Thursday, September 11, 2008


The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival is a celebration of the comedians that Eugene Mirman enjoys who happen to be available from 9/25 – 9/28. The Brooklyn-based festival, which is the first event on American soil to be both completely ironic while absolutely sincere, will finally blur the line between art and entertainment. Sponsored by Sub Pop Records and The Onion and produced by Julie Smith and Eugene Mirman, the festival will blah blah blah blah blah blah. Some of the comedians performing include: Eugene Mirman, Michael Showalter, The Sklar Brothers, John Oliver, John Mulaney, Mike Birbiglia, Greg Johnson, Larry Murphy, Kumail Nanjiani, ChelseaPeretti, AndreaRosen, HeatherLawless, RonLynch, Fred Armisen, Jon Benjamin, Shonali Bhomik, Todd Barry, Morgan Murphy, Tig Notaro, Bobby Tisdale, Seth Herzog,
Dave Hill, Andy Blitz, Katty Biscone, David Wain, Craig Baldo, Hannibal Buress, Leo Allen, Matt Price, Patrick Borelli, John Roberts, Janeane Garofalo and special guests.


Sep 25 - 8:00pm - The Bell House (Opening Night Awards Gala) 
Sep 26 - 9:00pm - The Bell House (Invite Them Up) 
Sep 26 - 5:30pm - Union Hall (Eugene Mirman's Fresh Faces of Comedy) 
Sep 26 - 7:00pm - Union Hall (One of Each) 
Sep 27 - 2:00pm - The Bell House (Apartment 2F Reunion) 
Sep 27 - 9:00pm - The Bell House (The Very Best Supporting Television Cast Members Live) 
Sep 27 - 5:30pm - Union Hall (Jon Benjamin Presents the Failed Pilots of Sam Seder) 
Sep 27 - 7:00pm - Union Hall (Eugene Mirman's Fresh Faces of Comedy) 
Sep 28 - 6:00pm - The Bell House (The Shac) 
Sep 28 - 9:00pm - The Bell House (Tearing The Veil of Maya, Closing Ceremonies)

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