Monday, January 26, 2009


Portland's own Loch Lomond have just announced the release of the "Trumpets for Paper Children" EP, an online-only five song EP culling two songs each from both of their full-lengths ("Paper The Walls" and "Lament for Children"), as well as the all-new "Trumpet Song"--you can GET IT RIGHT HERE ON THE HUSH RECORDS WEBSITE. Furthermore, it is FREE, or you can donate some dough to the cause, Radiohead-style; singer/frontman Ritchie Young may be possessed of a voice that shares the dramatic dynamism of Thom Yorke's pipes, but Young does NOT have Yorke's famously wonky eye---if this EP makes enough in donations, Young will finally be able to afford the delicate plastic surgery required to get him that sexy singular drooped eyelid. Or, the money just may help the septet travel out to this year's SXSW festival, where they'll be playing the Other Music Night, the day party, the Nail Distribution day party and more!

Loch Lomond - "Trumpets For Paper Children" EP free/donation

1. Virgin Mountain
2. Bird and A Bear
3. Field Report
4. Trumpet Song
5. All Your Friends Are Smiling

Seriously though, please ENJOY, POST ONLINE, SPREAD AROUND THE LINK, and feel the tremendousness of the band whom Spin describes as "a pop orchestra beneath angelic harmonies."

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