Tuesday, April 21, 2009


That's right! Today sees the long-awaited release of Weinland's "Breaks In The Sun" (Badman) and Leonard Mynx's "Vesper" (Wally Uno Music)! Holy moly, what tremendous albums they both are. It ain't just me, the publicity lady, saying that either. Behold:

Entertainment Weekly says of Weinland and "Breaks" in a NEW BAND ALERT piece: "there are true, gripping melodies—ones that stand up to repeated listening." Willamette Week calls Weinland's record "heartbreakingly gorgeous", and The Source Weekly says that Weinland has "a modern take on cerebral folk rock." Congrats, dudes!

Laughing Evergreens says that "Mynx has a talent to enchant his listeners as he leads them through some dark and half familiar paths." Oregon Public Broadcasting calls the album "a gloomy but enthralling collection of songs", and Music Induced Euphoria says "I think I've found my sad album of 2009." Congrats, the Mynx!

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