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Great holy goodness, it’s NOVEMBER! Election month! Thankgsiving month, featuring babies in turkey costumes! Month of flaming fall foliage and mufflers and mittens and shorter days and longer nights. As per usual, there is MUY MUCH GOODNESS going on in the Riot Act family, which I shant preface at length but instead will, in the immortal words of Cherish, “DO IT TO IT.”

Firstly, Matt and Kim have officially announced the release of their amazing new LP, “Grand”!! Recorded over a nine-month period in Matt's childhood bedroom in Vermont, 'Grand' stands to be the duo's most compelling work to date. Matt self-produced the entire record paying attention to every detail with meticulous precision, achieving production that Matt and Kim had never had, yet every track is still very Matt and Kim. 'Grand' will be released Jan 20 2009 in conjunction with FADER label. The lightning in the bottle? Matt and Kim will be bringing their elated live show worldwide as they plan to tour nonstop throughout 2009. Contact

Jagjaguwar recording artists Women continue to tour the states in support of their eponymous debut CD, out now. The band killed it at CMJ, and have been killing it (does that meant that the “it” is double-dead?) on the road with King Khan and BBQ Show and Dungen. Women will tour throughout the Midwest and west coast this month, so keep checking the tours page for details on the band about whom Pitchfork says, “Women has the cool, hard weight of something created under duress. You're reminded of how This Heat recorded their songs in a meat factory; Women’s cover-- a creepily synchronized group tai chi exercise-- recalls the sleeves for Reagan-era punk, released at a time when everything seemed vaguely politicized.” Contact

Speaking of touring, Loch Lomond, Portland-based new additions to the Riot Act family, are touring the east coast with The Decemberists this month! The chamber pop septet, who just finished recording their stunning new LP at Type Foundry also just unveiled the new Alicia J. Rose-directed video for “Blue Lead Fences”, the debut single of their new album (release date and title TBD.) Creepily compelling and visually arresting, the lo-fi, hi-awesome video casts the band as a wayward cult headed to their certain watery doom. Contact

If you live in Baltimore, Philly, Seattle or Portland, you’re in superluck because Henry Owings is coming to your town on his book tour in support of “CHUNKLET Presents: Henry Owings’ Rock Bible”. Get yourself a copy of the hilarious rulebook that's full of dos and don’ts for musicians, wannabe musicians, and rock fans of all ages. It features essays from Patton Oswalt, Brian Teasley, and Andrew Earles--and the Rock Bible is available now via Quirk Books. There’s a tremendous new issue of Chunklet out, too! ( Contact

No one understands the complexities of modern life better than Eugene Mirman- claims comedian Eugene Mirman-and anyone seeking guidance from a man who has lived through everything (except the Great Depression, the Spanish-American War, and Jerry Lee Lewis's sex scandal) won't resist his charmingly hysterical guidebook, 'THE WILL TO WHATEVS: A Guide to Modern Life', out this February. He has written an absurdly funny book with advice on everything from how to find love, get a job, or make a baby cry (very easy) and much, much, much, much more. For those of you in Chicago, go to Lakeshore Theater on Nov 7 & 8 and become part of history when Eugene performs and records his new comedy album! Contact

Congratulations to The Seabellies, who came to the US and conquered CMJ! The Australian six piece played their first US show ever to a packed audience at the Fader Fort last Friday, leaving QRO Magazine no choice but to name The Seabellies "Best New Band"! Everywhere they played, they made immediate fans and lots of them, so good on ya, Seabellies! We shall see you next time. Please come back soon! Contact

Reggie Watts and Tom Allen are just two of the many, many talented comedians represented by the amazing Olivia Wingate Artists, both of whom made their mark last week in NYC. Reggie is featured in this month’s “Genius” issue of Esquire, and after one of his amazing CMJ performances, The Tripwire said: “Who is Reggie Watts and why have I never heard of this guy before? His performance was the essence of CMJ, the essence of discovery that the festival used to be known for. He was like Flight of the Concords meets Rahzel. This guy is a serious personality who I can see inhabiting the role of Michael Showalter and/or Rhys Darby sometime soon.” Tom Allen, winner of the BBC New Comedy Awards, was just over from the UK to perform his hilarious "A Voyage Around My Mother" to a full house at NY’s Upright Citizens Brigade. Keep checking for more news from the world of Matt McCarthy, John Roberts, God's Pottery, Adira Amram and more. Contact and about Olivia’s roster.

Actually, this falls under the “more” category: for lucky New Yorkers, on November 12th (8PM, Bowery Poetry Club), FATSMILES will incorporate the best in UK and US standup and video comedy with live music for a one-time only event. Each night will be unique event, with a new host and comedy collaborations, along with screening of new videos from acclaimed and emerging artists from around the world. Some past FATSMILES performances include: DAVID CROSS, SARAH SILVERMAN (the Sarah Silverman Program), TODD BARRY, JUDAH FRIEDLANDER (30 Rock), HEATHER LAWLESS (Be Kind Rewind), LEO ALLEN, EUGENE MIRMAN, JOHN MULANEY, LAURA KRAFFT (Colbert Report), CHELSEA PERETTI, REGGIE WATTS, GOD’S POTTERY, JOHN ROBERTS, KURT BRAUNOHLER and ADIRA AMRAM. Contact

Starflyer 59 just released the excellent new Dial "M" For Murder" LP, out now on Tooth and Nail. This is a gorgeous, deeply personal album for the band's vocalist, producer and songwriter, Jason Martin. Somber, yet reflective, mournful, yet hopeful, atmospheric and haunting, this is Martin at his sleeve–wearing finest--and the band has also taken a completely different turn in terms of production: instead of any sense of drive to the guitar sounds, SF59 goes the opposite direction, which proves to be a wondrous decision. Mr. M. and company rely heavily on assorted analog keys and synths, with a sprinklings of acoustic guitar (there are even tracks without any guitar at all---very different for SF59). Buzzgrinder says: "We got all tingly when we heard the album's first single, 'Brightest of the Head'." Contact

Origami Ghosts are gearing up for the January release of their new full-length, “Short Momentum”! Melodic, catchy, pop and soul hooks, quirky–good reverb–soaked vocal melodies, warm and sailing cello sounds, and thumping drum beats abound on the album, which was produced by Kevin Suggs (Cat Power, Goodness) and mastered by Kramer (Galaxie 500, Low, etc.) . The Paris-by way of Seattle-based band, fronted by pop mastermind Jean Paul Scesniak, will be announcing some dates soon, so stay tuned! Contact

That’s mostly it for now, friends! Whew--and until next time, adieu.

Madd love.
Joan & Sheila

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