Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The SFist Reviews "Beyond This Place"

"Beyond This Place is a poignant and heartrending documentary, but it's not without comic relief, drawn mostly from the earnestness of the colorful characters. When Cloud spouts on about how people that “eat crackers and read their little black books are full of shit” the theater erupted in laughter, just as when the narrator, at the end of a long and searching sequence, asks himself in disbelief, “What is this fucking love I feel for Cloud Rock?” In fact, it’s that love, surprising and ever-present as it turns out to be, which sums up the tone of the film. Cloud Rock may have been an absent father, but he lives the only way he knows how—by his own definition. And as a result, he is charming, affectionate, and even strangely inspiring." Visit The SFist to read the complete review of the "Beyond This Place" showing in San Francisco.

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