Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Video Premiere for Point Juncture, Wa's New Video "Chronological Order"

"Forget for a moment that the members of Point Juncture, Wa, are bad at lip-synching. Forget, as well, that the outdoor shots in this Hart Ryan Noecker-directed video (shot on actual film!) could well serve as an advertisement for our fair city. And forget, if you ever knew to begin with, that almost everything in this video—from the shabby-looking Artistery (nothing can quite replace it) to the adorable-looking band (whom I spend one week of my summer with each year at an Eastern Oregon rock camp) to the city lights at night (which I have grown to love so much I have trouble contemplating ever leaving)—is pretty hard for me to be objective about. Or take that last fact into account, I don't really care: I'm convinced that everything and everyone and every note here is strong enough to stand independent of whatever I can add to the conversation." Read the full article and watch the new video at Willamette Weekly.

Chronological Order from ••ANTIPHON•FiLMS•• on Vimeo.

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