Thursday, November 17, 2011

NPR premieres Tunabunny's new "Cross Wire Technique" video!

Tunabunny's members have fun making music together. That much is unmistakable from watching the band's freewheeling video for "Cross Wire Technique."

The Georgia band makes scuzzy, effervescent basement pop, and was one of the bands we were most excited to see at CMJ earlier this year.

The group's latest video matches the energy and carefree power of its music. It depicts, in quick flashes and head-spinning camera twirls, band members and longtime friends Brigette Herron, Mary Jane Hassell, Chloe Tewksbury and Scott Creney goofing off in a local coffee-roasting warehouse. It's exactly the jubilant and lighthearted video you'd expect from four good friends. By the end, you'll likely want to be friends with them, too.

Read the rest and watch the video HERE.

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