Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Screaming Females' POWER MOVE is out today on Don Giovanni (buy it HERE), and The Life and Times' TRAGIC BOOGIE is out on Arena Rock (buy it HERE)! Both bands are on TOUR now, and reviews are already a-glowin'.

DONE WAITING says of TRAGIC BOOGIE: "The new album sounds great, a perfect blend of music that sounds both epic and personal at the same time."

PITCH WEEKLY says of TRAGIC BOOGIE: "The album is a study in the parley between spacious noise and focused melody. The climaxes of songs such as "Dull Knives" and "Tragic Boogie" evoke the intensity, range and swooning beauty in the best parts of Radiohead's OK Computer. Even the instrumentals on Boogie — "Pain Don't Hurt" and "Lil' 4 Notes" — are shapely and memorable."

IMPOSE says of POWER MOVE: "Their sustained shred and swagger, Paternoster’s punk rock wail that transforms into a robust anthemic instrument one second to the next, these collect into an irresistible riposte to the Guess Who’s 1970 single “American Woman,” another band whose guitars the Females would seem to owe so much to: the whole package is a powerful twist on the 70s dude rock sound in general. This is music that has elements from but is definitely not just a return to either the 70s or the 90s. This is something unique. This is something vibrant. The Screaming Females have at the helm one of the hardest working axe-men in rock, and she roars, too. No one is going to tell them to get away."

POP TARTS SUCK TOASTED say of POWER MOVE: "Kicking off with one of the finest punk songs of the year (last couple years, decade?), the immediate and fantastic "Bell", Power Move serves as an example of a band that play by no rules but their own."

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