wonderful Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records (the home of 90s influenced indie darlings, and Great Pumpkin favorite, Tunabunny), and are gearing up to not only tour tour but also to food tour throughout May and June.

More about their album after our chat!


Sourpatch is based in San Jose. Are ya’ll born and raised there?

Rich: Yes.
Nicole: Go sharks!
Rich: hahaha
Nicole: I’ve never been to a sharks game in my life.

Rich told me that he is vegan, two of you are vegetarian, and two are omnivores…how long have the vegetarians and vegans been not eating meat, and the omnivores, were you ever vegetarian?

Mander: 6 years vaginitarian
Rich: Woah! I have been vegan for almost 11 years. I eat fairly healthy as well, except on tour, I have a steady diet of vegan cake and coffee.
Mander: No that’s a lie.
Nicole: I’m the omnivore and I’ve never been vegetarian.
Christine: I eat what I like. I love seafood, but I’ve become accustomed to cooking vegan because Rich and I live together.

Read the rest HERE.

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