Tuesday, July 1, 2008


From Mr. Herman Jolly regarding an Italian blog (http://www.dagheisha.com/music_section/cd.asp?idus=3206) that just reviewed his new, amazing amazing amazing record:

"if you put the text into yahoo's translation gadget it's pretty funny:

It Calls to you Indian, also considers it you fashionable but that one of the Little Pieces is simply rock melodico of great thickness. ' The Skier' and ' Hurricane' they introduce to us in the new universe dell' former Sunset Valley Herman Jolly that not ago nothing in order to hide infuences that dig in the popular tradition and paints of wonder and astonishment the ten songs of this flashing debut. Sul disc flutters dark atmospheres and blows nearly ritornelli solar as if l' encounter/crash between the giving up and the evil to live with the hope that something can change is l' architecture on which putting down never banal melodie. ' Smallest Man' , ' Full The Stone' and ' Ordinary Friend' they are other dowels of a mosaic that the band of Seattle has composed with cure and talent not forgetting to make contents the radius but not even of rinnegare a expressive force that in years ninety has rendered that city a point of reference total. A piece after l' other."

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