Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Project Rhythm Seed reviews Madeline's B-Sides!

Georgia native, folk pop singer, Madeline recently released B Sides, a collection of demos and rarities from her previous four albums. Madeline Adams has been singing and recording music since she was fifteen with her first album, Kissing & Dancing released in 2002 with modest success. Madeline is a talented chanteuse who produces likeable simple ballads reminiscent of old timer folk artists with whimsical flair. B Sides is another lovely collection of understated, pretty songs from Madeline.

“What Little Girls Do,” “Shame,” and “Beautiful Future” are all nostalgic ballads featuring Madeline’s beautiful voice backed by bare acoustic guitar strums. “Shame” is a gorgeous track filled with mournful lyrics as Madeline sings poignantly, “Well I pray to god you miss me, and I hate my every bone, either this town’s gotten smaller or I swear to god that you’ve grown.”

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