Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Big Takeover thinks Tunabunny has "IT"

Back in the olden days of The Industry, managers, agents, and A&R reps all referred to the mystical concept of “it.” Does the band have “it?” Do they want “it?” The “it” could not be defined, but it could be recognized. This vague and mysterious concept comes into play when talking about Athens, Georgia’s Tunabunny. Sure, the Athens scene has produced a number of quirky, cutie-pie indie-pop bands, ones that relied on charm and cuteness more than talent. But there’s definitely something different about Tunabunny. There’s a magic in the rickety rhythms, the creaky vocalist, and the off-beat, “are they or aren’t they in time” melodies. The vocal duties are split between Brigette Herron and Mary Jane Hassell, and between the both of them, they recall many of the best vocalists from the last thirty years. That they’ve been garnering a ton of positive press for their album Minima Moraliaisn’t surprising, but yet, on second thought, it kind of is.


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