Friday, March 2, 2012

Our Hearts & Thoughts Go Out to Fay Wrays

We've just heard the incredibly sad news that Fay Wrays bassist Paul A. Harper is no longer with us. Everyone at Riot Act Media sends their condolences, love and support to Eli, Ben, and Paul's family. There are never any words when someone passes away, but the band's beautiful ones follow: "It is with our utmost sadness and deep regret that we inform you all that our dear friend and collaborator Paul A. Harper passed away. It was a humbling experience to share a stage with such a vibrant artist and friend. He was truly a gifted human being who was so easy to bond with and to love. He will be forever missed. - Ben & Eli. (the video below is of a live show of us playing with Paul.) RIP Paul Albert Harper."

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