Monday, November 14, 2011


Until this point, alongside Britain I’ve been grossly and unjustifiably ignoringTunabunny. Nevertheless they’ve kicked up a stink in the United States, throwing their self-branded clanging spunk rock in the face of everyone who dares broach their parameter.

The band formed in Athens, Georgia in 2008 after a long-term friendship and not much inclination to play music. Despite not knowing how to turn on a PA or actually use their instruments, in the spirit of all things good and proper punk Tunabunny ploughed on, irritating their neighbours while still acquiring a decent local following. In 2010 they finally released their self-titled debut, and the devotion that unfurled had such fervour it even touched the infamous and holy Everett True. Unfortunately he’s not been quite so enthusiastic about their recent effort Minima Moralia, but what does he know? The monster thinks it’s ace.

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Jerry said...

You What? Not so enthusiastic? I was prepared to shut my website down if Tunabunny didn't sell 20 copies of their album the same day my review appeared!! How much more enthusiastic do you want?