Monday, April 27, 2009


That's right! In this past Sunday's NY Times, legendary critic Jon Pareles says: "Screaming Females, the scrappy New Jersey band, offer partial truth in packaging. There’s only one woman, but she’s the singer and guitarist, Marissa Paternoster, and she works her reedy voice up to screams on the group’s new album, “Power Move” (Don Giovanni). She makes her guitar wail too, in songs that reach back to late-1960s power trios, with fuzzed-out riffs and psychedelic guitar solos full of scurrying lines and wah-wah abuse, tempered with an indie-rock concision that shapes the blare into songs. Everything Ms. Paternoster has on her mind — loyalty, anger, horror-movie mayhem, ambition — arrives in a fervid din."

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