Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tinymixtapes Loved Loch Lomond at Sasquatch

Whoa dudes, we knew it was true but it's awesome to read that thought Loch Lomond leveled it at Sasquatch this year.

Despite a dry program description that made them sound like the walking history of roots folk, I was pleased to discover Loch Lomond as my new favorite band from Portland. When someone dressed straight out of your grandpa’s high school yearbook walks out on stage, and the first words out of their mouths are "the sound of children laughing makes my eyes bleed," you can’t help but fall in love. They obviously practice together a lot, because in a festival full of mediocre vocals, they harmonized five across with perfect pitch and timing, matched by precision musicianship that was full of personality. They knew they could rely on one another to be where they needed to be, and they never disappointed.

As they got to the chorus of "Tic," one of their epic numbers, a serious gust of wind picked up. Seeing their synergy come together as they belted out a Joseph Merrick ("The Elephant Man") inspired chorus while the forces of nature bore down on them was like being at a music video shoot. You could not have scripted it better. That something "special" that every band needs: Loch Lomond has it in spades.

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