Monday, February 23, 2009


Congrats to The Rhombus, whose "Ladders" EP is just out now on Public School Records! San Francisco-based The Rhombus use plain language, elements of musique concrete, simple synths, guitar and drum machine to bring lyrical anecdotes about shopping for towels at Target to vivid life alongside songs built upon psychedelic tales of giants and destroying the sky—and it all makes perfect sense.

Decidedly laissez-faire attitudinally, the delivery of principal songwriter Cody Hennesy is so calm as to be dreamlike, but make no mistake about it—The Rhombus' recordings are a magically dynamic tapestry woven of tiny hooks and gentle tales. Listen close, and you'll hear the scraping of strings, the building of percussive beats, scratch by plink by thump.

The band's Ladders EP comes hot on the heels of 2008's Margins full-length; Hennesy made limited-edition handcrafted covers for each copy (now out of print in that format), and Public School Records released the album on vinyl (CD included!) in December of 2008. Tour dates below:

Friday March 27th: LA, CA @ Mr.T's Bowl, then Midnight House Party Show @ Warpzone

Saturday March 28th: Santa Barbara, CA @ Elsie's Tavern

Sunday March 29th: San Diego, CA @ Beauty Bar

Monday March 30th: Phoenix, AZ @ Hidden House

Tuesday March 31st: Flagstaff, AZ @ The Green Room

Wednesday April 1st: Santa Fe, NM @ UCSF

Thursday April 2nd: Durango, CO @ TBA

Friday April 3rd: Moab, UT @ TBA

Saturday April 4th: Salt Lake City, UT @ Orange

Sunday April 5th: Boise, ID @ The Bouquet

Tuesday April 7th: Olympia, WA @ 4th Ave Tavern

Wednesday April 8th: Salem, OR @ TBA

Thursday April 9th: Portland, OR @ The Portland Report

Friday April 10th: San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern

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