Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Download Sufjan Stevens' "Get Real, Get Right" in celebration of the release of MAKE!

To celebrate the release of MAKE, the inspiration behind Sufjan Stevens’ The Age of Adz, Asthmatic Kitty is offering up a free download of "Get Real, Get Right" off of the much celebrated album! The film is a wonderfully intimate journey into the lives of four American self-taught artists: Prophet Royal Robertson, Hawkins Bolden, Judith Scott and Ike Morgan. Isolated and struggling with the disabilities life has dealt them, these artists all find their most powerful voice through art.

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Early press:
"Transforming the quotidian into the sublime is no small task, but for the four artists featured in MAKE--a new film by local documentarians Scott Ogden and Malcolm Hearn--it's been their life’s work.MAKE is a love letter to the artistic process in its purest form, at a time when we are becoming increasingly estranged from examining the elusive origins of creative impulse." Ready Made

"Isolated by their disabilities, they find a voice and try to make sense of a world that shuns them, through incredible works of art." IFC

"Here, art is totally divorced from commerce and created without regard to an audience. It’s art at its most viscerally personal — a live-saving lifeline even more than a form of personal expression." BlogCritics

"Make is a truly moving testament to the perseverance of man’s bond with art and the innate force that drives us to create in order to be fulfilled." The Vinyl District

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