Wednesday, June 4, 2008


HOLY BANANAS, DO WE HAVE AMAZING THINGS HAPPENING THIS JUNE, FRIENDS, COMPATRIOTS, AND FANS OF THE ROCK MUSICS—AND, WE WILL HAVE MORE EXCITING ADDITIONS TO THE RIOT ACT ROSTER TO ANNOUNCE VERY, VERY SOON (not yet, though--astrologically, Mercury is retrograde until June 19th, a positioning that can delay life a bit, if you buy into the concepts behind cyclic planetary theory.) We can and will, however, tell you all about this month’s batch of new releases. Starting on June 3rd, Adem releases Takes (Domino) and Little Pieces’ s/t full-length is birthed (One Eleven). The Interiors’ s/t (54-40 or Fight!) is also out on June 24th. Oh, but that’s not all! June also marks 2008’s Noise For The Needy festivities in Seattle, including amazing shows from Talib Kweli, Matt and Kim, Black Angels, Two Gallants and more!

About ADEM’S TAKES (DOMINO): It’s a stunning and evocative collection of Adem’s interpretations of tracks that were released in the decade from 1991 - 2001, music that inspired and informed Adem while he was growing up. With 12 tracks ranging from covers of Bjork, Smashing Pumpkins and Yo La Tengo through to Tortoise and Aphex Twin, Takes, recorded at The Pool and Exchange studios, sees Adem step up from home-based to studio recording, and sees him producing and playing every instrument himself. SAYS MOJO: “IMPRESSIVELY, HE MAKES IT ALL HIS OWN--AT TIMES IT FEELS LIKE THE SONGS MIGHT HAVE BEEN WRITTEN BY, OR FOR, HIM.” We couldn’t agree more. Here's Adem playing "Hotel Lounge (Be The Death Of Me)" off the new record:

About LITTLE PIECES’ S/T (ONE ELEVEN) full-length: Herman Jolly (ex-Sunset Valley, current legend in the pacific northwest), Grant Badger and Rob Lloyd (Guitar Defamation League) recorded their debut at Jackpot recording studio in Portland, and sayeth SOUND Magazine: “In his new trio, Jolly's bouncy melodies and quirky lyrics have more room to roam and less sonic distractions to compete with, while his voice sounds stronger and more confident. Like those of Robyn Hitchcock and the Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne, Jolly's authentic (and embedded in irresistibly catchy pop). THERE AREN'T A LOT OF FOLKS WHO CAN MAKE LINES LIKE "I'M A PARASITE WITHOUT A HOST" SOUND BOTH ENDEARING AND PERFECTLY NATURAL. This sprite debut is chock-full of gems, but check out the Pixies-ish"Featherweight Song" and the breathless "Wrote a Letter" for starters.”Herman & co. are touring the western and Midwestern United States of America this June; check for details.,

Here's the video for "Candy Stairs", which isn't a Little Pieces song, but it is Herman--and it is a jam, just to familiarize those unfamiliar with his pop stylings:

About THE INTERIORS’ S/T FULL-LENGTH: Can You See The Sunset From The Southside said, “LET ME MAKE IT SIMPLE. THE INTERIORS ARE A GUITAR ROCK BAND. THEY ARE FROM CHICAGO. THEY ARE AWESOME.” And, so is their debut--it infuses inventive songwriting with an emphasis on strong, pulsing rhythms; the drums eschew grandiose shifts in favor of subtle variations on constant themes that run the range from stripped down, Stax-influenced backbeats to an eccentricity inspired more by African music than prog rock. This musical framework is fleshed out by hook filled, Mike Mills-Goes-To-Kingston bass lines, and an array of arpeggios, distorted drones, and guitar riffage. Visit or for more, and watch for them on the road!

And, there’s NOISE FOR THE NEEDY! June's Noise for the Needy festivities in Seattle will be bigger than ever before, featuring performances throughout the city from Two Gallants, Matt and Kim, Math and Physics club, Boat, The Maldives, Feral Children, Billy Joe and the Dusty 45s, The Girls, Ali Marcus, The Quiet Ones, Amateur Radio Operator, Lonesome Rhodes and the Good Company, Grand Hallway, See Me River and the Dead Horse Creek, Partman Parthorse, Strong Killings, The Oswald Effect, The Heavy Hearts, Goldie Wilson, Peter Parker, Facts about Funerals, Massy Ferguson, Carrie Clark and the Lonesome
Lovers, Levi Fuller, Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden, Black Whales, Lesbian, Fucking Eagles, Unnatural Helpers, Mos Generator, New Faces, Talib Kweli, Greyskul, Black Angels and more. THIS YEAR'S CHOSEN CHARITY, URBAN REST STOP, PROVIDES A CLEAN, SAFE AND WELCOMING FACILITY WHERE NEEDY INDIVIDUALS AND FAMILIES CAN COME AND USE RESTROOMS, SHOWER AND LAUNDRY FACILITIES IN SEATTLE. All services are provided at no cost to patrons. Visit for the complete schedule, along with donation and volunteer information. Also,

Here is a rad tour of the Urban Rest Stop. Do watch it.

THERE IS SO MUCH HAPPENING BEYOND JUNE, BUT WE'LL BOMBARD YOU WITH ALL OF THOSE HAPPENINGS IN LATER DAYS. In short, keep your eyes peeled for Riot Act clients like ALINA SIMONE, THE BELLRAYS, BIRD NAMES, THE COAST, MAPS AND ATLASES, GOOD OLD WAR and others on the road, as well as for other goings-ons this summer, like the publication of and book tour surrounding CHUNKLET PRESENTS: HENRY OWINGS’ ROCK BIBLE, as well as releases from MAPS & ATLASES, AT THE SPINE, THE HARD LESSONS, GOOD OLD WAR, LOVE YOU MOON, and the UNDER THE RADAR PROTEST ISSUE.

As per always, if there’s anything that we can get you, please let us know.

One love,

Joan and Sheila

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