Monday, July 6, 2009


We are super excited to let you know that our friends at Don Giovanni Records (home of Screaming Females) JUST THIS MORNING announced the signing of Shellshag, who are set to start recording a brand new album set for a February 2010 release date. The record's going to be a follow-up to their self-released (and completely sold out) "Destroy Me, I'm Yours" LP....but you* don't have to wait until next year to see 'em. Why, you ask?

BECAUSE, in August, Shellshag will be touring the west coast with Screaming Females (dates below--get in touch with nathan *at* riot act media dot com for the goods on those dates)! For those unfamiliar, Shellshag are a bonkers, not-to-be-missed live show, and they've garnered TONS of critical praise, some of which I'll quote below in order to give you an idea of their rad stylings.


July 31 2009 - Oakland, California - SPAM Warehouse

Aug 1 2009 - San Jose, California - Nickel City

Aug 2 2009 - San Francisco, CA - TBA(instore in amoeba or 1234go records)

Aug 3 2009 - Santa Cruz, California - Cypress

Aug 4 2009 - Redding, California - The Downtown Eatery

Aug 5 2009 - Bellingham, Washington - Friendship City

Aug 6 2009 - Olympia, Washington - TBA

Aug 7 2009 - Seattle, Washington - Comet Tavern

Aug 8 2009 - Portland, Oregon - East End

Aug 9 2009 - Eureka, California - TBA

Aug 10 2009 - Berkeley, California - LIsa's

Aug 11 2009 - Isla Vista, California - Biko Garage

Aug 12 2009 - San Diego, California - TBA

Aug 13 2009 - San Pedro, California - Babe's Warehouse

Aug 14 2009 - Los Angeles, California - Spaceland

Aug 15 2009 - San Francisco, California - Thee Parkside - Starcleaner Thrillfest Showcase

"Move over, Sid and Nancy. Free form rock is the new black, and Brooklyn, NY do-gooders Jen and Johnny from Shellshag are the ultimate musical couple. Years ago while performing in separate bands, they were involved with a public arts warehouse and living experiment in San Francisco called Starcleaners, Fast forward to present day, where Starcleaners has become a haven for the artistic community, releasing limited-edition music including Shellshag's first full-length album, 'Destroy Me, I'm Yours'. For a band that performed at buzz-festivals like CMJ and SxSW and boasts a high-energy live show, there really isn't anything lost in translation on this recording. Released on 12" vinyl with a CD included for those who refuse to part with their iTunes, 'Destroy Me, I'm Yours' encompasses all of the garage-rock glory of the duo's influences, Sonic Youth and Pavement." --Feminist Review

"Lead singer Shell shrieks at times through “Shut Up”, but sounds just as much like David Bryne on other occasions. Think Death From Above 1979....“Bridge” and especially “Make Love” could have been recorded by The Breeders in their heyday....things get back to normal with “Little Birdy”, which could have been found on Paul Westerberg’s Mono/Stereo album."--PopMatters

Shellshag on MySpace:

Let me know if we can get you more info on Shellshag, Screaming Females or Don Giovanni, mmmkay? xo Joan

*unless you do not live in these cities; we'll keep you posted on additional Shellshag dates as they're confirmed.

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