Thursday, September 18, 2008


We're elated to let you in, from now on, on the raddest news from not one, not two, but THREE new clients: Starflyer 59, Fences, and Intimidnation! Here's the preliminary scoop:
Starflyer 59's new album, "Dial M", comes out on 10/28 on Tooth and Nail. Somber, yet reflective, mournful, yet hopeful, this is prolific and incredible songwriter Jason Martin at his sleeve-wearing finest. Feeling speaks first here above all else, but just don’t expect him to trade songwriting or sonic surprise for sentiment. And there is more than one dose of the unexpected here: instead of any sense of drive to the guitar sounds, SF59 goes the
opposite direction, which proves to be a wondrous decision; Mr. M. and company (the title refers to him, fyi) rely heavily on assorted analog keys and synths, with a sprinkling of acoustic guitar. There are even tracks without any guitar at all.

Seattle's Fences release their debut, "The Ultimate Puke EP", on October 2nd, and are playing a show at Seattle's Chop Suey on that day to launch everything into the stratosphere. It is a hauntingly beautiful thing, expertly and effortlessly written. Conjured and recorded in Chris Mansfield’s (Mansfield was a student of jazz at the Berklee College of Music when he met his roommate, who played acoustic guitar and wrote terribly sad songs.  Inspired by John’s musical musings, Chris sold his upright bass for $5,000, used some of that money to buy an acoustic guitar, then spent the next year wrestling his personal demons.) apartment, each song is plaintive and soulfully raw in the way the best spontaneous songs are—they’re melodies with immediacy and urgency. 

Plush company Intimidnation is the brainchild of artist Laura Granlund, whose incredible plush creations, illustrations and paintings will blow your mind with their cuteness. Her flagship creation is a tremendous little guy named Mr. Beardsley--Mr. Beardsley slightly resembles a monkey, wears different disguises, and has a removable beard. HE HAS A REMOVABLE BEARD. Laura is showing new pieces in San Francisco's Gallery 1988, as part of "Monster Art Rally", a monster-themed plush and custom vinyl show that runs October 10 - November 1, 2008. The opening reception for the show is on Friday, October 10th from 7-10PM. She's also featured in Seattle's "Plush You!" show this fall--more on that soon!


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