Tuesday, March 3, 2009


THEY REALLY DO! Please do get in touch with me at Joan *at* riotactmedia dot com to hear "Breaks In The Sun"....and read on! Weinland says: "Dear Family, Friends, Followers, Co-Conspiritors, Ladies, Gentlemen, Mbilly, Victims of Indie-Spam, etc,


We have a lot of news. As a result of famously cute email newsletter will be kept short in a desperate attempt to encourage you to read all of the pertinent information! After you read this, forward it to ten friends or else WEINLAND will write a song about what deadbeat you are and you will forever be infamous for your lazy lazy ways. .. I kid, I kid!!

Our biggest news:

Our new record, Breaks In The Sun, will be out at the end of April! Pack up the family dog and drive to Portland to help us celebrate!!

April 11th @ Mississippi Studios right here in Portland, Oregon. Tickets are available and limited.. we highly encourage advance procurement. You can get tickets at www.mississippistudios.com We're playing two shows in one night... an early and a late.. both will undoubtably be the bestest show ever.. the only way to know for sure which is better will be to go to both! This will also be your chance to get our new record an entire week before the rest of the country camps out all night long just to buy it an entire week after you already got it! pfff.. we'll probably be sellouts by then anyway.

One crazy week:

We are playing 2 or 3 songs this Wednesday night to celebrate the opening of Portland's beloved Mississippi Studios. Its free and its going to be painfully full! Come see a new room and some great bands!

THURSDAY NIGHT: I, Adam, am honored to be playing with great Neil Halstead (www.myspace.com/neilhalsteadofficial) at The Doug Fir Lounge. Neil is one of the most tasteful songwriters I've heard in years... and he has a british accent... and its real! Which means I have to lay off my crappy british Office impressions.. I played with Neil when he came through Portland last year and am so excited to play with him again, sincerely his live performance is incredible. March 5th at The Doug Fir - Portland.

FRIDAY NIGHT: WEINLAND will pack up the new Weinlander (sob sob.. the O.G. Weinlander is taking respite in the driveway.. old age has taken her.. but she is like Phoenix! and she will rise again) and drive to Seattle. The whole band will be playing a mega mellow set at the mega rad Triple Door in Seattle... again supporting the great Neil Halstead. Tell your Seattle friends! March 6th at The Triple Door - Seattle.

SATURDAY NIGHT AND SUNDAY DAY: Whow, 3 shows with The Portland Cello Project in 24 hours! Not even Kiefer Sutherland could pull that off! ...actually Kiefer Sutherland could, and is welcome to join us on all three shows.. if know him, just tell him Adam says, "hey Kief, what up? Wanna sit in on harp?" Adam and Ian will be joining the cello project playing a couple of WEINLAND tunes at each show and Adam will be lending his strange brand of humor as he emcee's all three shows. March 7th + an early matinee show on March 8th at Mississippi Studios - Portland.

Ok, love ya,

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